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Spy gadgets to catch my boyfriend in the act

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    Maria L

    I’m looking for some spy gadgets to catch my cheating boyfriend. Whenever I confront him about it he denies it and I’d like to have absolute proof.

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    Kimberly Alt

    Wow, that does not sound fun Maria! There are a few gadget I can think of that can help you out. First, is Piper Home Security (camera). It’s a little pricey ($239) but you can use it as a home security device as well. Next is the Dropcam camera, which is $199. Again, you can use this as a home security camera as well. Lastly, there’s the Canary device which is also a camera. You can pre order it for $199.

    Dropcam is the smallest of the three devices and you can buy it now, so I suggest purchasing it. Just be sure to have the camera hidden so he doesn’t see it! 😉

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