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Vivint Review | Affordable Monitoring and High-End Equipment


Vivint is one of the only big security companies to offer a contract-free security option. This kind of customer-first thinking is a big part of why we recommend Vivint over other security companies.

We’ve also seen Vivint adapt to customer needs by adding a lower-priced base plan and flexible payment options for security equipment—all changes that make Vivint an option for more people in more situations.

And on top of all that, Vivint offers some of the best equipment and home automation support in the industry.

We obviously like Vivint, but will you? Although we happily recommend it to most people, we know it isn’t right for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Vivint great and where it falls short for some customers.

Vivint pros and cons


  • Offers high-end, unique equipment
  • Supports lots of smart home device integration
  • Provides a contract-free option
  • Offers flexible payment options for equipment
  • Offers affordable entry-level plan
  • Includes mobile access in all plans


  • Charges a lot up front for equipment
  • Has longer contracts than most

Compare plans

All of Vivint’s plans include mobile access and medical alert support, but you’ll have to opt for the high-end plan if you want video monitoring.

Smart SecuritySmart HomeSmart Home Video
Monthly price$29.99$39.99$49.99
Installation fee$99$99$99
Mobile access
Smoke and CO monitoring
Medical pendant
Video monitoring
Smart home integration
Learn moreView PlansView PlansView Plans
Monthly price
Installation fee
Mobile access
Smoke and CO monitoring
Medical pendant
Video monitoring
Smart home integration
Learn more
Smart Security Smart Home Smart Home Video
$29.99 $39.99 $49.99
$99 $99 $99
View Plans View Plans View Plans

Data effective 11/06/2018. Offers subject to change.

Vivint cost

Professional monitoring

Vivint’s monitoring plans cost between $29.99 and $49.99 per month. This is on par with the rest of the security industry, but we should point out that Vivint’s $29.99 plan has more to offer than the base plans from competitors. For example, Frontpoint and ADT both charge more than Vivint for basic cellular monitoring. Plus, Vivint’s base plan gives you access to your system through your smartphone—a feature most competitors save for more expensive plans.

Vivint FlexPay lets you spread equipment cost out over time—pretty uncommon in the security industry.

Flexible payment options for equipment

Vivint FlexPay lets you spread equipment cost out over time—pretty uncommon in the security industry. You can pay for some of your equipment upfront and roll the rest of the costs into your monthly payments. This does mean you pay more per month, but it dramatically reduces your upfront expenses.

Aside from higher monthly payments, the main downside of Flex Pay is that you’ll have to sign a contract instead of picking the no-contract option. But since lots of companies make you pay for all your equipment up front and sign a multiyear contract, Vivint is ahead of the rest by offering customers a choice.

Installation fees

Vivint charges $99 for professional installation. This is comparable to installation fees or activation fees from other companies—even DIY install companies like Frontpoint charge an activation fee that’s as high as or higher than Vivint’s installation fee.


Impressive home automation support

Vivint is one of the only home security companies that offers its own smart home equipment. Adding Vivint home automation gear to your security system makes your home safer and makes little things easier every day, whether you want to change the temperature when you leave for the day or unlock your front door for your kids when they get home.

Plus, Vivint is compatible with tons of third-party smart home equipment, so you can sync your system with smart lights, locks, plugs, and more.

Mobile access

You can access your Vivint system remotely no matter which monitoring plan you choose. This might not seem like a big deal, but most companies don’t give you mobile access with the basic plan.

We think mobile access is essential because it lets you check your security system while you’re away from home. While you can rely on Vivint’s pro monitoring, mobile access gives you extra control over your home whether you want to make sure you closed your windows, check on your kids after they get home from school, or call for help if your fire alarm goes off.


Arm your security system from anywhere using Vivint’s mobile app.


Set home security rules so you never forget to arm your system.

High-end equipment

Vivint designs and manufactures some of its own proprietary equipment while the rest of the industry usually uses equipment from Alarm.com or Honeywell. It’s not that Honeywell or Alarm.com equipment is bad, but it doesn’t stand out. Vivint has made extra effort to provide you with top-of-the-line security equipment that’s unique and modern. And most importantly—it works.

High-value base package

Vivint has made it easier for customers on a tighter budget to get home security. It recently introduced a $29.99-per-month base plan that’s cheaper than cellular monitoring plans from Frontpoint, ADT, Brinks, and more.

And since that base level plan gives you mobile access, it packs in more value than the low-end plans from other security companies.



What’s available?

You can get all the basics from Vivint whether you need a smoke detector, CO alarm, door/window sensors, a motion sensor, or a security camera (although you need the Smart Home Video plan for cameras).

Vivint also offers extras like a door lock, thermostat, garage door controller, medical pendant, and special sensors for recessed doors.

You can use all that cool smart gear as long as you have the Smart Home or Smart Home Video plan. Plus, since Vivint’s systems are compatible with Z-Wave equipment you can add third-party equipment and use your system with devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

>>See our full list of equipment compatible with Vivint.


Vivint sends professionals to install your home security system. This means you’ll have to set aside the better part of a day to let them into your home, which is inconvenient, but there are perks to having a pro set up your system.

  • For starters, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve installed it correctly.
  • And because you’ll have a pro in the house, you’ll have the chance to ask questions about your equipment and make sure you understand exactly how it works.


Vivint’s equipment is simple and sleek. We wouldn’t quite call it pretty, but it looks nicer than the security equipment offered by lots of competitors.


Your Vivint equipment comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you’re paying for a monitoring plan. If you pay for a Premium Service plan you’ll also get free service calls if you need help with your system. Without a monitoring plan, the warranty is 120 days.

Customer service


Vivint’s customer service team is available over the phone 24/7 (which puts them ahead of quite a few other security companies). Plus, if you’re not a fan of chatting on the phone you can hide behind your computer and talk to customer service over live chat—also accessible 24/7.

Contracts and cancellation policies

You can get a Vivint security system without a contract, which is rare—especially from one of the larger security companies. A few smaller companies like SimpliSafe, Ring, and Abode are also contract free, but they don’t have the experience, infrastructure, or support of an established company like Vivint.

ASL Insider Tip

Pro tip

In order to get your system without a contract you’ll have to buy all your equipment up front; and that can add up since you’ll have to pay at least $549 to get the base control panel. But we love that Vivint gives you an option to protect your home without committing to a multiyear contract.

If paying for all that gear up front isn’t an option, that’s okay, but know you’ll be in for a 42- to 60-month contract with a strict cancellation policy.

What customers are saying about Vivint

We won’t sugarcoat it—in the past, online reviews of Vivint were scathing. But almost all those critical focused on Vivint’s sales tactics rather than the actual security system. As Vivint has improved customer experience over the years, online reviews have improved as well. Critical reviews haven’t disappeared—it’s still the internet. But there are way more positive reviews than there have been in the past.

Recent positive reviews heap a lot of praise on Vivint’s mobile app, fast response times, and easy-to-use equipment. Customers are also impressed with the installers setting up their systems; many reviews mention that installers took extra time to help customers understand how the equipment worked.

Critical reviews talk about high equipment costs and equipment that temporarily loses a signal. There are also some reviews that mention it took multiple visits from technicians to get equipment working.

Our recommendation

ASL Insider Tip

We wholeheartedly recommend Vivint. Especially if you want a home security system that seamlessly integrates with smart locks, thermostats, doorbell cameras, and other convenient home automation gear. And the fact that you can get a high-end system without a contract is a huge bonus.

Check out Vivint plans now if you’re ready to protect your home with industry-leading equipment.

Not quite ready to choose? Learn more about other security companies here.

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