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LinkedIn Security Notice – “Account Blocked” Phishing Email Alert

It’s been brought to our attention that phishing emails (malicious emails where a user tries to get you to click a legitimate looking link that takes you to a website disguised as a familiar entity (ie. LinkedIn.com) in order to steal your login information/ personal data) are making the rounds.

LinkedIn Phishing Scam Email Details

If you get an email from “alerts@linkedin.com” entitled LinkedIn Security Notice that contains the LinkedIn logo and the following text:

Your LinkedIn Account has been blocked.
To remove the restrictions please
Follow this link
Thank you for using LinkedIn!

–The LinkedIn Team

Å  2011, LinkedIn Corporation

Delete the email and do not click the “follow this link” text, as it does not lead to LinkedIn.com. Instead, it leads to a scammer’s website disguised as LinkedIn that will attempt to con you into offering your login details and other personal information.

Did You Receive A Phishing/ Scam Email?

Please comment below to share your experience with our readers. You can help us spread the word and help people like yourself from becoming victims of this fraud.

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