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What's the deal with unmonitored home security systems?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems What's the deal with unmonitored home security systems?

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    Kegan Corra

    I keep hearing about monitored, self-monitored and unmonitored home security systems. The terms don’t make sense to me. What is the point of an unmonitored home security system. Do you just plan on the audible alarm scaring the intruder away?

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    You are correct, unmonitored home security systems are being talked about more and more. I don’t necessary have a problem with these systems, but I just worry that consumers are not fully aware of what they are buying. Most of these systems start around $200-$300 and you get everything you need to setup a small security system in your home (usually a motion detector, a few door/window sensors and a keypad). At this point though, the system will only do one thing – sound an audible alarm during a break in.

    A self monitored system adds another layer of protection, as the owner of the system (and other designated friends and family) will receive a text message notification. It is up to that person to make a decision. These usually start around $10-$15 a month.

    And finally, we have our traditional systems, that are monitored via a central monitoring station. These run $20-$50 a month, depending on the package. The consumer generally has very little out of pocket costs with these systems.

    Learn more about our favorite monitored home security systems and also our reviews of non-monitored security systems.

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