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Who Designs Home Security Systems?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I have a younger family member that is trying to determine what he wants to do in college or what he wants to study.  He wants to do something for the greater good and he wants to also do something that deals with gadgets and electronics.  He’s expressed some interest in designing security systems.  What would he have to do to get into this career?  What kind of training does he need to have to pursue something like this?  What types of things will he be designing once he gets into?

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    Burglar alarms, surveillance systems, natural disaster alarms, and toxic fume alerts are all features of a complete home security system. And of course you want the absolute best of everything. This is why perfect design is absolutely essential. You might think that, because of the amount of wiring and system set-up required that electricians are responsible for designing the system as well as setting it up. But this is really a myth. Who actually designs home security systems?

    Security Design and Engineering

    Rest assured that the security system you have purchased will be upgraded to the latest technology and is built by the top engineers in the country. The field of security design engineering is growing today, as more customers want to secure their homes at night or while away on vacation. You probably know this situation all too well, as either a current customer or as someone currently shopping for the right system.

    Engineers Specialize in What They Do

    Not only is your home security system designed by engineers who received a specific college degree in their rigorous field, but these engineers are specialized to bring perfection to each part of the system. This means that the engineer designing a pressure sensor attached to your window that will trip an alarm when activated is specialized in what she does. She will also continue to experiment and research the best ways to improve the system so that it does everything right and will not malfunction when you need it most. Same thing with the engineer who designs motion sensors for your yard: He thinks of every possible way that it could go wrong, and works to prevent it by making the equipment even better.

    So, What Role do Electricians Play?

    Engineers may do the designing, but electricians still play a vital role. Unless you set the system up yourself, you will get the installation done by an electrician. And electricians also play a role in field testing the home security systems to make sure that they are readily installable and will function properly in a variety of situations. They also will make sure that there is not any complications with anything currently in your home, and that everything will function perfectly in addition to looking nice. Together, engineers and electricians make a dream team to keep your home safe and secure from theft and accident.

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