The Best Samsung SmartThings Compatible Devices of 2020

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Samsung SmartThings is a well-rounded and versatile smart hub that helps you automate your home. The possibilities with it are (nearly) endless because it connects with smart home devices in so many different ways.

The SmartThings hub is compatible with Z-Wave devices, Zigbee devices, and anything that communicates over a Wi-Fi network. That opens up all kinds of options to connect devices with your hub.

Here are some of the best SmartThings devices, from multicolor LED light strips to Bluetooth-enabled door locks.


SmartThings-compatible smart bulbs

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Philips Hue Bloom

The SmartThings hub is compatible with Philips Hue lights—among our picks for best smart lights—including the very fun Philips Hue Bloom.

The Bloom is a smart table lamp with millions of colors and shades of white light, so you can adjust the ambiance in your house to whatever suits you best from the Philips Hue app, Alexa, or Google Home. You can also set the Bloom to sync with films and music, making it a natural fit for family movie night.

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Sengled LED Multicolor Light Strip

The Sengled LED Multicolor Light Strip is just that: a strip of LEDs that you can put anywhere, on the wall behind your couch or underneath your kitchen cabinets, to add a bit of ambience to a room.

Controlled by the Sengled app, Alexa, Google Assistant, it dims, brightens, and has 16 million colors to choose from so you can make things nice and cozy after work or a little more festive on the weekend.

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Sylvania Smart+ Adjustable LED Bulb

If you’re looking for something a little less colorful, the SmartThings hub is also compatible with Sylvania Smart+ Bulbs. The adjustable LED bulb is a great fit for everyday use and lets you change the color temperature from soft white to bright white with the Sylvania app, Alexa, or Google Home.

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SmartThings-compatible cameras

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Arlo Q

Most Arlo cameras are compatible with SmartThings, including the Arlo Q. The Q is a solid indoor camera with crisp HD video and enhanced night vision. It also keeps motion- and audio-triggered events in the cloud for up to seven days at no cost—a great value if you want to keep an eye on your home when you’re at work or on vacation.

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Ring Floodlight Camera

If you’ve ever found yourself at your front door at night digging for buried keys in your tote bag, consider the Ring Floodlight Camera. It’s a heavy-duty, hardwired security camera with two super bright LED lights that are 1,500 lumens each—compare that to a typical indoor light, which is usually around 800 lumens. It also has a siren you can activate remotely to scare off potential intruders.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Many of Ring’s connected devices work with SmartThings, including the versatile Ring Video Doorbell Pro. It’s easy to install, can be wired or wireless, and lets you create customizable motion sensors so you can keep an eye on vulnerable spots. Plus, you can watch live video from the Ring app.

>>Who’s there? Read our full review of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

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SmartThings-compatible thermostats

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The Ecobee4 is a smart thermostat that learns your habits and adjusts accordingly. We especially like its thoughtful, user-friendly design. The thermostat keeps track of the humidity level in your house—plus, it comes with a bonus remote temperature sensor that keeps the temperature where it needs to be in rooms that run hot or cold.

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Looking for more integration between your SmartThings hub and your smart devices?
Our Choice

 Try the SmartThings Community. Think of it as a SmartThings forum that answers questions and offers tips and tricks to help you get the most out of both your hub and its connected devices.

Honeywell Lyric T5

The SmartThings-compatible Honeywell Lyric T5 manages the temperature in your humble abode with geofencing based on the local weather. It’s multifunctional too: if geofencing isn’t your thing, you can create a seven-day heating and cooling schedule that works for you instead.

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Stelpro Maestro

The Stelpro Maestro is a rare connected device specifically made for homes with electric baseboards, connectors, or fan heaters. It uses geofencing to detect when you’re home or away, keeps track of your energy consumption, and adjusts the temperature when it senses you’ve opened a window.

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SmartThings-compatible smart door locks

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Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave

The Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave is a key-free door lock that lets you lock and unlock your door from virtually anywhere. Its touchscreen keypad makes sure you won’t get locked out if your phone is dead, and it lets you create up to 250 unique PIN codes—that’s plenty for you, your in-laws, and your BFF.

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Schlage Connect Zigbee

The Schlage Connect Zigbee is an easy-to-install door lock that lets you control your front door from the comfort of a mobile app or with voice commands through Alexa.

You can also create up to 30 different access codes to share with your friends and family so they’ll be able to let themselves in if they get to your place before you’re home.

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August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro gives you total access to your front door from an app, whether you’re down the street or on the other side of the continent. All August locks come with a door sensor that lets you know whether your door is locked or unlocked and opened, ajar, or closed.

The August Door Lock Pro also lets you keep track of who comes and goes, so you can make sure your neighbor didn’t forget to water your plants.

>>Lock it down. Read our review of the August Smart Lock Pro.

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SmartThings + Scout Home Security

If you’re looking for a sense of security, Scout Home offers a month-to-month monitoring service that you can add to your SmartThings hub. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month for self-monitoring and $19.99 per month for professional monitoring. We recommend springing for the professional plan so you have a monitoring center responding to alarms when you’re not around.

Keep in mind that although you can add Scout Home monitoring to your SmartThings hub, Scout’s monitoring equipment won’t be compatible. If you’re looking for something more thorough, we recommend one of our picks for the best home security system.

What SmartThings isn’t compatible with

Fortunately, SmartThings is compatible with most smart device brands, thanks to its Z-Wave and Zigbee compatibility. But there are still a few well-known brands that can’t be integrated with the SmartThings hub.

The biggest one is Nest. Nest offers a lot of high-quality, good-looking connected devices, from cameras to thermostats. But because Nest recently merged with Google, you shouldn’t expect your Nest cameras to work with your SmartThings hub anytime soon.

The bottom line

The SmartThings hub gives you a lot of options. It can be integrated with tons of smart devices—from smart speakers to smart light switches—and help you make your home both smarter and more convenient. It’s also great fit if you don’t really care about having a hub with a voice assistant and still want a simplified smart hub that can still help you craft a personalized, automated home.

>>Need a hub? Read our SmartThings review.

What are some of your favorite SmartThings devices? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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