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Nanny Cam Reviews: What’s Happening When You’re Not At Home?

Kid Taking Photo of NannyMany parents are concerned about what happens in their home when they leave their child with a caregiver. Installing a nanny cam can enable parents to monitor their child and caregiver’s activities in the home while the parents are at a remote location. However, not all nanny cams are equal. The following nanny cam reviews evaluate the pros and cons of investing in a few popular nanny cam models.

Nanny Cam Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We review three popular nanny cams, the reviews of which range from dissatisfactory to awesome. They also satisfy different demands and offer a unique selection of features. Take a look and see which one fits the bill for you.

The Good

SVAT CCDCO Mini Indoor CCD Pinhole Camera Kit (Color) (view on Amazon)

The Pinhole camera is designed to be concealed inside other objects, and it can be connected to a television, computer, VCR, or DVR to record footage. The fact that the camera is small and the user can choose how he or she wishes to hide it makes the product more versatile. Other key features include:

  • CCD Technology for Clearer Images
  • Resolution of 420 TV lines
  • Easy, Fast Installation Process
  • Color Images

Nanny Cam reviews were positive across the board as most reviewers report that the product does exactly what it claims. They tout the small size, ease of use, and clear picture quality in addition to the camera’s low price tag.

When it comes to using technology to discretely keep an eye on a babysitter, choosing a pinhole-style camera appears to be a better option. The pinhole design allows users to determine exactly how and where they wish to place the camera. In the case of the SVAT CCDCO Mini Indoor CCD Pinhole Camera, internal technology gives this product an edge over others as users report superior picture quality and the versatility of being able to use an external device for recording purposes.

The Bad (Well, Average)

Mini Wireless Color Nanny Camera (view on Amazon)

A camera that resembles a wireless modem, the Mini Wireless Color Nanny Camera offers the advantage of recording footage in color. Another unique feature is that the manufacturer claims the product has the ability to transmit images through walls.

Reviews of the camera were evenly spread. Several customer reviews indicated difficulty in getting the unit to work properly while some customers were not pleased with the picture quality. Those who thought the product performed well noted that they used the camera away from electronic items that might cause interference, and they typically placed the receiver a relatively short distance away from the setup.

The Ugly

TechTonic Portable Alarm Clock Spy Camera (view on Amazon)

Discretion is key when it comes to hiding a video surveillance device. The TechTonic camera resembles an unassuming alarm clock and would likely blend in easily with household surroundings. Key features include:

  • Motion Detector
  • 12 Hour Battery
  • Remote Control
  • HD Video Resolution
  • Motion Activation

Nanny cam reviews for this item were largely unfavorable, although some users reported a positive experience due to the product’s alarm clock appearance, clear picture quality, and the convenience of motion detected activation. Most of the complaints were focused on the blue indicator light that flashes on the device, possibly making it less discrete and operational difficulties that stem from unclear product instructions. Short battery life was also a common complaint.

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