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Wireless vs. Cellular: Which Alarm Monitoring Solution Is Best?

Cellular security system monitoring

One of the most frequently asked questions we get concerns the use of wireless vs. cellular monitoring. Understanding the difference between the two is very important because it makes a huge difference as to the security of your home alarm system.

Wireless is a method of communication between a sensor and the control panel, and/or between the control panel and the security company’s remote monitoring station.
Cellular is the name for one certain type of wireless communication network or path that allows a dedicated communication line exclusively for security system purposes.

Wireless vs. Cellular Monitoring

The ideal system has a wireless communication connection between both the sensors in your house and your control panel, as well as your control panel and the monitoring station. Many providers that offer wireless provide only the former. The problem? If your sensors and panel are communicating over your wireless connection, all a burglar needs to do is disable your internet capabilities, and they will have disabled your alarm system. It goes without saying that a system that also relies on a non-wireless connection to the monitoring station (i.e., the control panel does not contain a cellular device) is even more subject to failure. We refer to companies with a full cellular setup as 100% cellular (this is your best possible option).

To find a home security system with cellular monitoring, visit our best home security system article or compare security system costs.

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5 responses to “Wireless vs. Cellular: Which Alarm Monitoring Solution Is Best?”

  1. All a burglar would need to do is disable your internet capabilities? That’s really unnerving. That makes me think that a cellular alarm is best for me. I’m not a fan of all the wires, but I’d feel safer knowing it was keeping my family safer than a wireless alarm. You’ve really helped me understand the possibilities of alarm systems, thank you!

    • All a burglar needs to do is activate a cellphone jammer and the alarm system is inert as the sensors won’t tell the control box they’ve been tripped, and the control box can’t call the alarm company or police. Neither wireless nor cellular is a really good idea.

      • Seems more likely a burglar would have a pair a pliers than a cell phone jammer. Plus based on other articles on this website cellular systems run on different cellular network, which prevents jamming.

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