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Traveling by Plane is Intimidating

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    Jack Charlie

    For several years now, I have run my business from a home office.  Now I am actually expanding and want to go visit some of my suppliers and associates.  Can you tell me how the Office of Homeland Security is Different than the CIA and FBI?

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    You may wonder as you watch the evening news sometimes why it is that the U.S. has so many national security organizations. Is that not a little redundant, especially now with the massive national deficit? As it turns out, these organizations each serve a separate functions, and although their jurisdiction may overlap in some cases, they are each separate and independent entities– and that is a good thing.

    Think of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) like this: Someone steals a car in Florida and drives it to the state of Georgia to commit a burglary, then as he flees that state is caught in an attempted hit-and-run on the Alabama side of the border. Which police are responsible for making his arrest and building the case against him? None: The FBI is. Made constitutional in 1898, the FBI is part of the U.S. Department of Justice. The FBI handles cases such as those in the example, that pass through many jurisdictions, or crimes that have no other jurisdiction such as internet child pornography. The FBI is also responsible for investigating and building the case against domestic terrorist threats.

    The Department of Homeland Security is a new agency created in 2003 as a response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 (on September 11, 2001), Homeland Security has a mission of protecting the nation against foreign terrorist threats. DHS also responds to man-made accidents and natural disasters such as earthquakes. Several agencies were collapsed into DHS jurisdiction when it was formed, including the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Secret Service. A cabinet department, the different agencies of DHS are headed by appointed officials who become part of the executive branch of the federal government. Domestic policies are often shaped by DHS findings and how the agency deals with new situations for which there is no current precedent. DHS is also responsible for putting certain cities, states, or the nation, on specific levels of terror alert.

    The principal job of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is to collect intelligence (credible information) that may be harmful to the U.S. The agency does not solely operate within the nation’s borders, the way that the others generally do, because they are always keeping an ear to the ground for information. Many times, as with the other agencies, the CIA will have agents go undercover to gather information, and these operations can be world-wide. The CIA was established in 1947, and its first major assignments were in working with the U.S. Military to gather evidence against the Axis during World War II. Intelligence gathered by CIA agents helps shape the country’s foreign policies in dealing with other nations.

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