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Water Detection in Very Warm Attic?

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    Jim Bennett

    Hi – new to this forum, so please excuse any Homer Simpson style messages! Our home has a very old, in-the-wall, wired Ademco security system. It is so pathetic that we can’t even change the security code w/o paying $100 for a service guy to come out with an EEPROM device and do it for us. So, we’ve just yesterday ordered a customized package from Protect America. Well, this morning our elderly next door neighbor came over in a panic and asked if I could help him turn off his main water supply. It turns out that the water heater in his attic bit the dust and leaked – big time. He’s now got soaked ceiling drywall on three floors, in addition to a dead water heater. Gonna be expensive.

    Our Protect America sales rep told me the other day that they don’t recommend smoke/fire detectors in the attic, as the temps up there can approach 130+ in the hot California summers. Well, our water heater, like the neighbor’s, is in the attic. It is only seven years old, but after seeing his damage, I’m concerned.

    What do other folks do about leak detection in this type of environment? What are the recommendations from the experts here?

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