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LiveWatch and Safemart were acquired by Brinks
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In early 2018, Brinks acquired both LiveWatch and Moni. Current LiveWatch and Moni customers can expect the same equipment and services. However, monitoring plans, pricing, and equipment charges may have changed from when this article was originally written.
This company recently changed its primary national offering from SafeMart (product and service details outlined below) to a new brand called LiveWatch. This change has been a gradual one so the products/services offered have been slowly shifting, confusing many. We are currently working on a new LiveWatch review to offer a clear understanding of what the new brand offers and, thus, is available today. Until then, this article reflects mostly SafeMart offerings but has become a little jumbled too thanks to the not so swift brand transition by the company.
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    Safemart transitioned to LiveWatch in 2014 so this review and ratings are not all that applicable to the new company. Visit our LiveWatch review to read more about the company's current offerings.
    SafeMart is a home security company that offers professional grade home and commercial security solutions. With 30 years of experience, SafeMart offers exclusive access to their plug and protect technology. This unique technology is one reason why SafeMart has been an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies 4 years in a row. Our SafeMart review will cover the products they offer and will help you in deciding if they are the right choice for you.
    • Pro BulletGreat customer service
    • Pro BulletThree central monitoring stations
    • Pro BulletLarge equipment selection
    • Pro BulletA+ rating for BBB
    • Pro BulletInc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies
    • Pro BulletFree tech support
    • Pro BulletCustomizable
    • Con BulletHigher upfront fee
    • Con BulletSelf-install only
    • Con BulletWarranties vary
    • Con BulletLive chat hours are limited to certain times

    Key Features

    Before buying an alarm system you need to know what it does and what makes it stand out from the rest. Below are some of the key features of SafeMart and LiveWatch and some important information you may want to know before purchasing.


    SafeMart focuses on self-installation. When you purchase the items you require for your home security system set up, the equipment is shipped directly to you home. This means that you are either confident in your 'do it yourself' skills or have a preferred contractor who can install the system for you. Many people prefer self-installation for home security systems because it means not giving a stranger access to your home and its contents. It also prevents a stranger who may gain knowledge of the home alarm set up. While security companies hire professionally licensed contractors to do their installations for them, many individuals find this concept a little unsettling.

    Security Equipment Selection

    One of the most significant additions that SafeMart brings to the table is the sheer selection of home security equipment they have available. Rather than focusing on a single name provider of products, SafeMart has products from multiple providers including: GE Security, Honeywell Security, Visonic, and Ademco. Having a wide array of selection allows you to choose from varying companies not only based on their needs, but also based on any loyalty or dislike of a certain brand name.

    Home Security System Personalization

    Getting your home security system through SafeMart means you can select any of the home security features that you require without worrying about 'upgrade fees'. With SafeMart, prices are clearly published for each home security product and additional 'add on' options are available. This level of personalization gives you complete control over your home security system.

    Customer Service

    The SafeMart name is recognized for their impeccable record of customer service. Where many security companies fall short, SafeMart has an expert team of employees who are all specially trained to meet your security needs. Not only are customer service representatives trained to answer questions you may have about your security needs, but they are also trained to provide you with security facts that can help you to make the right choice for your family.

    Three Central Monitoring Stations

    SafeMart has three central monitoring stations located in Manasquan, NJ, Cypress, CA and Longwood, FL. These live watch centers feature uninterrupted power supplies, generators and a UTC Mastermind to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Homes are all accessed via the AT&T/Verizon communication network.

    If you have an existing home security system and are looking only for a monitoring service, contact SafeMart to find out how they can help.

    Monitoring Packages

    SafeMart offers two monitoring packages. Their information is listed below. Also, you can add video to either package for an additional $10/month.

    SafeMart Cellular with Interactive Messaging - $29.95/month

    • Flood, fire, smoke detection 24/7
    • Burglar detection 24/7
    • Wireless communication via Verizon, AT&T, and T Mobile
    • Discount on home insurance up to 20%
    • Fast response time
    • Short commitment

    SafeMart Total Home with Interactive Messaging - $39.95/month $34.95/month for a limited time

    This monitoring package has everything that the previous package has in addition to the following.

    • Arm and disarm your system from iPhone, Android, or computer
    • Text and email alerts for system events
    • Crash & Smash technology
    • Control lights, locks, and thermostat from smartphone or computer
    • Wireless image sensor technology
    • 'No-show' alerts to tell you if your kids make it home safe
    • Location based alerts
    • Severe weather alerts
    • Lifestyle scheduling to trigger items in your home to go on or off like lights, locks, or your thermostat

    SafeMart Service Options

    SafeMart has many service options available. Here is a list of the different items SafeMart has to offer you.

    Alarm Systems

    • Wireless Home Security
    • Wired Burglar Alarms
    • Wireless Accessories
    • Wired Alarm Accessories
    • Apartment and Dorm Security

    Home Monitoring

    • Alarm System Monitoring
    • VOIP Alarm Monitoring
    • LiveWatch Home Monitoring

    Camera Security

    • Security Cameras
    • Security Camera Monitoring

    Home Automation

    • Home Automation Devices
    • Home Automation Services

    Business Security

    • Wireless Security Systems
    • Business Alarm Monitoring

    The SafeMart Low Price Guarantee

    SafeMart also offers a low price guarantee. According to SafeMart's guarantee, they will match any legitimate competitor's online price for items that they sell. If SafeMart cannot match that price then they will offer a voucher for 12 months of alarm monitoring service free of charge. There are a few provisions to this policy such as auction sites not being valid competitors, but overall it's a great example of the confidence that SafeMart has.

    Is SafeMart the Right Solution For Your Home Security Needs?

    SafeMart offers a wide array of products and services, but before committing to any of these it is important to ensure that SafeMart is the right solution for you. If you are looking for a full installation of a home security system because you have no knowledge of electronics then SafeMart is not the solution you are looking for. If however, you are willing to learn as you go or if you already have knowledge of electronics or home security then SafeMart is a great choice for you. SafeMart is also a good home security solution if you are only looking for a monitoring company to monitor your existing alarm system.

    Visit our security systems comparison page to compare the newer LiveWatch system to other top rated companies in the industry. If you are not looking for a DIY home alarm make sure to take a look at some of the other home alarm companies we have reviewed to find the right fit for your needs.