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Why does McAfee slow my computer down?

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    Keith Jaxson

    Lately I had been having a lot of computer issues. All kinds of weird error messages and funny looking things on my screen. The performance became very slow and just not very good.

    I was not sure if I had done something to it myself, or if there was a virus or spyware or malware or any of that sort of thing. So I took the computer to a technical repair person in an effort to have it cleaned and fixed. He told me that it was indeed just a bunch of accumulated crap having been downloaded from the internet. He wiped the hard drive clean and then reinstalled my OS and all the things that I wanted to keep on their.

    This did the trick and it has been working great. But he also told me to get a good anti virus program and use it regularly. I choose McAfee. The problem is that whenever this runs in the background, it seems to slow my computer down dramatically.

    Why does it do this? Are there other options that I can try which work just as well, without causing the slowdown in your computer? Please let me know. Thanks.

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    You will be happy to know that there are literally TONS of good anti virus programs. I have heard that this is a big issue with McAfee, and it does tend to slow down a lot of different computers. As I understand the problem, it is much worse with many of the Windows based  operating systems. I also hear that it runs pretty well with the various Mac and Apple operating systems as well as more generic ones like Ubuntu and some of the Linux or Unix based systems.

    The main reason that you are noticing speed and performance issues when you run the anti virus program is due to the way the operating systems uses it. It is basically just commanding, or rather commandeering a large amount of the resources available to your system. This is a problem with the combination of how the software is set up as well as how your existing OS functions. You are right to be considering looking for a new program, since there really is not much else that can be done to solve this problem.

    Like I said, there are literally tons of other anti virus programs that you can choose from. Rather than just recommending a bunch, I am going to talk about some of the main characteristics I think that you should be looking for when deciding upon a program. The first thing you want to find, I would suggest, is a program which does an initial thorough scan of your entire system. I mean this scan should be deep. It may take an hour or so (or more) to do this initial pass. Then, it should remove all of the errors that it finds. The next scans (which can be scheduled) should only focus on changes, and go really fast.

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    I don't know, but that dag-on program gets on my last nerves.  I have had it for several years.  I like it because one year purchase puts the software on multiple computers, and everyone says it's a great program, however, all that aside, it completely shuts down my computer when I turn it on for a good 15 minutes or so.  It makes me so miserable and annoyed.  Sometimes, when I'm working, my computer just freezes while it runs a scan.  Now, mind you, these things are happening on a little Netbook that has a lot of files and folders on it, yes, but when it was installed on other computers, it slowed them down too.  I know it's protecting my system, but I just hate how it slows it down.  It makes me want to just turn the machine off.  You would think that the company makes enough money now to start streamlining their product and making it much lighter.  McAfee is one of the frontrunners in the whole antivirus industry and I cannot see how the software still runs like this.

    In the end, I feel helpless.  I mean, I can't be without antivirus software on one hand.  I mean I can, but I can never download anything and have to be so careful when I'm browsing online, so I do feel safer with the antivirus.  Yet sometimes, it slows the computer down so much that it acts like a virus.  It shuts down what you're doing unexpectedly and you're helpless to stop it until it has run its course. 

    I definitely feel your pain, man.  I wish I could tell you more of what to do.  I'm looking for a better option myself.  I think it's good that with people posting stuff like this because either the company will get the message and fix things or a competitor will jump on the market to give the people what they want and make a profit.

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    I recently downloaded McAfee onto my Macbook Pro, the only reason I even purchased the antivirus was because it was required on any PC that would be on campus for school. I absolutely hate it, my Mac use to run at an amazing speed now I am ready to just not use it due to speed. I am a really impatient person. Having to wait even 2 minutes for something to load or open really gets on my last nerve. I don't know what to do.

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