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    What are your thoughts on TNT Security Services in Oklahoma? That is what most people have in my area.

    We have looked into Protect America, Front Point, Safe Mart, ADT, and TNT.

    I have already decided not to go with Protect America. I am still considering Front Point. I have had difficulty connecting with Safe Mart. I have an appointment with ADT tomorrow.

    TNT was the first company that told me that they have to have a permit with the police department. They were reasonable for monitoring equipment and about $5 lower than FrontPoint for the monthly cellular monitoring fees, Smart Phone arming/disarming, and maintenance fee, which they say they will replace any of the equipment/add equipment/install for free if you pay the addition maintenance fee.

    They are 24/7, 365 days. I want to make a decision in the next couple days, so I would appreciate feedback. Seems like Front Point and TNT are my front runners right now.

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    Thanks for the great questions – hoping we can help!

    First off, can you explain briefly why you have decided not to go with Protect America? They offer a lifetime warranty on equipment and are our second place winner (FrontPoint is #1) the past several years based on our reviewers’ experiences.

    As for TNT, we focus on national companies who service customers all over the country. So, since they are only a regional player, we are not all that familiar with them. That being said, that by no means is to discount that they may be the best choice for you. The security industry is highly fragmented with many small and good providers all over.

    Given what you outlined as your needs above, here are the things we suggest you consider further in making this important decision for the safety of your loved ones and your home:

    • All security companies, or their monitoring centers, should be registered with the police department. That’s a necessity since the monitoring center will dispatch the police to your house if your alarm goes off. You’ll also need to obtain an alarm permit so the police knows you have an alarm system. These are industry standards which you will find with all of the companies you named above (FrontPoint, Protect America, ADT and SafeMart). Police permit is not unique to TNT.
    • Ask TNT (and any provider you are considering) to explain how their communication with the remote monitoring service works. Most companies will call their systems “cellular” but what this often means is that the communication between your in-home sensors and the in-home control panel is cellular or wireless. However, often the communication between the control panel and the remote monitoring station is still wired via either broadband or landline and, thus, leaves a phone or internet line susceptible to cutting by an intruder, rendering your security system useless in alerting the monitoring station or your local police department of a need for investigation. Listen carefully to make sure every aspect of communication is wireless as there is a great deal of marketing and sales speak mumbo jumbo that can get in the way of getting a clear answer on how the company has defined “cellular” monitoring. FrontPoint ONLY sells a 100% dedicated cellular program.
    • All of the companies that you are considering have 24/7, 365 days monitoring and Smart Phone arming/disarming services as a standard offering so rest assured on this front.
    • Protect America has a lifetime warranty on all equipment. FrontPoint has a two year warranty (the manufacturer’s warranty). ADT and SafeMart offer equipment warranties at an additional fee.

    I hope this help you make a more informed decision in choosing the best home alarm system for you. You can also view a side-by-side home security comparison table for a quick snapshot for any key questions you may still have.

    And, once you have been using the system for a few week, don’t forget to submit your security company review here to help us shape this year’s best of the best lineup.

    Thank you and take care!

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    I know that TNT cellular is cellular because we do not have a phone line. They will not be using our internet. I can also get fire monitoring for free if I choose to purchase the fire alarm.

    I am not choosing Protect America because the sales person was pushy and wanted me to make a decision that day. My pricing was limited time offer to have the 295 activation fee waived. They also had A LOT of complaints on the BBB. TNT had 4 and they were all resolved.

    The police permit can be obtained on my own, but TNT will do it for me and only charge me half of the fee after the first year.

    I am not choosing front point because I contact him last night by email (we had already corresponded via email) and he did not respond at all today. I also attempted to call but could not get through to the same person I had talked with previously. TNT contacted me via email within the hour.

    Although I have to pay an additional 5.00/month for maintenance, TNT’s monthly fee is still lower than Front Point and Protect America.

    Now that I have decided on TNT. I have to decide do how many sensors do I want on my doors and windows and do I want the smoke detector.

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    Thanks for all of the details – certainly seems that you have done your research. TNT sounds like a good company in your area and we wish you the best. Keep us posted on how things go once you have everything installed and working for a few weeks.

    Have a great weekend!

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