Swann Security Review: Multichannel Security for Every Price Point

Swann ranks among the world’s largest producers of do-it-yourself home security equipment. Swann manufactures its own surveillance equipment and sells it directly on its website or through other affiliate outlets, like Amazon. All Swann security cameras and camera systems fall under the do-it-yourself category, so if you’re looking to purchase your equipment upfront and don’t want professional monitoring, Swann security should definitely cross your radar before you make a decision. I dug into what sets Swann apart from other security equipment providers to give you a better idea whether or not Swann fits your security needs.

  • Pro BulletDozens of camera system options
  • Pro BulletMultichannel DVR & NVR systems
  • Pro BulletDIY install and monitoring
  • Pro BulletUp to 4K resolution for high-end systems
  • Pro BulletVarying systems for all price points
  • Pro BulletUp to 100 ft of powerful HD night vision
  • Pro BulletiOS and Android compatibility
  • Pro BulletNo contracts
  • Pro BulletExternal hard drive support
  • Pro BulletUp to 4TB local storage
  • Con BulletNo professionally monitored options
  • Con BulletHigh price tag for more sophisticated systems

What stands out about Swann security?

Swann offers a wide variety of security camera solutions ranging from single camera units to full-blown 24-channel DVR & NVR camera systems. It offers something for every budget and security need. I like that Swann manufactures its own equipment so that there’s no middleman between you and the manufacturer. If you experience any kind of problem with Swann equipment, you can contact the company directly for assistance. However, Swann’s customer service has historically received low reviews.

One thing to note, Swann does not offer professionally monitored security systems, so you’ll have to monitor your system yourself—which we usually don’t recommend. However, if you don’t need professional monitoring, Swann has an impressive catalog of DIY equipment to choose from.

How much does a Swann security system cost?

A Swann security system costs about as much as you want it to. Swann’s diverse product portfolio means you can spend as little as $150 on a basic 4-channel system or up to $2,300 for a full-blown 16-channel 4K ultra HD system with all the bells and whistles. It’s really up to you because Swann has something for everyone. Here’s a look at a few multichannel system price ranges to give you an idea:

Swann security equipment options

Swann security offers a full range of home security surveillance products. Some of Swann’s higher-end security equipment—like the full 1080p, multichannel camera systems—have received great user reviews. Single camera and sensor reviews vary widely in customer feedback, usability, and quality. So you’re pretty safe if you want something a little more robust, but I’d do some more homework on any single piece of equipment before you commit to purchasing. Take a look at a few of Swann’s equipment category offerings:

  • CCTV recording and cameras
  • Video doorbells
  • Wireless and IP cameras
  • Alarms and sensors
  • Video drones

See a full list of Swann equipment available on Amazon.


SwannOne is a mobile app made by Swann that allows you to connect and control your Swann security and smart devices using your smartphone or tablet. Check out how SwannOne gives you more access to your system:

  • Create and activate Home, Away, or Night mode settings
  • Check in on your property with live video streaming
  • Control lights and smart appliances
  • Monitor and manage energy usage
  • Receive motion detection and other alarm triggering notifications
woman looking at smart phone

Our experience with Swann

Swann’s website design makes it easy to filter through its equipment offerings and prices. It almost feels like a mini-Amazon for security surveillance equipment. Swann offers a smooth buying process and is semi-responsive to customer feedback and criticism on third-party review sites.

Each Swann product will offer a different experience since Swann’s inventory is so vast, but based on my experience, I’d do a little extra digging to see what other users report before committing to any single Swann camera.

What are customers saying about Swann security?

Many Swann users report negative experiences with the customer service department, stating they experienced long wait times and disconnections without satisfactory explanations. Positive reviews focus mainly on equipment functionality and usability.


“I have purchased many CCTV system from Swann and all worked fine A fantastic camera resolution and easy to configure . DVR you do not need to be very smart to do all its very basic. its as it says on the tin. Thanks” — Layth A., October 15, 2016, trustpilot.com


“I brought Swann camera security And it has been nothing but trouble from day one ,I have contacted there customer service who don’t understand you but any way after a while got to take the cameras in to be fixed and No change still stuffed I have been telling them it s the DVR But no they don’t listen You would think after so called trying to fix my problem they would have my file there but No got to start again I was listening to there CEO from Swann on radio on 3aw last Saturday left a message for him to ring me nothing So much for the best product in cameras I think there policy is not to get back to customer s I bought this product on 19/12/2016 in another 6 months it will be out of warranty.” —Steve Natoli, June 19, 2017, trustpilot.com

Would I recommend Swann Security?

It depends. If you’re looking for a DIY security camera system—especially a multichannel system—you might consider Swann security. Swann offers a wide variety of cameras and other security products at just about every price point, and some of the higher-end equipment has received great user reviews. Just keep in mind that Swann’s customer service doesn’t have the greatest track record, so monitoring and installation might not be the only things you’ll have to do yourself.

Not sure if Swann is right for you? Check out SimpliSafe as an alternative DIY home security system. You can self-monitor your system or pay for professional monitoring without a contract. If you’re just looking for quality security cameras to add to your home, we’ve compiled a list of the best security cameras that might help you find what you need.