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The Best Cheap Security Systems in 2019

Best for flexibility
SimpliSafe Logo

Starting at $14.99/mo.

Best for interconnectivity
Nest Logo

Starting at $19.00/mo.

Best for aesthetics
Scout Logo

Starting at $19.99/mo.

Best for affordable monitoring
Ring Logo

Starting at $10.00/mo.


Just because you want to save money on home security doesn’t mean you have to settle for a middling company with substandard equipment and monitoring.

Below we look at five security companies that help you cut costs without sacrificing quality—by offering either more affordable equipment up front or cheaper monitoring costs than companies like Vivint and Frontpoint.

Comparison table

abode logo pngring-logo
Best forBest for flexibility Best for interconnectivityBest for aestheticsBest for self-monitoringBest for affordable monitoring
Lowest pro monitoring price$14.99/mo.$19/mo.$19.99/mo.$8 for 3 days$10/mo.
Video monitoring
Equipment ratingCutting-edgeStandardStandardStandardMinimal
Learn moreView systemView systemView systemView systemView system
Best for
Lowest pro monitoring price
Video monitoring
Equipment rating
Learn more
abode logo png ring-logo
Best for flexibility Best for interconnectivity Best for aesthetics Best for self-monitoring Best for affordable monitoring
$14.99/mo. $19/mo. $19.99/mo. $8 for 3 days $10/mo.
Cutting-edge Standard Standard Standard Minimal
View system View system View system View system View system

Data effective 1/1/2019. Offers and availability subject to change.

SimpliSafe review

Best for flexibility

SimpliSafe pros and cons


  • No-contract monitoring
  • Easy self-installation
  • Customizable equipment packages


  • Limited home automation integration
  • No mobile access with cheaper plan

Why we recommend SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe offers cheap professional monitoring on a contract-free, month-to-month basis, which gives you the flexibility to turn your monitoring on and off if you’re going out of town for a while or trying to save money.

SimpliSafe equipment isn’t the most compatible with smart home tech, but its security equipment packages are customizable so you can find the right fit for your home.

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Nest Secure review

Best for interconnectivity

Nest Secure pros and cons


  • Quality equipment with strong interconnectivity
  • Intelligent equipment that learns to limit false alarms
  • Professional monitoring through Brinks


  • No video monitoring
  • Expensive equipment
  • Limited security equipment options

Why we recommend Nest Secure

We like Nest Secure for its high-quality equipment with an emphasis on interconnectivity. If you invest in add-ons like one of Nest’s smart thermostats or smoke/CO detectors, you can control everything from the same app.

You can save money by self-monitoring your Nest system, or you can pay a reasonable $19 per month to professionally monitor your system through Brinks.

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Scout review

Best for aesthetics

Scout pros and cons


  • No-contract monitoring
  • Unique, aesthetic equipment
  • Cellular and battery backup to protect from outages


  • Limited equipment selection
  • No third-party equipment without professional monitoring plan
  • No system control panel

Why we recommend Scout

Affordable security systems can still look nice, and Scout’s emphasis on aesthetics makes up in part for its simple equipment offerings.

If you’re looking to save money, Scout’s no-contract professional monitoring gives you flexibility to self-monitor your system to cut down on costs here and there. While Scout’s self-monitored plan is $9.99 per month, you’ll save $10 per month when you’re home and willing to monitor your own system.

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Abode review

Best for self-monitoring

Abode pros and cons


  • No contracts
  • Easy self-monitoring
  • Short-term professional monitoring options


  • No phone support with free plan
  • Shorter equipment warranty than competitors

Why we recommend Abode

Abode helps you save money with its unique on-demand monitoring pricing.

If you want to mostly self-monitor your security system, you can pick up three-day, seven-day, or one-month monitoring plans on demand. We think that’s pretty handy if you travel a lot for work or want to keep an extra set of eyes on your home while you’re on vacation with the family.

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Ring review

Best for affordable monitoring

Ring pros and cons


  • Cheap professional monitoring
  • Affordable equipment
  • Ring video doorbell integration
  • Base station that works as alarm


  • Limited home security equipment

Why we recommend Ring

In addition to its array of security cameras, Ring offers a cheap security system, though it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of other security systems. It’s also hard to beat Ring’s extremely reasonable $10-per-month monitoring fee.

The Alarm Security Kits don’t come with any cameras or home automation equipment, but the keypad, contact sensors and motion detectors make for great base systems if you don’t have any home security equipment. We’d recommend adding a Ring video doorbell to your system so you can get a set of eyes on the front of your home when you’re not around.

Our recommendation

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a quality security system that fits your lifestyle and needs. Whether you want to save by self-monitoring or by investing in more affordable equipment, these five companies will help you find a cheap security system without losing out on quality.

  • SimpliSafe: Go with SimpliSafe if you want the option for month-to-month monitoring and flexible equipment packages.
  • Nest Secure: Go with Nest Secure if you value quality equipment but want to save money on monitoring.
  • Scout: Go with Scout if you want premium, aesthetic equipment with affordable monitoring.
  • Abode: Go with Abode if you want to take advantage of shorter, on-demand monitoring while you’re not home.
  • Ring: Go with Ring if you’re okay with a simple security system with ultra affordable monitoring.

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