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Steps to Becoming a Judge

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    Maru Quevedo

    How does a person become a judge? I am wondering this since I am really interested in a lot of these lawyer shows on TV. Actually the idea of becoming a lawyer sounds pretty fascinating to me as well, but I think the judge has a much cooler job. I am wondering what type of education I would need. I mean, I know that college is a given, but would I need to go all through law school as well in order to understand the law and be able to rule on actual cases?

    Thinking about it now, I would imagine so, I mean who would pay any attention to a judge that did not know the law! But also is this something that I would like need to be appointed to, or is it just like finding a job? Would I need to go through interviews and other types of processes in order to finally be awarded the position of judge?

    I think it would be pretty cool to be a judge. And already my grades have been pretty good, so I think I would have the ability to get into a decent college (if things keep going the way they are) and know I would do well once I got in. Although I imagine law school would be pretty hard. But I think that I could do if this was needed.

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    The basic answer to the question is that yes, to be a lawyer you will need not only college but also law school. But it sounded like you already pretty much accepted that. The law school you go to may be an important factor as well. Certain law schools are renowned for their ability to produce successful lawyers, but others also an excellent reputation for producing judges. Find a school that has a good reputation for judges.

    Then, do well. Study hard and get good marks. The next step is to take the bar exam. I would also highly recommend a good bar exam preparation class. These will cost some money, but they are well worth the investment. You want to do as well as possible on this test. The higher score you receive, the more jurisdictions will allow you an almost immediate license to practice law.

    From here on out, you want to excel at being a lawyer. You need to have a stellar reputation as an attorney, since in many cases becoming an actual judge is a matter of either election or appointment. The exact process will vary state to state, so determine what the process is in your area. You may need to be approved by a committee or run and win an election. In other cases, you may need to be appointed by a particular state official. In many cases, you need to get certain recommendations and other approvals as you go along this path. You can expect this to take 5 to 10 years after the bar.

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