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What Is Skip Tracing and Is It a High Earning Job?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I was watching TV pretty late one night and I fell asleep. When I woke up, a news story was on and there was a guy on there talking about skip tracing.  I wondered what it was and how come I’d never heard of it.  It sounds like good money maker.  I only caught the tailend of the story and from what I’ve read online, I can’t tell the difference between skip tracing and private investigations.

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    Skip tracing is a form of private investigation into the whereabouts of a missing person. Skip tracers are usually hired by companies or private parties who want to find the person for a specific reason, such as bad debts, bail bonds, auto repossession, child support payments, property recovery, or serving legal papers. Locating heirs, birth parents of adopted children, witnesses, or relatives is also the job of a skip tracer.

    What Would You Do All Day Skip Tracing?

    Skip tracers pore through all kinds of documents looking for a paper trail left by the missing person. This can include credit reports, legal proceedings, medical records, news reports, addresses, and employment information. Interviewing friends, relatives, and acquaintances is also part of the skip tracer’s job.

    How Can You Make Money?

    Most skip tracers in the professional realm receive their training as private investigators. Becoming a private investigator requires a license, and most states also require continuing education certification. Finding courses online or at a local professional organization about data mining and gathering information is a great idea if you are thinking of becoming a skip tracer, as well as gaining field experience by shadowing someone in the field. You can then join a detective agency as a junior investigator or intern, and choose skip tracing as your specialization, or ask for career advice from the place where you received training.

    Is Skip Tracing a High-Paying Job?

    Ultimately, it depends. At first, you might have trouble making a lot of money as a skip tracer as you struggle to get experience and make a name for yourself in the field. Once you start to get some traction, working for an agency can earn you a decent living and has good job security. Later in your career, as you become well-known and respected, working as a freelance skip tracer offers a lot of money-making potential. This is because people will hire you specifically at higher rates for your services, and you get paid per job rather than on salary, so if you work more jobs, you earn more money. Freelance is not usually recommended for fresh faces, though, since people do not know you and are not likely to hire you without experience and street credentials. Should you want to advance your career without working freelance, starting your own detective agency and hiring gumshoes along with a few more seasoned skip tracers is also a very lucrative career option.

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