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What if Frontpoint panel gets smashed by an intruder?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems What if Frontpoint panel gets smashed by an intruder?

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    What happens if the Front Point control panel gets unplugged and smashed by an intruder…then what?

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    See the section on crash and smash in our security systems article that covers FrontPoint.

    Essentially, the control panel sends two signals. One when the alarm is first tripped, and then another one when the alarm is successfully disarmed. If the control panel is smashed and disabled before the second signal can be sent, the event will be treated as an alarm and you will be notified/ law enforcement dispatched.

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    Frontpoint (a dealer) uses GE panels. These are also available and usable with other monitoring companies like ADT, Monitronics, Broadview (now ADT), Protection One, Rapid Response, etc. These companies all have central monitoring stations or offices across the US. In this case the GE Simon XT panels, as long as they include the GSM modules, will relay all contact information via the GSM network through Alarm.com (a supporting alarm communications company).

    Alarm.com’s purpose is to support all conventional monitoring companies with cellular systems through the GSM network. The communications carrier is either T-Mobile or AT&T depending on your local reception and installing companies preference. Alarm.com’s benefits cannot be seen with a conventional dial-up phone line. The equipment that allows this all include “SIM” cards. These are the same exact cards used in your iPhone (AT&T not Verizon now). The benefit with this system is that the network is ALWAYS on and the SIM card connected. This allows for almost instantaneous communications from a “GRABBED” panel. This is why, in almost all cases CDMA is not used. Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, and Boost use this network. CDMA requires the device to “ping” the network before sending any messages basically asking the servers for permission.

    So once a ZONE is broken, be it door contact or motion, smoke or glass break, the system is relaying the information in the fastest time currently possible. This is definitely now a plus as opposed to dial-up. To compare think of typing a website into your browser and hitting enter with a broadband or cable connection. Now think of doing the same thing with dial-up, waiting for dial-tone, fax beep response, and you begin to understand why “Grab n’ Smash” was such an issue. Not to mention by law, all alarm panels that use dial-up to communicate must have at minimum a 15 second delay. In most cases the factory default delay is 30 seconds like DSC panels. If the installer forgets to change this setting, you may never know what went wrong. This does NOT apply to cellular primary systems. Hope that helps someone that finds this old post.

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