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    Keith Jaxson

    Here’s a good question from a friend of mine:

    “I run a small printing shop.  We don’t have a storefront or anything.  We’re actually just a small office.  Most of our clients are local businesses.  We have a few residential types of customers that come in, but these people are mostly family members and friends who know about our company through word of mouth.  Aside from that, we are primarily a B2B operation.  I’ve been working some late nights lately and before now, I never thought of getting some security in the office.  We’re in a safe locale and it just never dawned on me before.  Should I get some?”

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    A decent security system for your small business is a great investment. Even a small convenience  store will have inventory valued at many thousands of dollars or more, and much of it can be stolen or damaged relatively easily. Losses due to theft, fire, vandalism, accident, or acts of nature can be costly even for the smallest convenience store, but luckily there are decent security systems out there designed to help prevent losses from any of these causes. Better yet, insurance companies know how helpful security systems are, so you should look into the alarm system discounts your small business insurance company offers.

    Features You Will Need with Your Business Security System

    There are some bare minimum systems out there, but there are certain features you should make sure you have when installing a small business security system. This list is by no means exhaustive, but these features complete any decent system. Without a complete system, you may not get good value for your money, and still experience losses even while paying for a system. Do not let that happen!

    • Cellular or wireless connection, so that criminals cannot disable the connection before walking into the store or doing damage
    • Remote system access from your smart phone or from your computer
    • Alarm system for windows and doors
    • Keypad entry
    • Video surveillance, especially covering areas where break-ins are likely to occur or where goods are on display and readily stolen
    • Twenty-four hour monitoring
    • Hazard detection, monitoring for hazards in the environment such as extreme hot or cold temperatures in the store, smoke or carbon monoxide buildup, flooding, or plumbing failures

    How Much is This Going to Cost You?

    Security system pricing for small business will depend on the system you select and the additional features you may want. For a system with the above features, expect to pay about three hundred dollars for the equipment itself, although four hundred to six hundred for a small store is not unheard of. Many alarms can be set up by you with a time investment, though if you would prefer to not do it yourself or have purchased a system from a company that will install it, installation is another one hundred to two hundred dollars. Finally, monitoring the system will usually run between fifty and one hundred and fifty dollars per month.

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