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Teaching Security Codes to Kids

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    Keith Jaxson

    We just installed a new home security system and we are quite happy with it.  Should I teach my security code to everyone in the family including the kids?  I worry that they won’t keep it safe but I also want them to be able to use it whenever they need to. What if something happens and they have to run home or some reason?  I can’t bear the thought of them not being able to run in the house if they ever need to.

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    Teaching your children your home security code can bring out anxiety, and for good reason: According to Teen Angels of WiredSafety.org, seventy-five percent of kids aged eight and nine shared passwords with someone else.  Despite that, there are many good reasons why kids should know the security codes to the home, such as:

    • Entrust your child with new responsibility
    • Allow her to come home alone
    • Allow her to arm the system while she is inside the home alone, for added personal safety and security
    • Let your child key in the code for others, rather than giving it directly babysitters, tutors, nannies, or other non-family
    • Allow your child to be the last one to leave the house, while you will still be secure knowing the home will be protected
    • Be sure they are able to call for help, when they or someone else at home needs it

    Making sure your kids’ friends do not get the codes
    Even though there are many great reasons why children having the home security code is a good idea, you may still be on the fence. The Teen Angels survey can be very discomforting, and probably plays into your hesitations for giving your child the code. Some things that might prevent code sharing:

    • Your child may not realize that giving the code to their friends can be very dangerous. Try explaining to him in a reasonable way why giving out the code could lead to burglary and theft.
    • Be sure they know that the code is a responsibility they are being entrusted with. Tell them how much the code means, and how they are getting to know some very special information.
    • Discuss with them how the security system will protect them if they are alone, and how that security may be compromised by giving the code away.
    • Always go through how to use the home security system. Let your kids ask all the questions they need to as you go through the entire set-up with them, then have them walk you though what they learned.
    • Encourage honesty. Do not punish children for giving up the code, but encourage them to be honest, and let you know immediately if they accidentally do tell the code.
    • Know how to change the code just in case. Kids may not mean to give the code away, but know beforehand how to change it.
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