The Most-Googled Household Fear in Each State

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably googled your fears at least once or twice. Whether we cower at the dark depths of the ocean or dread the soaring heights of a roller coaster, we have a bad habit of turning to search engines with our biggest fears.

Of course, sometimes there’s a valid reason for doing so. Homeowners, for example, might google their household fears to find useful information about a fear: how to prevent it, what to do if it happens, or how to keep it from happening again.

We decided to find out what household fears people google the most in each state. While our study doesn’t necessarily indicate the actual prevalence of a specific problem in a state, it does offer insight into which fears residents have on their minds. Keep reading to find out what’s keeping homeowners up at night in your state.

Here's What Homeowners Are Most Afraid Of In Your State

What we learned

Apparently, mold is the scariest thing out there. In our study, 10 states feared mold the most—11 states if you include black mold. Carbon monoxide poisoning comes in a distant second, appearing as the most common fear in just six states.

Other fears shared by multiple states include robbery, peeping toms, and fall prevention. Some states, however, had more unusual fears.

  • Pennsylvania has a unique fear: sinking homes. That might sound surprising, but when you google sinking homes, many of the search results relate to Philadelphia.
  • Indiana residents google bed bug signs more than any other state—perhaps because a report by Orkin found that Indianapolis has one of the biggest bed bug problems in the nation.
  • Arizonans worry about pool safety the most, likely because the state’s scorching summer temperatures warrant installing a pool if you have the space.
  • Hurricane preparation is the most-googled fear-based term in Florida, a state often battered by hurricanes.
  • Tennessee stands out as the only state to fear the supernatural. Residents of this Southern state fear ghosts in their houses.

What your state fears

How we did it

We evaluated the most common household fears among homeowners on various social media platforms. We then listed each of these fears, along with any corresponding fears, and ran them through Google Trends to find out which states had the highest search volume for each fear.

Feeling fearful?

Our study lets you see what household fears the homeowners in your state search for, but keep in mind that these fears may not apply to you. Not all Washingtonians need to worry about baby-proofing, after all. Don’t let other people’s fears scare you.

If any of these fears ring true, however, just know that knowledge is power. If you’re well-informed about these fears, you can take steps to adequately protect your home and the people in it.

Just remember that Google should be a first stop—not the last. The internet has valuable information, but if you’re really worried about bed bugs in your home, for example (we’re looking at you, Indiana), then you should probably get an expert opinion.

Are you surprised about what your state is afraid of? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!