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System where you monitor your own sensors?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems System where you monitor your own sensors?

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    How about a system where you simply monitor your own sensors? In my case, I can’t imagine the police getting there in time anyways, so why pay $40+/ month for a service that could be free? Is there any way to simply buy sensors and then setup monitoring via a website. That way, if the alarms get tripped, I’m notified instantly (on my cell, for example), and then I simply call 911 and tell them to get their butts out to my house.

    This will probably be faster than the various steps the alarm companies go through to call the authorities to begin with, don’t you agree?

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    This is what I am looking for, as it is only on a very rare, relatively short occasion that at least one adult is not home. SkylinkHome has systems which will call up to 9 telephone numbers. It uses wireless sensors, and when a sensor is tripped/activated, the dialer will call out on your landline to your cellphone and/or work number, your wife’s cellphone and/or work number, or whatever numbers you want. I am looking into their system and any others like that. If anyone knows of any other systems which will do this, please post the names and info here.

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