Vector Security Review: Excellent Equipment & Questionable Customer Service

Vector Security provides excellent equipment and technology with its and 2GIG options but struggles to offer a consistent customer experience. The lack of transparent pricing and a negative online user experience contribute to the poor customer experience many users report. However, Vector Security does respond to negative customer feedback quickly and efficiently, which shows that it's actively trying to improve the experience it provides.

Our rating:
3.4 out of 5.0
3.4 out of 5 stars3.4
Customer service & reputation
2.8 out of 5 stars2.8
2.5 out of 5 stars2.5
4.2 out of 5 stars4.2
Technology & usability
4 out of 5 stars4.0
Security performance
3.5 out of 5 stars3.5
    • Pro Bullet24/7 customer support
    • Pro BulletSystem relocation service available if you move
    • Pro BulletProfessional installation
    • Pro and 2GIG equipment
    • Con BulletPoor online presence and transparency
    • Con BulletPotentially complicated relocation process
    • Con BulletNo DIY installation
    • Con BulletConsultation appointments for pricing information

    Working with authorized dealers, Vector Security has provided regional home security and automation solutions throughout eastern, midwestern, and southern states for over 40 years. Vector Security offers professional installation and monitoring for its and 2GIG equipment packages, which puts it on par with bigger national players like ADT or Frontpoint from an equipment standpoint.

    But good equipment alone does not make a great home security system. In this review I’ll cover how Vector Security performs in terms of customer service, price, equipment, and more.

    Vector Security areas of service

    This map shows areas that Vector Security covers with its home security service. Vector also has branch locations in the following areas:

    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Louisiana
    • Maryland
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • North Carolina
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • Texas
    • Virginia

    How much do Vector Security systems cost?

    Vector Security keeps its pricing behind a consultation wall. This means you’ll have to call and set up an appointment for someone to give you a pricing quote on your home. Up-front and monthly prices can vary depending on the type of system you want, which features you choose, and what additional equipment (like lights, door locks, or cameras) you add to your system.

    Because of Vector’s lack of transparency with pricing and terms, I had to gather information based on customer feedback comments on third-party review sites. Here’s what current Vector customers have shared about pricing and term conditions:

    Keep in mind that because Vector Security is a regional company that uses authorized dealers, price quotes may vary by area as well. You’ll want to get an accurate quote from a Vector authorized dealer.

    Get a Price Quote

    Equipment packages

    Vector uses and 2GIG Technologies equipment, which is the same equipment that many big-name national providers use because it’s easy-to-use and high quality. Take a look and see what each equipment package has to offer:

    SecurityCare Plus

    SecurityCare Plus is Vector Security’s extended warranty plan that allows you to opt in and get the following benefits:

    • Extended warranty which includes equipment repair and replacement.
    • Free system inspection
    • Free battery replacement services
    • Free system move

    What are customers saying about Vector Security?

    Feedback from Vector customers varies greatly. Many users have expressed frustration over the sales process and lack of transparency with pricing and contract terms. But that’s fairly common among companies that use an authorized dealer model.

    Vector also tends to be pretty responsive to online reviews, which shows that it’s aware of its customers and making strides to improve the service it provides.

    Positive reviews

    "The security service has been excellent. The equipment has not totally lived up to expectations. Several sensors have failed, one resulting in a false call to police and the outside cameras have periodic clarity and sensitivity issues. Vector has been prompt in responding to service calls when requested.." - Henrico VA, October 13, 2017,

    "The best alarm company I have ever had. Punctual and professional courtesy service. Whenever there is an alarm monitoring station gets back to me in under a minute. Rates are very reasonable. Up to the present time they have an impeccable record and I will not hesitate to recommended them." - Patrick P., August 8, 2017,

    Negative reviews

    "The service man that came to replace my battery was excellent. Service over the phone not so good. I was getting this low battery warning and was given instructions how to stop it when the alarm sounded. My appointment to replace battery was delayed and the alarm kept going off. I asked service people on phone if I could stop the alarm until someone could replace battery and was told you just can do it when it goes off. Not so according to service man. I had to put up with the damn alarm going off sometimes at night for two weeks and it was totally unnecessary! Service person on phone should have given me instruction to shut alarm off.

    8/30/17 Update

    "Wow, someone really reads these things. Not only did I see the written response, but I got a call from the local manager. I am more than satisfied with the final outcome. Thanks Vertor!" -Daniel & Anna B., August 29/30, 2017,

    "They will breeze past it in their sales pitch, but Vector will lock you into long-term (3+ years) contracts, that then auto-renew for a YEAR at a time. Cancelling is an extremely burdensome process that cannot be done directly online, over the phone, or even in person. You have to submit a written statement more than 30 days ahead of the contract expiration, or they are charging you for an entire extra YEAR. They absolutely will NOT work with you to shorten a contract under any circumstances, even for military on orders. They say on their website that this is "standard across the industry" is not. Their customer service is extremely hit or miss. Sometimes it is fine, others it is brutal with rude, unhelpful people. Stay away from this company. There is no reason to lock yourself into their ridiculous contracts." -Brian W., September 25, 2017,

    Would I recommend Vector Security?

    Vector security is a reasonable regional home security alternative to bigger companies like ADT or Frontpoint. It offers the same and 2GIG equipment and responds to customer feedback in a useful and timely fashion online. That being said, Vector Security’s website can be difficult to navigate, and there’s not a lot of specific information readily available, so don’t expect to get transparent pricing up front without a consultation or conversation with a sales agent.