LinkedIn: Disabled Account Message?

We're receiving news of an email circulating that is attempting to extract personal information from you by posing as a LinkedIn disabled account message. If you receive such a message from LinkedIn, please delete it and don't click on any links contained within the email!

As a rule of thumb, always visit websites directly (i.e. by going to in your web browser), not by clicking on links within emails. If you had clicked on the link in this phishing email, you would have been redirected to a scam site attempting to extract sensitive personal information from you.

LinkedIn Disabled Account Email

Here is a sample of the phishing email (an email trying to get you to disclose personal details) making the rounds:


Subject: Disabled Account


Your LinkedIn account has been blocked due to suspicious activity.

Please click here for details.

Thank you for using LinkedIn!

--The LinkedIn Team

2011, LinkedIn Corporation

Email Analysis

Once again, don't click on any links in the email. The fraudulent link is referenced by the "click here" text. The link in the footer to appears legitimate (scammers will often include legitimate links to make the email look more authentic). But again, if you need to verify whether your account has been disabled, please type "" directly into your browser address bar.