Can I Take Home Security Equipment with Me When I Move?

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If you have a home security system with DIY installation, you can usually take it with you when you move. If you have a professionally installed system, you may be able to take your system, but you should check with the company to find out what their moving policies are.

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You’ve invested time and money setting up your home security system, and now you’re moving. Can you take the security system and all the equipment with you to your new place? The short answer is most likely yes. However, you should always check with your security company to find out what its policies are, especially if you have a professionally monitored system.

Below, we’ll break down the types of security systems and talk about which ones are more or less likely to easily move with you to your new home.

If you have a DIY security system

If you have a security system that you installed yourself and it’s not professionally monitored, then you can definitely move your equipment with you. Some systems will be easier to relocate than others, depending on what equipment you have and how it was installed.

If you know you’ll be moving in the near future, or if you’re just renting your home, one of our picks for security systems for renters will be your best option. We recommend SimpliSafe for frequent movers because relocating it is completely painless.

Best for frequent movers

    If you have a professionally installed security system

    Some security companies with professional installation let you take some or all of your equipment, while others don’t. In these cases, you’ll probably need to have the equipment professionally reinstalled, which may mean paying installation fees again.

    You can often find discounts and deals on getting new equipment for your new home, but it will be more expensive than taking your old equipment with you.

    If you have a professionally monitored security system

    If you use a professional monitoring service with your security system, whether it was installed by you or a professional, you’ll need to let your company know that you are moving and find out what their moving policies are.

    Most professionally monitored security services don’t charge extra fees when you move and let you continue your current monitoring contract. Frontpoint, for example, doesn’t change your contract or charge any reactivation fees when you move.

      However, other professionally monitored companies, such as Vivint and ADT, charge reinstallation or reactivation fees and may require you to start a new contract at your new location. You always have the option of simply canceling your monitoring plan, but you may be required to pay a high percentage of your remaining monthly fees.
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      Save some money by checking with your security company about reactivation fees before you move. Make sure to ask if it offers any special deals for movers too.

      Make moving easier

      If you know you’ll be moving in the future, a couple of things can make it easier to move your security system. If you have a wireless security system where none of the equipment is hardwired into your home, it’s much easier to uninstall each piece of equipment and reinstall it in your new home. DIY security systems usually fall into this category.

      Cellularly connected security systems are also generally easier to move. Landline systems depend on phone lines, whereas a cellular system uses even a faint cell signal to send information. If you are moving to a remote or rural location, be sure to check what kind of cell coverage there is; you may need a landline option in those cases.

      Check policies first

      Luckily, most home security companies want to keep your business and make it easy for you to move; many even provide free moving kits. If you don’t have a security system yet, check out our full list of top home security systems and find the right one for your situation.