Hidden Safes: Life Hacks For Hiding Valuables In Your Home

I remember as a kid hiding my money in random places around my room. I’d stash it in my sock drawer, jewelry box, under my bed, you name it. I think the thrill of finding a dollar here or there was exciting to me because I felt rich when I would come across the couple of dollars hidden in my sock drawer a few months later. I also was proud of myself because I hadn’t spent it! I was one of those kids who liked toys and when I got money from the tooth fairy or for my birthday I was going straight to the store to get the newest Barbie.

Looking back I realize these are some of the worst possible secret hiding compartments (if you can even call them that) I could think of, but I was only like ten years old. So I get a freebie right? Now that I’m more educated on hiding places in houses I’ve got some tips to share with you. Here are some good hiding places for your stuff.

Disguised safes

Sometimes the best hiding spots are right out in clear view. Today, there are some really cool and unexpected safes on the market that are disguised as everyday products. Here are some of my favorites:

Secret hiding places in your home

Be ready because this is going to knock your socks off. These are some of the coolest secret hiding places in your home. Best of all, they're easy and creative. Just remember to let everyone in your house know about your secret stashes so items don't get donated or thrown out!

Don't write off the sock drawer

Sock Drawer as a Hidden Safe

I may have been onto something when I was ten, I just didn't know it. Placing small amounts of cash in a pair of socks isn't a bad hiding place. Place your cash inside of your sock, then roll it up and place it in the bottom of your sock drawer - just like the other socks. Chances are if a burglar does go through your sock drawer they won't tear all the socks apart and peak inside.

Vacuums aren't just for cleaning

Check out some yard sales or flea markets to grab an old vacuum. You can use the part of the vacuum where the bag is stored to hide important documents like birth certificates, marriage license, etc. Be sure to place these documents in a Ziploc bag first. We all know how dirty the inside of a vacuum can get. You can do this with other things around the house too like old printers, computer towers, etc.

Fake condiments

After finishing off the last of the ketchup, steak sauce, mayonnaise, or other sauce, clean the bottle out and spray-paint the inside of the container with the appropriate color. Then put your belongings inside and place in the refrigerator or cupboard. Things like cash, passports, and jewelry can all fit inside. Again, be sure to let everyone in your house know not to throw the container away or you may be scrambling next time you are ready to travel overseas!

Snap-off grille

Speaking of your fridge, you know that snap-off grille at the bottom? Take a peek under and I bet you can hide some of your small valuables underneath. Again, remember to place them in a Ziploc bag. You know how dirty it gets under your fridge! Just be sure you don't block airflow for the fridge as this could damage it.

Freezers aren't just for food

I wouldn't place any valuable items in the freezer just because you wouldn't want them to get damaged in any way. However, you can place documents or cash in your freezer. Put them in a Tupperware container and then cover with tin foil or other covering. You could also spray paint the inside like you did with the condiment bottles.

Disguised safes in the garage

Do you have larger items that you'd like to keep hidden? The garage may be an easier place to conceal them. If your garage looks anything like mine, there are tons of boxes, storage totes, dog food, salt bags (for the winter months), and many other large items that can easily be used as hidden stash safes. Here are some tips for hiding larger items in your garage.

Large Garbage Cans

At my house we use a big garbage can to put the dog food in. If you've got something truly important to you, wrap it up and place it at the bottom of the garbage can. The only one who might really investigate this secret stash is your pup!


Just got done purchasing a shop vac and have a big unwanted cardboard box? Turn that box into a disguised safe. Cut the bottom out of the box and place it over your safe, then cover the inside with random garage items like extension cords, old blankets, or anything else you've got lying around.

Paint Cans

Paint Cans in Garage as Hidden Safes

Paint cans can be useful after you've emptied them. After cleaning a paint can out, fill it with whatever you want. If you're like me, you've done a lot of paint projects and since you cannot just throw them away (environmental hazard), you've got a lot of extra paint lying around. You might as well put the cans to good use! Besides, what burglar is going to shake every can of paint you own?

Other large totes and boxes

You can place other large valuables inside storage totes and boxes. Be sure to place labels on the outside for things that burglars wouldn't find appealing or valuable like Christmas Decorations, Winter Clothes, Kids' Toys, Camping Gear, etc.

Where should I hide my spare key?

Hiding a spare key is always a difficult task. The whole under the rug or above the door trick just doesn't cut it. If possible, I suggest leaving it at a neighbor's home that you trust. However, this isn't always possible. Maybe you work odd hours and get home at 2am so you don't want to wake them if you've forgotten your key. Or maybe you simply aren't as close to your neighbor's home as you wish you were. Here are a couple of hiding spot ideas we've got for you.

Fake rock

If you have an area near your entrance that has a few rocks, this fake rock with a spot for a spare key (View on Amazon) is the perfect solution. But, we recommend NOT putting it near the front door as that will be too obvious. Hide it somewhere else in your yard that is unlikely to be suspect.

Bury your treasure

Use an old medicine bottle or film canister and place your key inside. Then, bury the container in a potted plant, under a bush, or wherever you will remember it. Obviously you don't want to bury it with a shovel or too deep because you don't want to tear up your yard or spend an hour digging up the spare key. It's best to place it in dirt that you "rearrange" consistently, like where you plant flowers or vegetables so the dirt is easily movable. Just make sure you don't place it so close to the plant that it doesn't grow! After burying the container, place a rock, pine cone, or other type of object over it to help you keep track of it.

Fake LB fitting

LB fitting works with the electrical components of your house. Instead of using it for this purpose, you are going to use it to hide your spare key inside. Install a fake plastic LB fitting to the outside of your house. Run some conduit to the ground so it looks like any other conduit with LB fitting. When placing the screws for the LB fitting, cut the head off the bottom, screw and glue it over the screw hole so it swivels back and forth instead of being tightly secured. Place your key inside and voila! When deciding where to install the LB fitting, I suggest finding a place on the side of your house or in the back. That way if you do find yourself needing that spare key, the entire street doesn't see where you're getting it from.

Do you have any hiding places?

The best way to protect your valuables is renting a safe-deposit box at your bank. However, we understand that sometimes you need to access your belongings quick and a trip to the bank isn't always the fastest or most convenient. That's why we've provided you with some of the suggestions above. If you have any other ideas for hidden safes please let us know!

A portion of our information was sourced from The Family Handyman magazine, February 2014 edition.