Is the iPhone Tracking Bug Stalking You?

Apparently there is indeed an iPhone tracking bug following your every move (or many of them anyway). Alasdair Allan released a blog post that highlights the fact that there is a hidden file on Apple devices used to track and store your movement based on GPS location. Included is a sample map showing what kind of tracking the data can be used for when superimposed on a map. What does Apple say? Apparently they blame it on a software bug, and say there weren't using it to explicitly track users information.

iPhone Tracking Video Discussion

Here's a video of a discussion revolving around this potential privacy/ security leak:

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Privacy Legislation

In this age of uncertainty regarding individual's personal information, identity, and privacy concerns, this raises a red flag. If such a file can exist on the most widespread mobile gadget in the industry, what other privacy issues are we facing that we're currently unaware of?

According to Apple, this file was used to create a database of wi-fi hotspots and cell towers that would enable them to improve the "traffic service" they're offering users. Meanwhile, a lawsuit has been filed against Apple in Florida.

Have an i-Device? Concerned by this News?

If you've got an iPhone or iPad, what are your thoughts? How does this news make you feel? Not worried, concerned? Angry at Apple? Voice your opinions in the comments below.