Protection 1 Review: Finding Success Through Customer Service

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Protection 1 was purchased by ADT in 2016. We will no longer be updating this post with new information and instead, encourage new customers to read our ADT review. If you are an existing Protection 1 customer, your monitoring service is now covered by ADT monitoring.

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3 out of 5 stars3.0
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2.5 out of 5 stars2.5
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    Protection 1 thrives off its customer service reputation but falls short on equipment and price because of its high equipment costs and limited warranty policy.

    Protection 1 pros and cons

    • Pro BulletGreat customer service reputation
    • Pro BulletIndustry experience
    • Pro BulletProfessional installation available
    • Pro BulletNew self-install optiont
    • Con BulletLimited equipment warranty
    • Con BulletNo DIY installation
    • Con BulletHigh monitoring and equipment costs
    • Con BulletAggressive sales tactics
    • Con BulletCosts more for professional install
    Protection 1 offers professionally monitored security systems for both business and home owners and has been one of the nation’s largest providers of home security since 1988. We took a look at what makes Protection 1 so successful—hint: it's the customer service—and uncovered a few roadblocks as well. We’ll let you in on pricing, equipment offers, and what customers have to say so that you can decide whether Protection 1 is right for you.

    What separates Protection 1 from the competition?

    Protection 1 customer service is renowned across the industry, and it’s the only large-scale home security company with an A+ BBB rating that still uses door-to-door sales tactics, which is pretty incredible considering the negative stigma around door-to-door security sales these days.

    How much do Protection 1 packages cost?

    You can save almost $15 a month if you install the system yourself by choosing the Self-Install package, but it’s nice to know that professional installation is available if you need it—even if it’s more money. Also, if you want features like home automation or video access, you’ll have to step up into a professionally installed monitoring package, which will cost more because of both the added features and the installation cost.

    Protection1 package cost comparison

    Equipment options and features

    Protection 1 offers five different package options, including a Self-Install package, which is basically the same as the Secure+ option but with DIY installation. We recommend upgrading to the Secure+ option or better because it uses cellular monitoring, which is safer than either a broadband or landline connection since your system cannot be disconnected from the monitoring center by cutting your phone line or internet cable.

    Protection1 features comparison

    What Protection 1 customers are saying

    Most customers were impressed by Protection 1’s customer service and sales representatives and mentioned that the Self-Install package was easy to install. Those who had complaints mainly cited inconsistencies between Protection 1’s customer service, sales, and installation teams. Some information was different depending on who the customer was speaking to, so make sure to double- and even triple-check that you’re getting accurate information before signing.

    Positive reviews

    "When I purchased my own home after my ex and I divorced I didn't waste time contacting other residential alarm companies. Instead I went right to Protection1 with whom my ex and I had been for over 10-years (and she remains with them).

    We've always had excellent service... the system operating as it should. And the customer service has always been exceptional. Short if any wait times... polite, courteous and helpful personnel. Just a pleasure to work with.

    If I had any complaints it would be, actually, for my ex who has a panel that is original. It would seem the company would want folks using such older equipment to update/upgrade to the latest and greatest touch panels, etc. It seems to me they should push this out to the customer base. - Mark A., March 18, 2017,

    I love it ! For the first time in years, I can sleep in my bed and not on the couch because of the fear of someone coming into my home and causing harm to my grandsons who live with me. It was very easy to install." - Carla Lewis, March 21, 2017,

    Negative reviews

    "The sales rep and the technician told me I would need completely different things. The sales rep also told me installation would take 2 hours, but it took 5, which created problems with appointments I had scheduled during the day. The technician told me things about the ap and the warranty that differed from what a customer service rep told me on the phone when I later called with questions. Due to damage during installation, I had to have an electrician make repairs, which Protection1 said they would pay for. It has been 3 and a half weeks since I submitted my receipt and I have not gotten confirmation that my refund is being sent. This is absolutely unacceptable." - Erica, March 20, 2017,

    Do we recommend Protection 1?

    Protection 1 is not for everybody. But if you’re looking for a renowned home security company with great customer service and don’t mind paying a little more up front for additional features and installation, Protection 1 is a solid choice to protect your home. We recommend the Secure+ package or higher so you get cellular monitoring. It’s worth the upgrade.

    Are you a Protection 1 customer? Your monthly monitoring may have changed due to ADT’s purchase of Protection 1. Read our full ADT review to find out more.