Mountain Alarm—A Review of a Longtime Security Leader in the Mountain West

Our rating:
4.0 out of 5.0
4 out of 5 stars4.0
Customer service
2 out of 5 stars2.0
4 out of 5 stars4.0
4 out of 5 stars4.0
    Mountain Alarm is a reliable and affordable option for customers in the Mountain West region. However, the company lost points for negative customer reviews and a lack of transparency about what services it offers.
    • Pro BulletAffordable monitoring
    • Pro BulletHigh-quality equipment
    • Pro BulletLots of home automation features
    • Pro BulletLocal offices spread throughout the service area
    • Pro BulletProtection from more than burglary
    • Pro BulletIndoor, outdoor, and doorbell video cameras
    • Pro BulletLong history in security industry
    • Con BulletLimited service area
    • Con BulletNegative customer reviews
    • Con BulletLack of helpful information online
    Mountain Alarm provides security systems for businesses and homeowners throughout Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. This local company offers affordable monitoring, uses high-quality, industry-standard equipment, and has decades of experience with home security. Read our review to learn more about what the company offers.

    What we like about Mountain Alarm home security

    Mountain Alarm has been in business since 1952, so you get to work with a local company that also has decades of industry experience and expertise.

    Affordable monitoring

    Monitoring prices will vary depending on what service you choose, but with monitoring service starting at $25 per month, Mountain Alarm is certainly one of the more affordable options. If you want to see how this compares to larger companies, check out our comparison of home security system costs.

    The short version is that Mountain Alarm falls on the less expensive side of the scale, so it might be a good choice if you want to save money.

    Quality equipment

    Mountain Alarm uses equipment, which is trusted throughout the home security industry. If you get a home security system from Mountain Alarm, you’ll have a lot of the same equipment you’d get from a larger company like Frontpoint.

    Local support

    Mountain Alarm has offices throughout the Mountain West, so customers looking for support will be able to talk to someone who is familiar with the region rather than relying on a large national calling center.

    Comparing Mountain Alarm to the competition

    Our largest concerns about Mountain Alarm involve the company’s regional limitations and the lack of information for prospective customers.

    Mountain Alarm review

    Regional limitations

    While there are advantages to choosing a smaller local company, there are also drawbacks. Smaller companies have fewer resources than huge national organizations, and since Mountain alarm is a regional company, you’ll have to find a new home security provider if you move out of its service area. When we rank home security system providers, we usually recommend national companies over local ones, partly because national companies make it easier for customers to move.

    Limited information

    Mountain Alarm works with customers to create personalized security systems, which is a benefit. However, because packages are customized, the company doesn’t provide much information online.

    While it is common throughout the home security industry to encourage customers to reach out for a quote, Mountain Alarm provides less information online than many other companies.

    This makes it harder to research your options on your own without spending a lot of time with a sales representative—a serious downside if you want to explore your options without a high-pressure sales pitch.

    Mountain Alarm packages and prices

    Mountain Alarm works with customers on an individual basis to set up custom systems instead of offering set packages.

    Monitoring service will also vary based on individual needs, but company representatives shared a basic breakdown of monitoring prices.

    • Monitoring that uses a phone line or internet connection starts at $25 per month.
    • Cellular monitoring (one of the more popular options) is an additional $17 per month—so $42 total per month. This option lets customers arm and disarm the system themselves. We always recommend cellular monitoring because it comes with more features and is harder for burglars to interfere with.
    • For another $5 per month, you get the ability to control home automation devices and record video from up to four cameras.

    Mountain Alarm commercial security

    While this review is focused on residential security systems, we should mention that Mountain Alarm also offers commercial security for businesses.

    The company’s business security service includes a wide range of features that are tailored to your specific needs.

    Intrusion detection

    • Managed access control that lets you restrict entry to specific entrances or sections of your building
    • Security cameras with remote viewing and video monitoring
    • Alarm monitoring
    • Fire protection, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, horn strobes, and pull stations

    Customer reviews

    Mountain Alarm is a relatively small company, so there aren’t tons of reviews online. We did find more negative reviews than positive, but people are often more vocal online about negative experiences than positive ones.

    The positive reviews we found talked about positive experiences with equipment and company representatives, while the negative reviews talked about scheduling issues and problems getting equipment installed correctly.

    Positive reviews

    Timely response and very good monthly rate.

    I switched from ADT to Mountain Alarm at approx. 1/2 the monthly rate and no switchover cost. Service was prompt and very courteous and they have a local office if I ever need them. The only minor glitch was I haven't yet received an e-mail confirming my no-rate-increase-for-three-years guarantee. – Alan and LuAnn, June 23, 2015, Trustpilot

    Excellent customer service and quick response time!

    My representative, Rick, was a pleasure to work with and made the installation in a timely and accurate manner. He was extremely thorough and responded by phone immediately when I had future questions.

    I highly recommend this service and will use again in the future. – Sandra Hammer, January 16, 2015, Trustpilot

    Negative reviews

    They are not able to deliver. But they keep on charging.

    I have had the hardest time getting this company to install cameras in our home. Now 5 months after they installed 6 cameras and 8 additional service visits some taking 5-6 hours, the cameras are still not working. They get an A for effort and an F for results. Well meaning, polite but incompetent.” – Steve, June 8, 2017, Trustpilot

    Poor response and much more costly than we were led to believe.

    As a building owner we were caught with a need to correct a problem with an alarm that the original company would not service (or could not because of some license problem). We thought we corrected it, but the new company we hired did not have an in city Denver license. Mtn. Alarm fiddled around, repeated the same procedure we had just done and paid for and then charged a gigantic connect fee. Until I contacted an owner, the salesman only returned calls when he felt like it.

    Eventually they did get the alarm onto their system and then followed up with a huge bill for doing that. Then a month later they charged a huge fee again for a yearly checkup, even though they should have checked it up while hooking it up. Very unhappy, but had no choice as the fire dept. had filed a ticket in my name. – Luanne, June 16, 2015, Trustpilot

    Should you choose Mountain Alarm home security?

    If you prefer working with local companies, Mountain Alarm may be a good option. The company has been around for decades, it uses high-quality equipment, and it offers affordable monitoring.

    If you don’t have your heart set on sticking with a local business, you may be better off choosing a larger company with more resources—particularly if you think you may someday move out of Mountain Alarm’s service area.

    If you’d like to look into larger companies, check out our review of the best home security systems.