Effective Home Security for Single Moms

Mom laying with baby

Being a single mom is a heavy responsibility because you must take on the role of two (or more) people on your own. You want to keep everyone safe and that means you need to know the potential dangers. It's important to be knowledgeable in as much as possible since you are doing a big job on your own. We'll help you learn effective home security for single moms so you'll have all your bases covered.


Privacy can be a subject that some women struggle with. You don't want to be the person who tells her whole life story the first time you meet someone. It's important to remember not to tell people you are a single woman living alone with your child. Of course, it's fine for family and friends to know but does your coworker you see every now and then at the water cooler need to know your living arrangements? Probably not.

Displaying your name

When dealing with things like your phone number listing, mail, apartment mailboxes, etc. there are a couple rules I suggest following:

  1. Use an initial followed by your last name. That way no one can tell if you are a man or woman. All they see is K. Kurimski, which will mean nothing to them. However, this won't work if you have Ms. or Miss before your name. So be sure to request that titles are left out.
  2. Print out your name. When it comes to things like apartment mailboxes, often you will be in charge of writing your name on a slip of paper and placing it on your mailbox. It is best to print out your name out on a slip of paper—people associate neat handwriting with females, and if there is only one name on that mailbox it is revealed that you are living alone.
  3. Use the term "residence" or "household" on your landline voicemail. When you are recording your voicemail, saying something like, "You've reached Kimberly," shows that you are the only person living at that residence. However, if you say, "You've reached the Kurimski residence," it gives the caller the idea that multiple people live there. Another phrase to avoid saying is, "I'm not home right now." Instead, say something like, "We are unable to answer the phone right now."

Use the curtains

We all love natural light, right? Not only does it help you see, but it's also cheaper than having the lights on 24/7. Feel free to take advantage of those hours of daylight by opening your curtains.

However, once it hits sunset close your curtains. During the day you can look outside and see if someone is creeping around in your bushes, but when it's dark outside and you've got the lights on inside, it's difficult to see if there's a "Peeping Tom".

Doors and locks

When you move into a new place you want to make sure there are all new locks on your doors. You never know who the last tenants or owners gave a key to or if they still have a key. It's better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you know that only you and the people you trust are the only ones with a key to your home. It's also important to remember that if you ever lose your keys, change your locks immediately.

After you've taken all that time to install new locks on all the doors, don't hide a spare key under the doormat, a nearby rock, flower pot, or any outdoor object. The best place to store a spare key is at a trusted neighbor's home, or in a trusted lockbox hidden discreetly outside.

It's important to keep all your doors locked, even while you're home. Never forget to lock up before you go to bed at night either— you don't want to wake up to an intruder in our home.

Take advantage of peepholes in your door. If you have one, use it! If you don't have one, I would suggest installing one. These can be fairly inexpensive and easy to install.

Monitored home security systems

The best way to make sure you and your little one(s) are safe is to invest in a monitored home security system. Not only does it help you with intruders, but it also alerts you of fires and can help in a medical emergency. A home security system does a great job deterring burglars when they see the equipment or hear sirens going off.

To deter the burglar even more, place motion sensor lights around your home so when one is triggered it brings the burglar unwanted attention. The burglar will most likely leave the area.


When landscaping around your home avoid planting trees or bushes around your windows. Intruders tend to watch the area they are going to break into and they do so by hiding in trees and bushes.

Other Tips

Are you a single mom and have tips to share with others? Feel free to comment below with your suggestions. It's great when we can help each other out!