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Our Family’s Experience with Frontpoint

Living in Utah can give one a false sense of security, especially when there are more churches than bars and you learn that the violent crime rate in your area is almost 4 times less than that of the national average.utah-state-capitol-building-1220751-638x424-e1443108391273

My husband and I have therefore merely relied on locking our doors as our primary method of protection.

We are so advanced.

Unfortunately, even that doesn’t always happen and I’ve woken up multiple mornings to an open garage door or an unlocked basement door.  Obviously we like living life on the edge.

So when our “safe” little neighborhood experienced a string of 6 robberies and break-ins over a 2 week period, we figured it was about time to do something to protect ourselves!

We initially considered buying a gun, but with two small children and two adults who know nothing about how to operate a firearm, we thought better of that. So we started researching security systems and finally landed on Frontpoint.

FrontPoint logoWe chose Frontpoint for numerous reasons. First of all, it was the top rated security system for customer service and satisfaction on multiple websites. Secondly, we really wanted a system that included a camera. Not only would it be cool to catch bad guys in the act, but now I can also make sure my 3 year old and 1 year old aren’t trying to pull any fast ones on us and sneak out at night 🙂

The only downside was the price, as it is one of the more expensive when compared to other systems. Thankfully my husband and I agree that our children’s well-being and our peace of mind is worth $50/month (which is what we spend on a typical dinner any night of the week).

Unfortunately, we waited until the robberies were actually occurring before ordering, so every one of the 14 days it took to get here felt like an eternity.  Note to consumer, just go ahead and order. Don’t wait until you aren’t sleeping at night and every nighttime noise sounds like footsteps and/or a crowbar.

When it arrived, we had a little party dance sesh. Then we got to business.Meredith-Frontpoint-Dance-SeshComplete-Peace-of-MindFrontpoint-Unboxing

Seeing this box was music to my eyes. Boy do they know how to talk dirty. Everything was impeccably organized and numbered, and since it was so simple, we put our 1 year old to work.Baby-with-FrontpointInstallation took a mere 10 minutes to read the instructions and 15 minutes to actually perform. And my husband did it. I’ll tell you, that’s saying a lot considering we hire out the changing of lightbulbs. Thank goodness he’s always impeccably prepared, even if the sensors are just stick-on.Installing-Home-SecurityAlthough there have been ups and downs in our quest for a safer household, we are so glad that we found Frontpoint.  I used to quiver at the thought of a break-in and now I push my chest out and DARE someone to break-in.  Go ahead bad guy, you’ll just be giving me your mugshot and another story to post about!

Update Month 1: Airhead Meets Technology

It’s been a month now and boy has our security system proven to be a great purchase! So far nobody has tried to break in, but  when you make the unfortunate decision to watch “A Walk Among The Tombstones” at bedtime, a security system is a MUST. HAVE.

We double and triple checked to make sure our alarm was set that night and even after googling “Positive quotes” and scrolling through those for an hour, this is still how we slept.

If we can’t see the bad guys, they can’t see us…right?

We did have one false alarm the other morning, and I’m proud to report that it only took me a mere 72 seconds to figure out what that really loud, weird sound was. My stupidity actually came in handy as it taught me another feature of the system…it takes the picture of anyone who disables it! My pic isn’t really that cute…Disable-Image-Capture-1but it’s better than this guy’s.Disable-Image-Capture-2(Who the heck is this?)

Anyway, I sure learned my lesson. I’ll definitely make sure to be wearing a full face of makeup and have my hair brushed before I trip and disable it again 😛

Update Month 3: You Sound Like a Creeper

We’ve been living A Secure Life for over 3 months now and I’m still loving it! Sure, the control panel takes up precious space on my kitchen counter, but with beautiful pics like these to look at, I’m beginning not to mind so much 😛

Frontpoint Security Control PanelFrontpoint Security Control PanelFrontpoint Security Control Panel
It’s only taken me 12 weeks to acclimate to the freaky woman’s voice that whispers to me, “Door slash window is open” every time I open a door. She sounds like a total creeper, but I appreciate that she’s looking out for us. And sadly, I must report that I’m disappointed in our camera. I know it’s an “indoor camera” but I still wish it had the ability to record outdoor footage through a window. Unfortunately we tried that and while it worked during the day (ie we were notified by email EACH. AND. EVERY. TIME. a car drove by), it only recorded it’s reflection at night. Sure it’s a beautiful piece of equipment, but I’d honestly prefer a less vain camera with more useful night vision 😉


It does do a great job inside, however, and I know this because we definitely stalk our kids and babysitter when my husband and I go on dates. It’s really cool, we just login to the app and we can see everything that’s happening in real time. It’s an awesome feature if you ask me, but if you’re looking to “set the mood” on date night, this is how NOT to do it 😉IMG_2164

Update Month 4: Remote access

Have you ever wanted to let someone into your house remotely without disclosing all of your private codes?top-secret-frontpoint

Well, thanks to Frontpoint, we were able to do just that. We were recently out of town (across the whole country) visiting family and I desperately needed a specific confirmation number that I had written down and left in our kitchen. We were scrambling with what to do and then figured out that we can arm and disarm our system remotely…just by using the app on our phone!! Because of this, our lovely neighbor was able to walk right into our house, call us with the info, and walk back out without worrying about codes, a loud alarm going off, and a possible visit from the police.app-frontpoint

This app not only arms and disarms your system, but also detects motion and will alert our phones if there is a breach of any kind. As it turns out, it’ll also send me a text if one of our doors is open for longer than a designated period of time. I learned this after some extensive research which was prompted when I couldn’t find my 18 month old one day and discovered that our front door was open! I ran outside to find her in the front yard all alone, running around and having a blast. Now I may have passed on my “free spirit” to my girls, but that was the single scariest moment of my life and my phone will now alarm if any door is open longer than 1 min. I might get 5 alarms every time I bring home groceries but the peace of mind is definitely worth it.girls-walking-frontpoint

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