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What are the worst home security companies?

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    What are the worst home security companies? Which companies have bad reputations or outrageous prices and consumers should generally stay clear of?

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    Kimberly Alt

    In terms of price, First Alert can get expensive quickly. We believe that companies should be transparent about their offerings and pricing as well. Companies that aren’t transparent about pricing include Protection 1, Pinnacle, and probably more. Monitronics doesn’t have the best customer support system.

    If you’re looking for security companies with good reputations check out our Home Security Systems Reviews. It’s a large comparison article of many security companies.

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    Keith Jaxson

    Kimberly The link you posted is a very opinionated sales/marketing pond with no fact or data supporting the claims of what you or this place is saying. I want something that has hard data. Like who is protecting me? How many people do they protect, how many peoples alarms that go off don’t get responded to? Every person I talk to says the same thing but no one has any data to support anything. Other then how much it is and how many customers they have.

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