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SimpliSafe Reviews: Home Security Without A Contract

Simplisafe LogoSimpliSafe has their own unique view on home security and the way that home security systems are sold. This company believes in keeping things simple so that the customer can focus on home security and not all the fine print that some home security companies bury their customers in. SimpliSafe is a no pressure company that leaves the decisions up to the customer with their no pressure sales system and easy to install home security system.

SimpliSafe took 5th place in our Top Security System Review and stands out as the premier choice in our home alarm system reviews for those looking for a system without the burden of a contract.

SimpliSafe has their own unique view on home security and the way that home security systems are sold. This company believes in keeping things simple so that the customer can focus on home security and not all the fine print that some home security companies bury their customers in. SimpliSafe is a no pressure company that leaves the decisions up to the customer with their no pressure sales system and easy to install home security system...

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Summary : SimpliSafe is the only company in our review that offers a no contract option and their DIY only install paired with great pricing makes it a good option to consider. We have heard mixed reviews from our readers about their customer service and no monitoring equipment is included with their start-up package so be sure you know what you are getting before you order.

User Rating: 2.26 ( 10 votes)

What Does SimpliSafe Home Security Offer?

SimpliSafe has a name that says it all. They sell home security systems with 24 hour monitoring (if you choose it) and customer service available via phone Monday–Friday 9:00am–6:00pm EST and via their website with a 24 hour expected response time. There is no contract to sign, so you can cancel the service at any time you wish. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it within 60 days for a full refund. You install your own devices, so you control how your system is set up. The Simpli Safe system is also wireless, so you don’t have to worry about having a phone line or any wires for that matter. You can also keep an eye on your system from anywhere online or from your smartphone if you pay the extra money for this service.

Simplisafe Details

Every Simplisafe package offers 24/7 monitoring that you can cancel at any time. The original Simply Safe package is a basic package that gets homeowners started with their home security. Below is a list of what comes with the SimplySafe Starter Package as well as the costs.

  • Initial Cost: Starts at $229.96.
  • 1 Base Station: This plug-and-play station is pre-programmed to wirelessly control your alarm sensors and  as many as 41 devices can be added (must be within 400 feet). The SimplySafe Base Station has a built-in 85dB Siren and a 2 day battery backup.
  • 1 Wireless Keypad: Allows you to control your system at the touch of a button with no phone line. The “brains” are not stored in the keypad, so as long as you base station is hidden, there is no worries about an intruder damaging the keypad.
  • 1 Motion Sensor: Wireless and detects motion within 30 feet. Pets under 50 lobs won’t trigger the alarm  - $29.99 for Each Additional Sensor.
  • 1 Entry Sensor: Installs to any door or window – $14.99 for Each Additional Sensor.
  • 1 Keychain remote: Access your system without being at the keypad  - $24.99 for Each Additional Sensor.
  • Additions: You choose to add additional sensors:
    • Smoke Detector – $29.99 each
    • Carbon Monoxide Detector – $49.99 each
    • Wireless Panic Button – $19.99 each
    • Extra Siren – $59.99 each
    • Wireless Freeze Sensor – $29.99 each
    • Wireless Water Sensor – $19.99 each

Monitoring Options with SimpliSafe

  • Standard – $14.99/month: The Standard package includes 24/7 monitoring and notification from central monitoring station.
  • Alert – $19.99/month: The Alert package includes 24/7 monitoring, notification from central monitoring station, and as SMS/Email alerts.
  • Interactive – $24.99/month: The Interactive package has all of the features of the Alert package, as well as wireless access to your system from your mobile device.

SimpliSafe Concerns

Smash and GrabThe biggest concern is their minimal coverage of crash and smash robberies in the way of a lack of internet polling. In many alarm systems there is a “supervised heartbeat” or “internet polling” capability so that when there is a lack of constant communication associated with “heartbeats” or “polling” (due to an intruder striking the base panel, lack of electricity or other communication failure), an alert is triggered to the possibility of the alarm equipment being destroyed.

So once the alarm panel is destroyed in a Simply Safe alarm system, it can no longer transmit its “heartbeats” or “polling” at its regularly timed interval.  So when these signals STOP – that’s the indication that something may be up and the monitoring station goes into action to alert you against a possible emergency at your home.

How to Install a Crash and Smash Safe System

The good news is that the Base Station must be placed at least 15 feet away from the keypad, so it could be concealed by the homeowner and there is a simple workaround that can help you achieve excellent security coverage from the crash and smash risk with Simply Safe:

  • Hide the base station inside a locked room
  • Put a door alarm sensor on the door to the locked room that contains the base station
  • Place a motion detector inside the same room
  • Arm your SimpliSafe security system

Crash and Smash Note: This technology does not work if the control panel is disarmed on any current alarm system so be sure to arm your system if you wish to take advantage of this feature.

Why Use SimpliSafe?

Website: SimpliSafe

Simpli Safe is dedicated to making security simple for people to use. All devices come ready to install and operate using a plug and play system. The self-stick method means that you can attach devices without damaging the home and you can take them with you to use at another residence if you ever relocate. You can add onto the system if and when you ever need to and their customer service has proven helpful and not pushy.

SimplySafe makes it easy to focus on the key issue at hand: safety. If you do happen to experience any problems, you can always contact the customer service center located in the United States but keep in mind that they are only available by phone during normal business hours Monday through Friday so if you run in to an issue on the weekend, it will have to wait. In the event that you are completely unhappy with the system or with the service provided, you can always cancel the service with no problems since there is no contract to get out of. If you cancel within 60 days and return the devices that you purchased, you will also receive a full refund.

If you want an easy to use product without any long term obligation, SimpliSafe is probably the best way to go. Since you install the system yourself, it is also easy to set up the system so that it fits your needs whether you are trying to protect your entire home, or just monitor who is getting into what in your house. Let us know if you found our SimpliSafe reviews helpful. We’re interested to hear if you feel, how should we put this…simply safe? Or rather, simply not so safe? In other words, does this DIY, no contract system measure up to the hype?

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About Jeff Butler

Jeff's first exposure to security systems came from a real life experience. Nearly ten years ago, after multiple burglaries at his 4,000 square foot retail operation, Jeff was frustrated with the high costs of his failing security system. Knowing there had to be a better way, he built an efficient and streamlined system that prevented many future burglaries. Now focused on home security, he loves to stay on top of this ever-changing industry.
  • guest

    The biggest issue that I found with SimpliSafe is their lack of customer support outside of the hours 9:00 AM – 6PM EST. The CSR I spoke to was horrible, I had to repeat my questions many times because he was typing and not paying attention. I asked him specifically as to what will happen in the event, my system malfunctions in the middle of the night and stops working. He said wait and call us during the normal working hours. In addition to that, they do not offer 2 day shipping included in the costs. Normal shipping is 5-7 business days but I have seen on their forums that people have had shipping issues. I asked for Verizon module and he said that T Mobile would be the only one that would be available to m. – I know that I have issues with T Mobile signals but he said that the cell coverage is different for alarm systems and cellphones. Really??

    As per the CSR, they only have one monitoring station which again is a concern for me because what happens when a disaster strikes that area? How will we get our monitoring services? For these reasons, I do not think I will go with SimpliSafe. I chose SafeMart — agreed that with SafeMart I have to pay $60 extra over the course of the year but they have Verizon module, offered 3 months free which compensated for the extra cost. Equipment wise the cost was slightly expensive ($25) but they have offered me 2 day shipping and a $15 discount.

    If you are willing to live with the disadvantages of Simplisafe then you should go with it and not look else where. But if you are like me who wants certain things in place to have peace of mind then you should look at Safemart or some other service provider.

  • a Security Professional

    If “Crash-and-Smash technology” is correctly installed, the Simpli Safe system will “become” Crash-and-Smash "proof".

    There are only two ways to detect a “Crash-and-Smash” event in a timely manner:

    1. A sensor must detect intrusion and successfully transmit a message that is received at the monitoring station BEFORE the control panel is attacked or destroyed.  Alarm systems cannot transmit messages after they have been destroyed.
    2. The alarm control panel stops transmitting its “supervised heartbeats” or “internet polling” signals.  These signals are supposed to be sent approximately every 3 to 4 minutes, continuously 24/7.  This is a superior advantage to “Crash and Smash technology” which transmits its pre-alert signal from the front door contact ONLY when the alarm system is armed.  "Crash and Smash" technology does not work if the control panel is disarmed. 

    Therefore design your security system with enough sensors, and install your alarm control panel in a hidden location, so that an alarm is created BEFORE the control panel is located and destroyed.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for the clarification. I have updated the article to reflect most of what you stated in your comment and have left a few items here to allow readers to read some advice straight from you. Take care.

  • Scott Amundson

    I've had a SimpliSafe alarm for almost 3 years. I supplemented the basic kit with an extra siren that is mounted outside of the house so the neighbors (& the burglars) can be alerted. Every once in a while, the siren triggers after the alarm has been disabled and is difficult to silence. My spouse refused to use the system until I disabled the extra siren. Tech support has told me to move the system components around until they work (they can't say exactly what works). I don't have a lot of freedom to move them from their convenient locations in my small house. They refuse to give me a refund 60 days after the purchase (the first problem took more than that to show). I feel they should warn customers about potential problems and shouldn't be selling a poorly designed Siren. They've had two years to solve the problem and have failed.

    Recently they are selling upgrades that includes texting and emails. I feel those features will reduce calls to their emergency line and would actually save them money if they gave them away.

    Besides the above complaints, I've been happy with the system. When the alarm has been triggered, they've been quick to respond. However, shop around before you buy. There may be better inexpensive solutions available now.

  • jbr2

    There are two main pieces in the SimpliSafe system other than sensors, the base unit which can be hidden and the control panel.  The base unit is the brains of the system.  When an intrusion is detected the base unit is silent until the alarm is sent.  It then sounds an alarm, destroying it at this point is useless to the burgler since the alarm monitoring company has already been notified.  The panel is often in a visible location and will lure the intruder.  If destroyed by the intruder the base will still send a signal, so making the base unit difficult to locate will enhance the possibility of sending a notification event before it is found by the intruder.

    In addition most sensors can be set for immediate notification so that the instant a breach is detected a notification is sent.  The owner might set all sensors except the entry or entries normaly used for entry to immediate, leaving entry sensors to allow for delay for the owner to disarm the system after entry.

    The key fob can also be used to disarm the system even before entering the building.

  • Jason

    For the 'smash and grab' concern, the web site specifically states that the base station sends the alert signal before alarming.  So, the intruder would actually have to know where the base station is hidden before the siren goes off.  Once the signal is sent, it doesn't matter what happens to the station; the monitoring station knows something is wrong and can monitor the situation, alert authorities, etc.

  • steve

    I am interested however, I rent this Townhome. I also have 2 Greyhounds around 60 lbs each.

    • A Secure Life

      Yes, one of the areas of specialty for SimpliSafe is renters since very few companies accommodate them. FrontPoint also services renters so that is another option for a higher security option.

  • Richard

    I am thinking of installing this system in my home. Does anybody have any good or bad comments regarding the equipment reliability and the monitoring service they provide? Especially response time to an intrusion?

  • Laura S.

    Location: San Francisco, CA

    I really like this system. Initially, I was going to go with
    Frontpoint. But, they sent me their stuff and when I went to set it up
    I was having problems because my door edges didn't match the height of
    the sil around it. They had to send me extra adhesive. This was the second
    time I had to call them during the test period.

    So I did some extra looking around and I found Simplisafe. They have
    most of the same stuff, but they have month to month payment option instead of a 3
    year contract. The month to month rate is cheaper and you can cancel whenever
    you want.

    With all of the self installs I advise having a security expert come
    over and see where you need sensors, which windows are vulnerable and where
    would you need a motion sensor. This is the disadvantage of all of the
    self install systems. They don't send an expert to look first.

    My only critique of Simplisafe is that they don't have glass break
    censors. Otherwise, I say don't waste your money on the other folks. These guys are great.

  • Above average security guy

    Simply Safe prices do appear very attractive, but as you point out, the lack of smash and grab protection makes it essential that you hide your primary SimplySafe beacon (the triangular looking control panel) somewhere that is a) difficult to locate and b) will take someone along long time to get to (enough time so the alarm signal can be sent to your monitoring station and the corresponding authorities deployed).

    One thing that would advise the owners of a SimplySafe security system not to do is install their yard sign or any Simply Safe decals. Why? Because it will tip thieves off to the fact that you don't have smash and grab protection, not to mention other known vulnerabilities specific to this type of system. You're best off putting another vendor sign in your yard or a generic sign, to throw off any potential burglars.