GuardMe Security Reviews: Too Good To Be True?

GuardMe Security
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4.4 out of 5.0
4.4 out of 5 stars4.4
    GuardMe Security has a 3 year warranty which is better than other security companies and you are able to relocate your system anywhere within the U.S. for free.

    GuardMe Security offers burglar alarms, cameras, fire alarms and home automation to secure your home. They cover 25 of the 50 states but very little has been written about them online. You have to contact them directly for packages and pricing information, which is frustrating. However, when you look at their customer reviews, more than 90% of them are positive.  If Guard Me Security covers your area, they may be a viable option to consider.

    What are some of GuardMe's key features?

    Camera - The camera is capable of doing a visual verification when an alarm is triggered. If it recognizes that it was you, it will not act, but if it is a person it does not recognize, it will act accordingly.

    Crash and Smash -patented feature by that allows your security system to operate even if an intruder smashes your security control panel.

    Geo Tracking - Set "boundaries" in your home to be monitored closely. For example, near doors and windows in case an intruder breaks in through them.

    Z-wave Technology - Guard Me Security integrates with Z-wave technology to make your home a smart home. Z-wave technology allows you to turn appliances on and off, adjust the temperature of your home, as well as switch lights on and off.

    • Pro BulletBBB Rating: A+; Rating on Angie's List: A
    • Pro BulletOverwhelming ratio of positive reviews to negative
    • Pro BulletCamera works both inside and outside
    • Pro BulletUL Listed monitoring center
    • Pro Bullet3 year warranty
    • Pro BulletRelocate to anywhere in the U.S. for free
    • Con BulletNot nationwide, only covers 25 states
    • Con BulletProfessional installation required (no DIY option)
    • Con BulletMust sign a 1 year contract
    • Con BulletNo pricing or packages listed online
    • Con BulletDon't expect a response when you contact them via social media

    How much is GuardMe Security?

    Price varies depending on your location and you must request a quote for your specific home. See GuardMe Security's website to request a quote.

    What states does GuardMe Security cover?

    Here is a list of areas served by GuardMe Security: Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

    GuardMe Security reviews

    We had to search pretty hard to find negative reviews for Guard Me Security. They have an overwhelming number of positive reviews and very few negative reviews. They also post these testimonial reviews to their YouTube channel to show real customers' experiences.

    Positive reviews

    "I have just moved into a new home in a new area. I really wanted to add security to my home since I am home alone a lot. I wanted to find a piece of mind and not worry when I lay my head down at night. Melody was a great rep who really made me feel at ease. It is because of her I feel that I had made the best decision to go with Guard Me. The personal care won me over. I don't have to worry and she is only a phone call away." - Michel C., Google 9/2014

    "Nobody wants to sign a long term contract with a provider and then realize they are stuck with a company that doesn't care once the $ is their bank. Doesn't seem to be the case with GuardMe as far as I can tell. After some Google diving, I chose GuardMe for a security system for a business. I was connected to Navid on the phone to assist me. He was extremely patient and clear about what I would be receiving. He threw in extras that sealed the deal. I needed to get the installation done asap and he made sure to make that happen. It was the Friday before labor day on Monday, but he did not rush me as many would do, eager to start their long weekend. Installation guy came on time the following week and was courteous and professional. I wish I could remember his name! A few weeks later I had issues signing into the website and when I called Navid he answered with my name (I guess caller id?) and had my problem resolved immediately. Honestly it is sooooo hard to find companies that provide efficient service and genuine care and I believe GuardMe is one that does. Price is competitive if not better and the hardware I received appear modern and dependable. Very happy thus far!!" - Kay K., Yelp 9/23/2013

    Negative reviews

    "They called me 17 times today. The calls started at 9:05 am... this is ridiculous. If it is important enough to call me every 5 minutes, then leave a message on the answering machine." - Anonymous, Caller Complaints 5/1/2012

    "Below is more detail of all of the issues that we have faced. I can also assure you that I am not doing business with GuardMe given the following issues. First Installation: Did not have the right equipment to do the installation - had to reschedule. Second installation: 

    Was not able to install the Garage Door Opener

    Left equipment laying out on the floor of our loft in our home and did not clean up

    Was not able to connect to Z-wave door lock

    Messed up the z-wave lock to the point where it would not open using the codes that were programmed or factory default codes.

    Lost a screw to the cover to the z-wave lock

    Did not show or explain how the service works or walk through any of the features.

    Alarm began to show error - "battery low" on every contact point for the system

    4:30 in the morning the alarm went off where the only way to stop the alarm take the cover off of the alarm system and take the battery off. This took over 5 minutes and woke up my 3 and 4 year old children that were in hysterics..." - Josh L., Yelp 11/15/2014

    Who are their competitors?

    Does Guard Me Security cover your area? If not, you're still on the hunt for a home security system. Try starting with this large comparison article of many home security systems. You'll see how they compare side by side and learn what each company excels at and what each company needs help with.

    Thinking you'll choose GuardMe Security for your home alarm system? What was the deciding factor for you?