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Funlux Cameras Review: Worth the Setup Hassle?

funlux logoIf you think Funlux security systems look eerily similar to Zmodo systems, that’s because they are. Funlux is a trademarked brand of Zmodo and seems to be part of an effort to rebrand their product, considering Zmodo doesn’t have the greatest reputation among Internet reviewers.

Still, an affordable security camera system warrants further inspection. But what sets Funlux apart from Zmodo besides branding? We’ll cover cost, setup and installation, and overall impressions as we unbox the latest affordable home security camera system from Funlux.

Customer Service & Reputation
Technology & Usability
Security Performance
2.5 / 5
Summary : Funlux is an affordable DIY camera system with room to improve. We had trouble getting ours to work. With better customer service and troubleshooting this system could rise significantly.

How much does Funlux cost?

We reviewed the 4 Ch 720P Wireless Security System with 500GB HDD, which Funlux currently lists for $199.99. This is an extremely affordable price for a 4-channel system with built-in storage.

Inside the Box

  • 1 X 4 Channel Security NVR(NS-S41F)
  • 1 X 500GB Hard Drive (it’s pre-installed in NVR)
  • 4 X 720P Outdoor wifi Network Camera
  • 4X 12V 1.5A Power Supply for Security Cameras
  • 1X 1M Network Cable1X 2 Year Warranty
  • 1 X Quick User Guide

Key Features

  • 720P HD Video
  • Motion Alerts
  • Remote Viewing
  • PC viewing
  • Intelligent Recording

How easy are funlux cameras to setup?

This system was fairly easy to set up and install. Funlux advertises a two-minute setup on the box, which, after having gone through the process, we find to be a little overzealous. Just getting all the gear out of the box took me more than two minutes. Once I unboxed everything it really was an easy process. I followed this setup video found on the Funlux website:

The video neglects to inform you that the MeShare app only works with an iPhone 6 or Android 2.3 or newer. However, if you have one of these mobile devices, the setup is really as easy (in theory) as the video shows.

Connectivity issues

I ran into a really frustrating issue as I tried to set up this system. It was super easy to find and connect the system through the MeShare app. However, once I had connected the kit, it would not register the Wi-Fi cameras.

My experience, screen-by-screen, went a little something like this:

Naming the device after it has been added to my network.
Naming the device after it has been added to my network.
Adding the Wi-Fi cameras.
Adding the Wi-Fi cameras.
Searching for Wi-Fi cameras...
Searching for Wi-Fi cameras…

I repeated the setup process step-by-step a few more times to make sure I hadn’t missed something, and got more of the same. This time, however, I was able to see how the app would display a video feed if the cameras were connected.

This screen appeared after I selected the “Quit” option while waiting for the system to pick up the cameras.
This screen appeared after I selected the “Quit” option while waiting for the system to pick up the cameras.
Clicking on the individual cameras to try and connect them separately didn’t seem to work either.
Clicking on the individual cameras to try and connect them separately didn’t seem to work either.
Connection timed out. Please make sure that your WiFi password is correct and that you are using a 2.4GHz connection with a WPA/WPA2 encryption. You can also try moving your device closer to the router, and try again.
Connection timed out. Please make sure that your WiFi password is correct and that you are using a 2.4GHz connection with a WPA/WPA2 encryption. You can also try moving your device closer to the router, and try again.

Up until this point I had been connected to a 5GHz connection with a WPA/WPA2 encryption, so I deleted the kit from that network and changed my phone over to the 2.4GHz network with the same encryption. I also moved the wireless cameras as close as possible to the router.

Switched networks to 2.4GHz
Switched networks to 2.4GHz
Four WiFi cameras as close to the router as possible.
Four WiFi cameras as close to the router as possible.
Still no connection.
Still no connection.

Things to watch out for during setup

  • Network preference. If you have multiple wireless networks at home, like me, make sure your mobile device is connected to the network you want your system on. I ran into some trouble initially because my phone automatically connects to a separate Wi-Fi than the router I had plugged my system into.
  • Plug in, set up and test all your cameras before anchoring them to their desired locations. I decided to screw in one of the security cameras before I had connected it to the system and I wasn’t getting a good signal for setup. I had to take it down and bring it back into the same room as my router in order for it to register the new device.

Do Funlux cameras run on AC or battery?

This was a huge bummer for me. I keep waiting for a company to develop a functional, battery-powered Wi-Fi camera. Though battery-powered cameras have their own pitfalls, it would be nice to have the option. As it stands, each camera needs to be plugged into an outlet, which is pretty standard, but extremely limits where I can place them outside my home. The few AC power outlets outside my house are easily accessible (on the front porch and back porch). A battery option could serve as a backup in a power outage situation or if someone unplugged the camera.

Does Funlux have alerts/notifications?

When a camera senses motion or picks up an image, it triggers the system to send an alert to your phone. We were, however, unable to test this feature ourselves because the Wi-Fi cameras failed to connect with the main device, despite considerable effort on our part.

How do I monitor Funlux footage?

The main source of monitoring is through the MeShare app for your mobile device, available on both the Apple and Android stores. The system requires setup through this app but allows you to access your footage on a monitored display, as shown in the video.

What’s the customer service like?

Problems connecting the Wi-Fi cameras meant I got to experience the Funlux customer service firsthand, which was less than impressive. In fact, as of the time of this writing, I’m still waiting to hear back from their tech support. Funlux support needs to improve in several areas before we’d feel comfortable recommending their product.

Where we’d like to see improvement:

  • Better response time. So far, Funlux customer support communicates strictly through email. A 1–2 business day turnaround does little to ease frustration when encountering technical issues with a product—especially when the main selling point is a “Quick & Easy Setup.”
  • More comprehensive FAQ section inside the app. The problem I experienced was not addressed in this section. Instead of tackling a potential camera connection problem, the FAQ only mentions the NVR device, which connected for me just fine.
  • In-app customer support. While the app gives you the ability to share devices within the app and monitor video feeds from your phone, it would be nice if the same app provided some sort of customer support beyond a limited FAQ. Even listing the hotline number within the app would go a long way.


  • Up to 1 month of footage stored from 4 cameras
  • Sharp picture/video
  • Captures more detail in a larger area
  • Super easy setup


  • Need iPhone 6/Android 2.3 or newer
  • Fixed camera angles (no motion)
  • AC power only (no battery)
  • Poor customer support

What Customers Think:

Positive Reviews

Very easy setup. Clarity is not HD when zoomed in, but great for basic security.

Christine Ponticelli on January 20, 2016

Negative Reviews

Completely disappointed in these. Install was easy, app sucks always crashes. Cameras always lose picture. I had two cameras stop working and spent over an hour on the phone with customer service. They were supposed to send me boxes to return the cameras…its been 3 weeks and no box. Complete junk and useless. If I can still return them I’m gonna do it right now. DO NOT BUY.

Ray H on December 26, 2015

The only positive point is that the cameras are wireless. I had to do the installation a couple of times before I could get all 4 cameras to work. Got that done just before taking a trip. I was able to get the Meshare app to run on my Iphone and Android phone. The motion detection is a joke. Either I missed the ‘motion’ entirely, or got it occasionally. As a point to that, my dog sitter was in every morning to feed the dogs, over the course of 2 weeks, she triggered the motion sensor only 2 days. The day she vacuumed the house, she never triggered it at all.
One camera is overly sensitive, it took pictures of the air moving … One camera is useless for motion detection … One camera was so slow to react that it missed the cars, UPS van and FedEx vans entirely… One camera seemed to work pretty well … All in all, I am sorry I purchased this – it is NOT worth $400 … get something else.

Sandra L. Young on December 7, 2015

Would We Recommend Funlux?

Many things impressed us about the Funlux 4-Channel. Reasonable pricing, easy setup, and lots of hard drive space make this system very intriguing. The technical issues we experienced with connecting the wireless cameras are completely solvable and could be explained simply as malfunctioning equipment. Ultimately, the technical issue we ran into wasn’t nearly as frustrating as the inability to solve the problem. We cannot recommend the Funlux wireless system until there is better technical support in place.

So what cameras do we recommend?

You can find affordable security cameras all over the web. Although this particular Funlux system left something to be desired, we have compiled a list of our top security camera picks. Whether you’re looking for individual cameras, wireless, or even multi-channel systems, you can find something that will meet both your budget and your surveillance needs.

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17 responses to “Funlux Cameras Review: Worth the Setup Hassle?”

  1. Garbage ,and customer service not great,promised to replace camera without return old ,then changed minds 2 weeks later ,asking ME to mail old one back,whole unit was only 1 month old cameras blow out,they don’t care,NEVER PURCHASING from them EVER again.

  2. My 8 camera 1TB system works great although the Funlux program is awkward and poorly designed.
    I understand Blue Iris works with this system. I might try that.

  3. Funlux in awful. I’ve been trying to get this system together since July. I have tried all aspects and options. From customer service to reprogramming wifi, cell phones, emails and you name it. I paid 300 some odd dollars for some crap.

  4. Since the firmware upgrade :
    1 – I can’t hear what’s going on in my house , the microphone is deactivated.
    2 – Video motion recording length is not less than 15 seconds now.
    Bottom line , do me a favor DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME on this piece of Sh…

    • Hi there – We’re sorry to hear you had a negative experience with Funlux. We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us, it can help our readers make a decision moving forward with a security company. Let us know if you switch cameras and if you like your new choice!

  5. Hey Jerry – We’re sorry to hear your experience with Funlux was negative. Thanks for sharing your experience with our community though, this can help others make a more informed decision moving forward. Let us know what camera you’ll be choosing instead! Best, – Amy Dominguez

  6. well I did signed up using my phone number and I change my phone for other, when I did try to sign in they asked me for my phone number and password so put them, and they said you have invalid phone number I been using my phone for 15 years.
    btw I did try to sign in using email address and guess what looks like a new account nothing on it so I had to set up everything in the beginning. Step by step I found my cameras so I thought everything will be fine until I received a msg those cameras been using in another account call zmodo support.
    that’s what I did been waiting for more than 2 hours and half and then they just hangout.

  7. Hi Mike, thanks for sharing your experience with us. We went through something pretty similar when we were trying to connect our cameras as well. What helped to resolve it for us was adjusting the network preference. We had multiple wireless networks and your mobile device needs to be connected to the same network that you want your system on. We also moved the cameras closer to the router and that helped as well. Let us know what ends up working for you.

  8. Camera pictures are good but software is half cooked and don’t bother trying to contact support if you need help because they are next to not being there at all. PC software for cameras no longer work. Motion detection works occasionally and sometimes triggered when there is no motion. This $400 apparatus is only good if you plan to be a full time security guard watching the monitor all day.
    I’ve spent countless hours trying to get software to work on PC and on phone app but end of the day it is what it is. Too late for me….I can only cut my losses and move on to other reputable brands.

  9. I’m not 100% sure what kind of use the bad reviews are being used for. But for simple home monitoring – from room to room in a average home 3800 sq ft. They work awesome and simple. Can check on pets, kids, and mom from work or out and about. Never had it crash or lose connections. Works like a charm for me.

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