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Soon to be homeowner needs advice

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    Nick Harrington

    Hi all,

    I am about to purchase a home that was completely remodeled inside and out. They installed pre-wiring for alarm system. I see that the alarm panel is honeywell and the batch of cables is ran to closet of a bedroom nearby.

    Reading the top security systems review on this site seems like most of the “top” companies are mostly DIY kind of setups. For people like me who has a brand new pre-wire, what company is the best choice?

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    Since the alarm panel is Honeywell, you might want to look into purchasing a hard wired system from Honeywell. They are supposedly DIY.

    However, I would not rule out a wireless, DIY system. I've personally installed a wireless system myself and it was a breeze. If it were a wired system, I am not sure I would of had as much success as they seem very complicated. With a wired system, you also have to worry about the wires being cut and power outages, which are not issues on  a wireless system.

    Hopefuly someone who has experience installing a wired system can chime in as well.

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    a Security Professional

    My own experience as a professional alarm installer has shown that a consumer with a pre-wired home does not save money by self-installing wireless equipment over the alarm wires.

    [Editor's note: ] because of the length and in-depth nature of this comment, we felt it warranted its own article. Please visit our article on wired home security systems to learn how to take advantage of your pre-wired home.

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