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Home Security Systems Cincinnati: Are You Safe in this Unsafe City?

Cincinnati Skyline

Cincinnati has a history of helping people and proactively creating new services to make them feel safer. In fact, the first ambulance service was created right here in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1865. The first professional fire department also started up in Cincinnati. It seems like people truly want to help others out, and it's apparent why. When you look at the crime statistics for Cincinnati you see how big of a problem it is and why there was a need for an ambulance system and fire department in the first place. Maybe more than just a little. Cincinnati is safer than only 2% of U.S. cities. Your reasons for installing a home security system will only be increasing as you read this article... Read More »

Advantages and Common Mistakes of a DIY Security System

Man installing a home alarm system on a window

Do it yourself security systems are becoming more and more popular. They not only save you time and money during the installation process, but they can be moved for free. But how difficult are they to install? Do you feel like you need to be a handyman to purchase a DIY alarm system? If so, you're not alone. The good news is, it's easier than you think... Read More »

How Accurate Are Background Checks?

Private investigator

The entire background check industry is being heavily scrutinized right now. Everything from the company that did Edward Snowden’s clearance, to companies that conduct criminal background checks for employment. And yes, even online services like US Search, Intelius, Beenverified and PeopleFinders are getting in on the action. But just how accurate are background checks? While there are some online solutions that we would recommend avoiding, many of the companies out there are providing the best data they can and are legit businesses... Read More »

How this Identity Guard Review May Have Saved You When Target Lost Your Credit Card Info

Identity Guard Logo

So, you were shopping online one day and the next day you get a scary email from the retailer that says your credit card information may have been "compromised" (read: stolen). Yikes! But, do not despair - you can sign up for an identity theft protection plan that allows you to keep a closer eye on your digital footprint. You'll also be able to reclaim insurance dollars if something bad does go down while you are covered. Identity Guard is one of many players in this field. How do they stack up vs. the competition? Let's find out... Read More »

Heartbleed Bug Infests 70% of the Internet!

Heartbleed Bug Virus

This is extremely important and needs to be shared with everyone you know. A new "bug" named Heartbleed Bug has made close to 70% of websites insecure. That's over 600 million sites, and most likely one or two of them are sites you visit on a regular basis. It's important that you know what this bug does, how to protect yourself against it, and what to do if you fall victim to it... Read More »

SimpliSafe vs Iris: Which No Contract Security System is Better?

Simplisafe vs Iris review

If you've done any researching in the DIY home security space you've probably come across the names SimpliSafe and Iris. Both companies appear to offer a similar product on the surface, but if you dig deeper you'll find that their offerings are vastly different. SimpliSafe focuses more on home security, whereas Iris pays more attention to home automation. Which one is better for you? Read our review to find out... Read More »

April Newsletter: Home Safety Tips

Tax on brick wall

So March wasn't as warm as we all hoped it would be (depending on where you lived) but we've got high hopes for April! Tax day is just around the corner, so here are some last minute tax tips to ensure you don't get scammed. Plus we've got our newest articles to share with you including a recap of Edward Snowden's talk "at SXSW", reviews of AT&T Digital Life and the brand new Piper Security gadget, as well as information on the latest and greatest life insurance product to help you plan your financial security. So let's dive on in... Read More »

Security Systems in Tampa: Do As The Buccaneers Do

View of Tampa Skyline

Home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Lightning, Tampa is the third largest city in Florida. Tampa has some great history behind it too. Tampa is home to the largest continuous sidewalk in the world, the largest bowling pin in the world, and is the former cigar capitol of the world. People travel to Tampa for the delicious, fresh food, beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and many other things. This growing city has many attractions due to its location, but there are some less than stellar crime stats that you may want to be weary of when in the area... Read More »

Alarm Grid Review: Security Without the Contracts and Fees

Alarm Grid Logo

Did you know that there are alarm companies that let you create your own security system to fit your unique needs? Well, many do but Alarm Grid takes this concept to a more customizable level than most. To this end, there are many different options available for alarm monitoring, security systems, home automation, and other security products through Alarm Grid. They offer tech support and design assistance to help you create your personalized security system and they do not force you into a long-term contract. But no contract also means you will pay more upfront for equipment. Let's dig into this Alarm Grid Review to find out more... Read More »