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What happens to people that are found to be phishing through email?

Home Forums Online Security What happens to people that are found to be phishing through email?

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    Jack Charlie

    I am aware that there are a lot of phishing schemes out there on the internet today. Some are better than others, obviously, but they are all fairly easy to spot, especially for someone who is aware that there are all kinds of people waiting out there online to grab your information and then use it for evil!

    I guess that someone who was new to the internet, or just did not know that there are people who do this might in some cases fall victim to these scam artists. As far as I am concerned, these people are the lowest of the low, trying to take advantage of those who do not know any better!

    I suppose each country also has different laws and a different amount of tolerance for this type of activity. But in my mind it is criminal and they should get a lot of jail time. However, I am asking if anyone knows what actually happens to people who get nabbed for phishing scams, using email to snatch their victims. What kind of punishment do they receive?

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    Yes, there are all kinds of phishing schemes going around on the internet today. There is even a crazy one that I read a little bit ago about how they were from the FBI and they were going to arrest me if I did not comply with the exact and specific instructions that the scammers attached. It was actually a pretty decent attempt. The email actually used fairly well-written English.

    In terms of punishing people for their email (and other) phishing scams, you have the issue of first identifying who is actually sending the messages and then actually catching them (and proving it). Many of these jokers actually use stolen or hacked email accounts to send their spam. This makes it more difficult to track them down and catch them. Then, the fact is that most of these scam artists are operating out of the USA.

    While the USA has some pretty stiff penalties for doing something like running a phishing scheme (along with identity theft and other similar laws), this is not always true in other countries. Nigeria and Russia (or the former Russian Republics) seem to be the most common places that these schemes originate. So, even if they are able to be identified, it will often take the cooperation of several different nations in order to actually find them, arrest them and then put them on trial.

    All of this is not to say that it is not possible to actually bring such criminals to justice. There have been several cases of both Nigerian and Russian criminal operations shut down and people actually being sentenced to jail time. I remember hearing that the major ring leaders of several of these schemes got something like 6-10 years in prison in their respective countries. I am not sure if the USA sought extradition or if they may do so after the criminals finish serving their initial sentences.

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