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Video recording for Sricam AP006 IP dome camera (C#)

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    Michael White

    I have ordered a Sricam AP006 IP dome camera from China for security purposes. The basic functions work well (including PTZ motion control), but I would like to build some additional features to improve its efficiency.

    The first and foremost is that I need customized video recording, but I can not figure out how to do that.

    In more details: I want to capture and save the video stream while the camera is panning between a specified ‘A’ and ‘B’ points. I do not want to record all day long, only within a specified time interval.

    Instead of using a dedicated DVR or NVR, I would apply a software-based solution. (I prefer .NET languages, especially C#.) I have made some researches and I think the easiest way to implement this feature if I use a camera library. But I can not see Sricam in the list of cameras supported by the only one C# camera library that I found.

    Can anybody help me to get started? Any idea would be appreciated!

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