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  • in reply to: Looking for a LifeLock Ultimate Promo Code? #14384

    While I don’t have a LifeLock Ultimate specific coupon. our readers can get 10% off any package and get 30 days free by using our link.

  • I’ve had a Dropcam for almost a year now and recently got a Nest Thermostat. I didn’t really expect them to communicate in anyway, but when I went to the Nest website I was surprised to see the claim that “Dropcam works with Nest”. How it works is that Nest can detect when you are not home and if an “alert” happens during that time (movement on the Dropcam), you will be automatically notified. With just Dropcam alone, you either receive those alerts all the time (even when you are home), or never at all. So it is a pretty cool integration.

  • in reply to: Which Password Manager is Better? Passwordbox vs Lastpass #13822

    I haven’t used Passwordbox, but I have been using LastPass for a few years now. So far so good. I have my passwords everywhere I go and they are protected not only with my master password, but also via 2-Factor authorization. Hopefully someone can chime in with their Passwordbox experience.

  • in reply to: What’s the Deal with Ally Home Security? #13761

    Thanks for bringing this company to our attention. It looks like they are the same company, because Ally claims on their website that “Monitronics received the 2012,  2013, & 2014 Consumers’ Choice Award”. Yet they make no reference of owning or being bought by Monitronics. We will keep an eye on them.

  • in reply to: National vs Local Home Security System Provider? #13757

    Hi Jen,

    Many of the national home security companies we review are DIY and you can move them from location to location easily and at no extra cost, which is a benefit to many consumers. However, we do understand your preference to support local, and there are local companies that offer DIY as well. The pros with local companies tend to be that there are more flexible pricing options, and the cons are that customer service and reliability vary greatly depending on whom you go with.

    We have a whole section on local Florida home security companies, and an article on providers in Orlando. Let us know whom you decide to go with and what your experience with them is!

  • Hi Barbara,

    We’ve updated most of our pages to include the best Black Friday through Cyber Monday promotions currently available (we’ve called and confirmed this with each home security company).

    You can get an overview of all the promos available on our Home Security Deals page.

  • in reply to: How good is Iris home security? #13559

    Yes we have, in fact they placed second in our comparison for non-monitored home security systems.

  • in reply to: Is Everykey the Future of Passwords? #13418

    I’m keeping an eye on Everykey because they are based out of Cleveland, where I live. It is great to see local innovation! I’m feeling similar about their current offering though because I’m not sure how I feel about wearing a security wristband everywhere. For me, LastPass works great and I just need to remember one password. I wish Everykey the best though and whenever they integrate some home automation features I think they will be onto something great.

  • in reply to: Home Security System in a Non Response Municipality? #13180

    I can think of a few off the top of my head. First would be to really create a positive relationship with your neighbors. If you are looking out for them and if they are looking out for you, someone will be there to be a witness if a crime happens. With self monitoring services like SimpliSafe, you can have the alarm contact specified people when the alarm is triggered. Having your neighbors on this list would be a great solution. Second would be to look into a video monitoring service, one that you can access on your phone, so that way you can have a visual on your property.

  • in reply to: Best ways to hide a dropcam #13107

    It is too bad that a Dropcam requires a power cord (I totally understand why). If they were wireless you could get really creative! I have mine place in the window sill. I can pull the blinds down and it is basically completely concealed unless someone is really working for it. It works out great because I have a clear view of my living room including the rear entrance door.

  • in reply to: Looking for Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Recommendations #13067

    We review our top 10 favorite outdoor video cameras here. Hopefully that article can help you get started in your search!

  • in reply to: LaView Home Security Review #12664

    Hi Allen,

    We have not reviewed LAView Security yet. We try to focus on larger national companies and then review regional offerings. From what we can tell their focus is on security cameras but it looks like they do offer entire home security systems.

    Please let us know if you decide to go with them and how your experience is.

  • in reply to: AllClear ID Review #12554

    Hi Joe,

    We have heard of AllClear ID. They have not gotten the best ranking in our review, primarily because they charge the same price as competitors ($15/month) but only offer a limited subset of features found in competing products.

    Check out our comprehensive identity theft protection reviews table for details on AllClear ID.

  • in reply to: What Identity Guard Services Are Worth It? #12423

    If all you want is a service that monitors your identity, I would just go for the basic plan if I were you.  I think the additional services that Identity Guard offers for $10 a month more are worth it and I think it is nice to have an all in one solution for credit score reports and identity theft protection. You can always start with the Essentials Plan and upgrade later.

  • in reply to: Lifelock vs Identity Guard: Which is Better? #12337

    Hi Joe,

    Check out our ID theft protection reviews table for a side-by-side comparison of Identity Guard vs. Life Lock. We compare pricing, features, and more. Let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to hear whom you decide to go with and why!

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