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What are the safest places in the USA to raise a family?

Home Forums Personal Security What are the safest places in the USA to raise a family?

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    Jack Charlie

    Please don’t give me a long list here.  I do badly with too many choices.  I have just been lucky enough to be offered a telecommute sales position which means I can pretty much live wherever I want.  My family and I are definitely looking for a change.  We like cities, but hate the crime.  We have been tied to Chicago for years now because of my job.  Though I love the windy city, I’d like for us to live someplace a bit safer.  I have to be honest, nothing has ever happened to us here, knock on wood, but I still don’t feel safe and I worry about my loved ones regularly.

    Do any of you have any suggestions for cities that might be a good fit.  It doesn’t have to be a major city, but we are looking for a metropolitan type of feel if it’s at all possible.

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    According to AreaVibes, the top safest cities in the country are Scottsdale, Arizona, Plano, Texas, Virginia Beach, VA, Fremont, CA and Honolulu, HI.  They list more, but I figured giving you more than 5 would be overwhelming for you.  They picked each city for various reasons, like Scottsdale has very few violent crimes and Plano has low numbers on every type of crime there is.  All of them have very low crime and violent crime rates in comparison to their states and the rest of the country, so you guys would probably be happy in any of these cities.

    Unfortunately, one thing about safety is that it can be a matter of personal opinion.  You might hear from friends that their town is perfectly safe, and if you have a good feeling, then maybe you should go for it.  Don’t just discount a great town because of statistics.  Personal experiences can almost always vary especially if you know someone there.  Word of mouth can be a really good resource.

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