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Why Isn’t it Legal for Me to Protect Myself?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I have been wondering about something recently. It seems that in most areas of the country, at least most of the major cities, street crimes are on the rise. Things like assaults, muggings, robberies and even rapes and murders are more likely to occur today than in years past. Maybe this is because of the sagging economy and people are just becoming more and more desperate, I am not sure. However, I am wondering that if the government really wanted to help us protect ourselves, why they make it illegal to carry a gun in order to defend ourselves against street crimes. I mean the criminals are going to have guns (obtained illegally), so why not us as well?

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    I love hearing questions like these. I also think that the writer is spot on when they point out an undeniable fact of crime. That gun laws do not really stop the criminals from carrying guns! Think about this for a second. If you were a criminal and wanted to commit a robbery of a liquor store (as an example), you certainly are not going to walk in there and use your finger as a gun. No, indeed. You would go out and get a gun! Those who are in favor of strong limits to the rights to carry firearms would argue that these laws prevent criminals from obtaining weapons. But, what actually happens is that law abiding citizens are preventing from having firearms.

    Crime stats certainly are on the rise. In fact, living in the central part of many of the cities in our country can be a dangerous thing these days. However, I think that the comment about it being illegal to carry a gun as a blanket statement is a little too general. There are indeed places where it is possible (and sometimes even common) to carry a gun legally. This includes states like Nevada, Virginia and of course Texas. Of course, each state has different rules and regulations. In the majority of cases, it is illegal to carry a firearm, even for the purpose of self defense.

    The real answer as to why the situation is as it is I think probably depends on your political philosophy and perspective. For me, I choose to believe that the authorities feel that if everyone was given the chance to arm themselves, it could very easily lead to chaos. I am not sure if I agree with this reasoning or not. After all, it could probably be argued that if the laws made it possible to carry a firearm, then even the criminals would have to worry about whether or not a potential mugging to turn into a very bad day for them.

    That being said, I think that those in charge of maintaining order are a bit afraid of just indiscriminately arming their citizens. This is the likely reason for you not being able to have a gun to defend yourself against street crime.

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