Frontpoint vs. Link Interactive: A Tight Race

Frontpoint and Link Interactive both make our list for best home security systems. Both companies offer similar services and have good reputations, and each gives you 30 days to test out the system. So why is Frontpoint ranked higher than Link? We’ll tell you more in this in-depth versus article.

Frontpoint’s customer service is hard to beat

Customer service is one of the most important factors in a security company. Getting a good deal financially but dealing poor customer service is not only frustrating but a waste of money. You want the company you choose to be accessible and helpful. A company that puts you on hold forever, is pushy with its sales, and doesn’t listen to your needs is a company to steer clear of. Both Frontpoint and Link perform well in customer service, but Frontpoint has a slightly better reputation overall.

Both Frontpoint and Link Interactive have had customers say great things about their service. Some words described by Frontpoint customers are quick to respond, excellent, wonderful, fantastic, outstanding, and reliable. Link’s customer service has been described as helpful, patient, understanding, awesome, and friendly.

How are the two different in terms of customer service? Frontpoint’s customer service is available via phone seven days a week, while Link’s is closed on Sundays. We see this as a con for Link because if you experience issues with your system it’s important that you are able to get the support you need.

customer service representative

Customers praise Frontpoint for its excellent customer service. It has an outstanding reputation for listening to its customers and taking care of their needs. Frontpoint isn’t pushy with its sales, which creates positive customer experience. Link has a good customer service reputation but isn’t as highly rated across the board as Frontpoint is. When we were researching for this article, we found countless reviews for Frontpoint raving about the company. Link had great reviews as well, but not to the same extent.

Contracts and canceling early

Frontpoint doesn’t have a contract or cancellation fees so that’s a bonus. Link offers three-year contracts by default, but also offers both a one-year as well as 24-month contract options as well. Three years is the industry standard, but both of these companies offer short or no-contract options, which is a great plus.

Frontpoint offers a 30-day risk-free trial, and Link has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Neither company charges you a restocking fee, and they both send you a prepaid postage label.

What if you want to cancel your service during Link’s three-year period? Link requires you to pay 75% of the remainder of your agreement. Neither company charges an additional cancellation fee. You can avoid paying Link’s remainder balance if you transfer your contract over to someone else. Although this may be difficult to do, it could save a large amount of money.

In this category, Frontpoint is the safer bet, but Link has the potential to pay off, so we call it a draw.

Installation is easy for both

Frontpoint’s equipment is 100% wireless, and you must install it yourself. The company does not offer a professional installation option, so there is no installation fee. Frontpoint preprograms the equipment, which cuts down installation time. You plug in the control panel, and everything else is peel and stick. After you place everything where you want it, you call Frontpoint to test and activate the system.

Link offers DIY installation as well and does not offer a professional installation option. Its website has many resources to help you with the installation process, but that process isn’t as simple as Frontpoint’s. Link’s setup has a few additional steps, but if you use the resources online, you should get through it easily.

Frontpoint’s monitoring reputation is tough to match

Below is a table comparing the plans offered from Link and Frontpoint. Frontpoint offer one monitoring plan, but Link offers three. All three Frontpoint packages use cellular monitoring, which we recommend. Cellular monitoring is considered the best form of monitoring (as opposed to broadband and landline) because you don’t have to worry about phone lines being cut by a thief and your system shutting down.

*Crash and Smash Protection is a patented technology from It alerts the monitoring station of damage to the alarm panel. If you don’t have Crash and Smash protection, the system shuts down if an intruder breaks the alarm panel, leaving your home unprotected.

As you can see, Frontpoint and Link Interactive both offer 100% cellular monitoring. Both monitoring services are UL listed, which is a highly recognized approval rating in the electronic security industry. Frontpoint offers app access from its introductory plan, though Link Interactive does not. Both systems periodically “ping” the monitoring station to make sure the connection is intact.

Where the two differ is that Frontpoint uses Rapid Response, which is one of the most highly considered monitoring stations in the United States. Rapid Response is Department of Defense approved, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. tested, Factory Mutual approved, and New York City Fire Department approved for commercial buildings.

In addition, customers rave about Frontpoint’s monitoring and how quick it is and how helpful its reps are. These are two things you definitely want from a monitoring center. These are the people who will be contacting you and telling you your home is on fire or your home has been broken into. You want them to help you feel safe and secure in a time of need. While both Frontpoint and Link have great monitoring, customers cannot stop raving about how wonderful Frontpoint’s is.

Equipment comparison

Frontpoint offers three security equipment packages, but it allows and encourages customization outside of the packages. Frontpoint emphasizes its customization more than its set security packages, which we think is great. We suggest speaking with a Frontpoint representative on the phone if you’re going to purchase a system from them because you may be able to save money on equipment and you’ll have a professional helping you choose the pieces of equipment you truly need.

security equipment

Link no longer offers pre-selected equipment packages and instead focuses entirely on customization of your security equipment. You start out with a free equipment panel and then pay for each additional piece of equipment you want to add to your system. The only limitation is that you have to select a monitoring plan that supports the equipment choices you have selected.

Both Frontpoint and Link support Z-Wave home automation equipment. You can relocate equipment from either company for no additional fee, and both companies offer customization for equipment packages.

No lifetime warranty

Neither Link nor Frontpoint has a lifetime warranty. Frontpoint and Link Interactive now both offer a three-year warranty. Link Interactive's change to a three-year warranty on all equipment, however, is a recent change and only applies to new customers. Frontpoint has been offering the three year-warranty for much longer.

Frontpoint is our #1 pick

As you can see, Frontpoint scores higher than Link in nearly every category. The only thing Link Interactive has on Frontpoint is that its monitoring fees are less expensive. Frontpoint’s customer service is outstanding, the equipment is easy to use, and the technology is user-friendly. But most of all, what makes Frontpoint better than Link is its outstanding reputation, which is why we recommend Frontpoint over Link.