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Vivint vs. ADT | Compare Security Giants


Vivint and ADT are two of the most popular security companies out there. In most situations, Vivint’s got ADT beat, but it’s not perfect for everyone. Below you can dig into how Vivint and ADT compare so you can pick the one that works for you.

Comparison table

Lowest monitoring cost$29.99/mo.$27.99/mo.**
Installation & activation fees$99$99
Contract lengthNo contract* or 42, 60 mo.36 mo.
Home automation ratingCutting-edgeStandard
Learn moreView plansView plans
Lowest monitoring cost
Installation & activation fees
Contract length
Home automation rating
Learn more
$29.99/mo. $27.99/mo.**
$99 $99
No contract* or 42, 60 mo. 36 mo.
Cutting-edge Standard
View plans View plans

Data effective 11/29/2018. Offers and availability subject to change.
*Vivint’s contract-free option requires that you purchase all your equipment up front.
**ADT’s entry-level package offers only landline monitoring while Vivint’s base package includes cellular monitoring. If you want cellular monitoring from ADT, it will cost at least $49.99 per month.


Vivint is less expensive than ADT if you look at monitoring costs—particularly if you want a plan that supports video monitoring or home automation integration. When compared to ADT, Vivint’s plans give you more features at a lower price point.

  • Vivint monitoring plans: $29.99 to $49.99 per month
  • ADT monitoring plans: $27.99 to $59.99 per month

But ADT is usually less expensive than Vivint for equipment. Protect Your Home, the ADT Premier Provider we recommend, includes an essential equipment kit at no extra cost, which could mean hundreds of dollars in savings. If you choose Vivint, you have to either pay for equipment up front or spread out the cost of equipment by paying extra each month (on top of the monitoring price).

Features and equipment


Vivint equipment


ADT equipment

ADT and Vivint both offer high-end security features like smartphone control and home automation integration, but those features cost more through ADT.

Vivint also leads the industry when it comes to equipment, but ADT isn’t far behind. Vivint has an edge because it designs and offers a lot of its own equipment—even smart home devices.

ADT uses equipment made by third parties like Alarm.com and Honeywell. The third-party equipment isn’t quite as impressive as Vivint’s proprietary gear, but Alarm.com and Honeywell both make reliable and easy-to-use equipment.

ASL Insider Tip

Pro Tip

One thing to note: Vivint offers a larger selection of equipment than ADT, especially if you’re looking for cameras or home automation devices.

Customer service

ADT and Vivint are both ahead of their competitors when it comes to customer service.

ADT and Vivint are both ahead of their competitors when it comes to customer service. Both companies offer 24/7 support over the phone and through chat. ADT also offers email support.

The differences between the two companies mostly come down to installation, contracts, trial period, and cancellation.

  • Installation: Both companies professionally install your equipment and help you understand how it works, but our preferred ADT provider, Protect Your Home, can usually install your system within 24 to 48 hours of your phone call. It’ll take longer to get a Vivint installation scheduled.
  • Contracts: Vivint gives you more flexibility by offering a no-contract option if you pay for your equipment up front. ADT requires you to sign a contract no matter what. However, if you do sign a Vivint contract, it will be longer than the contract required by ADT.
  • Trial period: Vivint gives you a three-day trial period, while ADT offers an unrivaled six-month trial period.
  • Cancellation: ADT has one of the most lenient cancellation policies in the security industry. If you cancel your ADT contract, you have to pay 75% of your remaining balance. Vivint, on the other hand, requires 100%.

Our recommendation

ASL Insider Tip

ADT and Vivint both offer you quality equipment and dependable security monitoring, but in most cases we recommend Vivint because you get more features for your money.

If you’re looking for a contract-free option or lots of home automation support, Vivint’s the company for you. You can get a system with or without a contract, use your phone to check on your home, and choose from a great selection of high-end equipment. To learn more about Vivint, read our full review.

If want a super fast system setup or a set of starter equipment, you’re probably best off with ADT. It has tons of security experience and some of the most reliable monitoring in the industry. Check out our full review to learn more about ADT’s plans.

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