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What are The Best Nanny Cams on the Market?

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    Keith Jaxson

    We have decided, reluctantly I might add, to hire a nanny to help watch our 9 month old. Both of us are very concerned about finding the right the caregiver. Even if we think we have found someone who is excellent (we think we have), you still can never really be very sure, can you? I am wondering if anyone on here could give us some advice about nanny cams. What are the best nanny cams on the market? I mean, I know they are cameras, but where do they go and which ones are any good and are they even worth the investment? Thanks in advance.

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    To answer your question as basically and directly as I can, a nanny cam is a camera which is hidden somewhere but still able to observe with a fairly good field of vision. They can be hidden in something like a child’s toy or even in a picture or some other type of object that is inconspicuous. These are obviously used to make sure that your nanny or care giver is actually doing what they should be with your child when you are away.

    Finding a good nanny cam can be a little interesting. You want to make sure that they have all the features you need and not just consider the price. Some offer things like a built in DVR to record and save video, plus even time stamps, motion detection and memory override. Also, make sure that there are a variety of recording options, and that you learn how to use them all. Some of these features include time scheduled recording (kind of like programming), continuous and even adjustable recording options. Some will even offer the ability to record audio. It should also be noted that in some states the audio portions (sometimes even the video) cannot be considered admissible in court.

    Since most of these cameras will be hidden in other objects, you should think about where you might place them. Then think about the design of the camera itself. Is there convincing and clever camouflage?  How do they connect to viewing devices like a video screen or USB computer port? Finally, think about the quality of the video itself. While it does not have to be HD movie quality, you do want enough clarity so that you can see the people involved. Only then should price really come into play.

    With all of that introduction and info out of the way, let me make a few recommendations. Of course, I only know a bit of your situation, so just take this as a starting point and continue your own investigation from here. I really like the iShot 2.0 Alarm Clock Camera. This has great camouflage and excellent ratings. It also has a number of cool features. Another good one is called the Covert Alarm Clock DVR Hidden Camera (sensing a trend here?). Great features, including an overwrite selector. My last recommendation is the Securix DVR Clock Camera. Again, great features and it is affordable.

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    Check our our Nannycam Guide where we compiled a great introduction to nannycam’s as well as a comparison of some of the most popular models.

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