suretyCAM Review: Keeping Ohio Secure?

suretyCAM has a great reputation and they perform well. Where they need improvement is the equipment warranty and the fact that they aren't available in the entire U.S.
Our rating:
3.8 out of 5.0
3.8 out of 5 stars3.8
Security Performance
4.5 out of 5 stars4.5
Customer Service & Reputation
3.8 out of 5 stars3.8
Equipment Quality
4 out of 5 stars4.0
Equipment Warranty
2 out of 5 stars2.0
Ability To Relocate
4 out of 5 stars4.0
Home Automation
4.5 out of 5 stars4.5

    SuretyCAM is still a relatively small home security company. Their security and automation packages are only available in central Ohio. SuretyCam's DIY solutions, called suretyDIY, are available in the entire U.S., except for Florida. A quick Google search for suretyCAM reviews will reveal that this company is known for its customer service. They backed this reputation up and did a great job of answering my mystery shopping questions on 5 different phone calls I made to them. From what I've learned, they try to understand your needs so that you get the system you want.

    However, it's difficult to find information on this company. There is practically zero information out there about suretyCAM and suretyDIY unless it's from the company itself. Also, the information below is both about suretyCAM and suretyDIY combined giving the confusing nature of their website (interlinking both services). We try our best to sift through this surety mess for you!

    SuretyCAM pros and cons

    • Pro BulletDoes an assessment of your home to recommend the system that is right for you
    • Pro BulletHardens your door and windows (for example fitting better doors, windows and locks)
    • Pro BulletGeo services - uses your smartphone's GPS and the system's installed motion sensors to allow your home to adjust automatically based on your location
    • Pro BulletGood customer service (live chat, phone and email)
    • Pro BulletNo contracts for the DIY
    • Pro BulletContinues to function up to 24+ hours after the power goes out
    • Pro BulletUL listed, IQ certified and CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association) 5 diamond rated central station
    • Pro BulletPlatform works wirelessly through advanced GSM cell phone towers to maintain a dedicated and secure connection
    • Pro BulletReturn/exchange equipment within 30 days of purchase
    • Con BulletActivation fees
    • Con BulletOnly a 1 year warranty
    • Con BulletSecurity and automation systems only serve central Ohio (not available in Cleveland or Cincinnati)
    • Con BulletNot available in Florida

    What are the key features of SuretyCAM?

    2GIG equipment - suretyCAM uses equipment manufactured by 2GIG. 2GIG was launched in 2007 and makes good quality residential security and home automation equipment. They have received awards for their popular Go!Control system - is used to connect your home platform with interactive, Internet enabled software services. This makes it possible for your home to be more secure, automated and controlled. Many home security companies rely on for their software and services. Learn more about on our app page. You can also search itself for other companies that are licensed to use their service.

    Wellness Package - This is a monitoring package that includes a medical alert button. These are most commonly used by the elderly and people with certain injuries or illnesses.

    suretyCAM review: what customers think

    Find out what suretyCAM customers think of their experience. We've got a couple who love it and a couple who aren't so fond of it. Hopefully these customers' reviews will help you decide if suretyCAM is for you.

    Positive reviews

    "These guys know what they are talking about. They were able to answer all of my questions and design a great, affordable home security/automation system. They've been just as helpful even after the sale." -Nick A., Yelp 1/18/2014

    "They were understanding and patient and professional. They installed an alarm and automation system that we have added a wellness package to, so that our kids and grandchildren can keep an eye on our house and help us stay independent at home. Highly recommend the entire company." -Betty, Home Advisor 3/13/2014

    Negative reviews

    We were unable to find any negative reviews.

    DIY options

    suretyCAM offers two DIY options known as suretyDIY. The DIY options are available in all states except Florida. There are also add-ons for the DIY packages. DIY packages can be monitored by suretyCam or self monitored by having the system alert your smartphone when triggered.

    DIY Basic Interactive

    This DIY monitoring option costs $14.95/month, If you'd like 24/7 central station monitoring, the price goes up to $22.95/month. There is also a $19.95 activation fee regardless of which monitoring option you choose.

    • Crash & Smash protection
    • Works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    • Instant notifications
    • Control your system remotely
    • Geo location services
    • Security monitoring for all sensors

    DIY Gold Interactive

    Gold Interactive costs $19.95/month for DIY monitoring and $27.95/month for SuretyCam 24/7 central station monitoring. There is a $19.95 activation fee. This package contains everything from the Basic Interactive as well as the following.

    • Sensor activity monitoring for 10 sensors
    • Image motion detectors for 40 events/month
    • Thermostat, door lock, garage door and lighting automation
    • Z-wave control
    • Lutron RadioRA 2 & Homeworks QS*
    • Wireless 2 way voice
    • Severe weather alerts
    • Weather to panel

    *Lutron RadioRA 2 & Homeworks QS are other home automation options in addition to Z-wave home automation. didn't support Lutron equipment until around 2013.

    Add-Ons available

    Below are some add-ons available for the DIY options. However, not all options below are available for both the Basic and Gold packages.

    • Video monitoring
    • Extra storage for video monitoring
    • Arming schedules
    • Extra sensor activity monitoring (Gold only)
    • Smart energy management (Gold only)
    • Wellness home health monitoring (Gold only)
    • Extra image sensor events (Gold only)

    Monitoring Plans and Pricing

    There are three monitoring plans available from suretyCAM. These are only available in central Ohio.

    Basic Cellular

    The Basic Cellular plan costs $27.99/month or $29.99/month with free equipment. The features included in this package are listed below.

    • 24/7 alarm monitoring
    • Wireless - doesn't need a landline

    Home automation uses emPower, a home automation and energy management solution built on suretyCAM's platform, to give you remote control of the systems in your home with any Internet enabled device. This package costs either $32.99/month or $33.99/month with free equipment. The Home Automation Monitoring Plan includes everything from the Basic Cellular package in addition to the following:

    • Crash & Smash protection
    • Remote access
    • Real time notifications
    • Arm and disarm your system remotely
    • Reminders to arm and disarm your system
    • Severe weather alerts
    • GPS location services
    • Two way voice
    • Home automation
    • Save on your energy bill
    • Door lock access control
    • Garage door remote control

    Video automation

    Video Automation is the most exclusive monitoring package offered by suretyCAM. This package costs $37.99/month or $39.99/month with free equipment and includes everything in the Home Automation package as well as the features listed below.

    • Watch live video remotely
    • Records video to the Cloud
    • Instant video notifications

    What's your experience with SuretyCam?

    Have you used suretyCAM or suretyDIY? Do you like/ hate them?