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What is the Best Cellular Security System?


These days most security systems run on cellular networks, but a few holdouts still offer landline monitoring as a low-cost alternative. Whenever possible, we strongly recommend choosing a cellular system over a landline one.

Perks of choosing a cellular security system:

  • Your system is more secure because there are no wires to cut.
  • Your equipment is easier to install and move.
  • You get more features and smart home integration.

The best cellular security systems

All the companies listed above offer cellular monitoring. You can read more about what sets them apart from each other in our roundup of the best home security companies.

Our recommendations

Cellular monitoring is standard across the security industry, which means you’ve got plenty of choices. To narrow it down for you, we’ve picked two of our favorites.

  • If you want tons of features, high-end equipment, and home automation, pick Vivint.
  • Or if you need something flexible and super affordable, go with SimpliSafe.

Choose Vivint to get the cellular security system with the most features

Cellular security system with the most features

Vivint’s security systems let you have your cake and eat it too.

You get high-end security gear, tons of smart home integration, and dependable monitoring—all at surprisingly affordable prices. (Vivint’s lowest-tier plan is less than $30 a month but still includes mobile access and control over your system.)

And if you pay for your equipment up front, you can get all those nice things without signing up for a multiyear contract.

Going the contract route has its perks too. Signing a contract with Vivint lets you spread equipment costs out over time to minimize the up-front costs of getting a security system.

Visit our full Vivint review to learn more about your options.

Recommended Vivint package: Smart Home Video, $49.99/mo.

This plan has it all—smart home integration for thermostats and door locks, video monitoring, environmental protection, and doorbell camera support. If you’re choosing Vivint, you might as well go all out to get the best features it has to offer.

View Vivint Plans

Best for flexibility

Choose SimpliSafe to get the cellular security system with the most flexibility

SimpliSafe sticks to the basics without adding all the flashy extras you get with Vivint. If you need basic home security on a tight budget, SimpliSafe is a fantastic option. It won’t give you as many features as Vivint, but its plans and equipment are more affordable.

And, while SimpliSafe offers fewer features, it gives you more financial flexibility. SimpliSafe never locks you into a contract, so you can cancel your monthly monitoring service at any time. You can hang on to your equipment and turn monitoring on again when you’re ready.

Plus, SimpliSafe lets you build a custom equipment package or choose from preset options depending on your budget and security needs. You can always add on more equipment later if you need it.

Check out the full SimpliSafe review to learn more.

Recommended SimpliSafe package: Interactive, $24.99/mo.

This package gives you video support, mobile access, and a little bit of smart home integration. SimpliSafe offers a less expensive option, but it’s stripped down to the basics. So we suggest paying a bit more, if you can, to get the package with video monitoring and smartphone control. Plus, since you won’t have a contract, you can always cancel monitoring if the monthly fee is too much for your budget one month.

View SimpliSafe Plans

What’s next?

We think you and your home will be in good shape with a Vivint or SimpliSafe security system, but if you’d like to explore your options further, visit our post with more details about the best home security systems. Every company listed there offers cellular monitoring.

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