TELUS SmartHome Security Review

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Plan: Starts* at $32.00/mo.
Pro Bullet Bundle discounts
Pro Bullet 30-day money-back guarantee
Con Bullet Required contract
Con Bullet Termination fee after 30 days
The bottom line

TELUS is one of Canada’s most comprehensive home security companies, serving every province and offering smart home security options with flexible pricing.

*Starting price for professional monitoring with TELUS bundle discount(s).

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You may know TELUS as the fastest network in Canada, but after acquiring both ADT Canada and Vivint Canada, TELUS stands out as a home security leader as well. TELUS SmartHome Security delivers premier monitoring, broad equipment options, and pro or DIY installation—plus, TELUS includes its online security services with every plan (that means you’re protected in cyberspace and in real life).

On the face of it, TELUS is on the higher end when it comes to monthly monitoring prices—but you can get a break if you’re already a TELUS customer. And TELUS is old-school when it comes to contracts, requiring a mandatory three- or five-year commitment. But the upside of the contract is that all customers get $1,400 worth of equipment included with no upfront equipment cost—that means you don’t have to come up with hundreds of dollars out of pocket to get started.

Pros and cons of TELUS SmartHome Security

  • Pro BulletCanada-wide coverage
  • Pro Bullet30-day money-back guarantee
  • Pro BulletProfessional or DIY installation
  • Pro BulletDiscounts for bundling TELUS services
  • Pro BulletOptional Guard Response
  • Pro BulletAffordable self-monitoring options
  • Pro BulletExcellent smart home compatibility
  • Pro BulletOnline security with every plan
  • Con BulletLong-term contracts
  • Con BulletPricey monitoring without a bundle

TELUS SmartHome Security cost

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

TELUS SmartHome Security Plans

TELUS SmartHome Security lets you pick between 24/7 professional monitoring and keeping tabs on your security system yourself. Self-monitoring saves you money, but it sacrifices the extra reassurance of trained professionals watching your home around the clock.

Self-monitored plans

You have two options for self-monitoring: Smart Camera and Smart Automation Plus. The main difference is that Smart Camera lets you monitor only security cameras. Smart Automation Plus takes it to the next level, letting you monitor devices like a smart thermostat, smart plugs, or a smart garage door opener on top of security cameras.

Professionally-monitored plans

There are technically four options if you want professional monitoring. The main differences come down to whether or not you also want home automation or video monitoring included. Secure is TELUS’s entry-level monitoring plan that includes equipment like door and window sensors and motion detectors. Control covers those basic security sensors plus gives you control over smart home devices. You can add security camera monitoring to either plan for an additional $10 per month.

Discounts for bundling TELUS services

It pays to bundle with TELUS.

  • Save $5/mo. when you add TELUS SmartHome Security to TELUS Internet, TV, and Home Phone services.
  • TELUS Mobility and Koodo customers save even more—$10/mo. when you add a security plan.

NOTE: The Smart Camera Plan isn’t eligible for the discount.

TELUS Online Security included

Every TELUS plan includes online security. With the self-monitored plans, you get TELUS Online Security Basic, which delivers device protection, dark web monitoring, and a secure VPN for up to two devices. With pro monitoring plans you can protect up to three devices, and you get an upgrade to TELUS Online Security Standard, which includes extras like antivirus software and ID theft protection.

Optional Guard Response

We love this add-on service that bolsters your home’s security with certified guards who can be dispatched to your home to verify an intrusion alarm. This is an extra service that can help assess when a triggered alarm represents a true threat or is a false alarm. On top of avoiding false alarm fees, some municipalities require alarm verification before dispatching police. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect with Guard Response:

  • Comprehensive patrol of the exterior of the home and surrounding grounds.
  • Identification of any people discovered on the premises.
  • Inspection of any vehicles found on site.
  • Police dispatch in coordination with TELUS monitoring station and homeowner, if applicable.
  • Guard may remain on site as per homeowner request.

It’s important to note that Guard Response does not replace police services. It is also dispatched only to verify intrusion alarms. Fire, flood, and other environmental alarms don’t trigger Guard Response. While Guard Response is available in most Canadian municipalities, some locations may not be covered. Be sure to check with TELUS about availability if you want to add Guard Response to your home security system services.

You won’t be charged for the first four dispatches in a rolling 12-month period. If you have more than four Guard Response dispatches in that time period, you may be charged a fee for additional dispatches.

TELUS contracts

TELUS plans come with a three-year contract, which has been the security industry standard for years—but it’s not your only option with TELUS. The company also offers a five-year term that comes with bonus savings. Still, that’s a big commitment, especially when there are contract-free options out there like Ring Alarm and ThinkPro.

Savings with a five-year contract

You can opt for a five-year contract with the Secure and Control plans, which will save you $5 a month on your monitoring fees. If you’re also eligible for bundling discounts, you could get as much as $20 off your monthly bill.

TELUS SmartHome Security warranty

As long as you’re a subscriber, the TELUS warranty covers all your equipment, which includes replacing defective devices. Knowing that your equipment is covered can make it easier to commit to a long-term contract because you won’t be on the hook for equipment problems throughout the life of your contract.

TELUS SmartHome Security cancellation fees

You can try out a TELUS SmartHome Security System risk-free for 30 days. Make sure you mark that deadline on your calendar because when those 30 days are up, you’ll need to pay a cancellation fee.

The good news is that TELUS’s cancellation fees are more generous than other home security companies. It’s standard to get charged anywhere from 70% to 100% of the remainder of your contract, but TELUS uses flat-rate fees that are far easier to swallow:

  • Smart Camera and Smart Automation Plus plans: The cancellation fee is $10 for each month remaining on your contract.
    • If you have 12 months left in your contract, your cancellation fee is $120.
  • Secure and Control plans: This fee is $35 for each month remaining on your contract (including video plans).
    • If you have 12 months left on your contract, your cancellation fee is $420.00.

TELUS SmartHome Security equipment

Instead of prescribed equipment packages, TELUS SmartHome Security lets you decide which equipment best meets your home security needs. All plans (except Smart Camera) include basics like a control panel, motion sensor, and entry sensors. Depending on your plan, you can add a specified number of security cameras, sensors, and automation devices without paying extra.

No upfront equipment cost

All TELUS SmartHome Security plans include $1,400 worth of home security equipment with no out-of-pocket equipment cost.

If you want to go beyond the number of devices included in your plan, you can add on even more equipment—but you will pay more. Add-on devices can be rolled into your monthly fee or you can pay for them upfront. And we really like that TELUS lets you see exactly how much your monthly cost will grow before you commit.

There’s no bait-and-switch with TELUS—you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it costs. Best of all, TELUS offers very competitive equipment pricing, making it among the most affordable home security equipment in Canada.

Security and safety sensors

  • Window and Door Sensor ($35)
  • Motion Sensor ($70)
  • Glass Break Sensor ($75)
  • Flood Sensor ($75)
  • Smart Smoke Sensor ($75)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector ($110)

Smart home devices

  • Smart Light Bulb ($30)
  • Smart Plug - Appliance ($60)
  • Smart Plug - Lamp ($60)
  • Smart Garage Door Opener ($140)
  • Smart Thermostat ($180)
  • Smart Lock ($230)

Security cameras

  • Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera ($200)
  • Slimline Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera ($230)
  • ​​Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera ($280)
Take Note
Returning equipment if you cancel

All equipment you buy outright when you order a system is yours to keep. You only need to return equipment that's financed as part of your monthly contract.

TELUS customer service

TELUS has been voted Canada’s most trusted alarm service in BrandSpark’s 2022 Canadian Trust Study. The study reflects the opinions of nearly 8,000 Canadians in regard to what brands they trust the most and why. With half a dozen ways for customers to get the help they need, it’s easy to see why Canadians trust TELUS to help them protect what matters most.

How to contact TELUS support

All online services and technical support are available 24/7. For account and billing questions, you can reach someone at the same phone number Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

TELUS mobile app

The TELUS SmartHome mobile app helps you control or check in on your TELUS SmartHome Security System from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection you can monitor your home in real time. The app is available for both Android and iOS.  Here’s how customers rate the TELUS SmartHome mobile app:

  • 4.5 stars in the App Store (7.3K ratings)
  • 3.6 stars on Google Play (1.15K reviews)

Is TELUS SmartHome Security right for you?

We think TELUS SmartHome Security is a great fit for customers looking for comprehensive home security with flexible pricing and installation options. With the recent acquisition of ADT and Vivint, TELUS SmartHome Security offers the widest selection of security services to customers across Canada. We like that you get the reassurance and reputation of three well-respected companies in one.

While we don’t love long-term contracts, we appreciate the value of including a sizable chunk of equipment with no out-of-pocket payment needed. And even though there is a fee for cancelling early, it’s not nearly as steep as some other home security companies.

Thanks to flexible pricing and contract options, TELUS SmartHome Security can be a great fit for both existing and new TELUS customers. We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of the bundling discounts available (you can save up to $15 a month). When you look at everything TELUS offers, we recommend TELUS SmartHome Security as one of the best options for high quality home security in Canada.