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    Our in-depth reviews of the best in the home security industry to keep you protected.

Home Security Systems Reviews 2015

Home Security Systems Reviews

The security industry is highly competitive, from local mom and pop companies to international giants. It is a relatively easy industry to enter, but a very hard one to offer a consistently great product and service over time, especially with new technologies being released every day. It has become difficult to keep up with all the changes and wrap your head around the latest and greatest house alarm offerings. With so many to choose from and so many things to consider, how do you know which home alarm system is right for you? Our home security systems reviews cover the top contenders and bring you our findings in our regularly updated reviews... Read More »

Choosing the Best Car Seats: Chicco vs Britax vs Graco vs Evenflo

Best Car Seats Review

If you're in the market for the best car seat for your upcoming addition to the family or a next-step for your soon-to-be toddler, the number of products available on the market is overwhelming to say the least. A new infant car seat is your first introduction to all the safety measures you need to consider as a parent. After all, you have to get your bundle of joy home from the hospital, and that in itself can be a nerve-wracking experience. We're here to help relieve some of that stress by giving you our recommendations for what to look for in a car seat, from the features, safety factors, car seat guidelines and more... Read More »

Why Portfolio Rebalancing is Crucial

Why You Should Reblance Your Portfolio

A portfolio needs to be balanced (in an allocation that is suitable for you); however, our portfolios are not as quick as our bodies to announce their lack of equilibrium. Often times, the lack of balance may initially look like a positive thing when we review our monthly statements. “Wow, the stock market is really up this month!” you may remark. “Things are going well with my investments. No need to change anything now—I want this to continue!” The important thing to remember, however, is that when there is significant movement in the stock market (in either direction), it may be time for a little portfolio rebalancing... Read More »

How To Create A Secure Password

How To Create A Safe Password

It's been three weeks since the last major security breach (Anthem!) so, sadly, we are due. But, when it occurs, are you prepared? Having a secure password is essential to your safety in these situations and so is the ability to quickly change it when a breach happens. A password generator can save you time and stress by helping you create a strong and hard to hack entry code. It's time to stop using the same password for every online profile you have! Know how to make a safe password so you can protect yourself and lessen the chances of being hacked... Read More »

Door Jammer: The Best Door Security Device

Protect Your Home with a Door Jammer

Chances are someone you know has been burglarized in their own home. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that in 2012 alone more than 2 billion burglaries occurred, and nearly 75% of these were in residential homes. Even more chilling, 60% of burglaries were due to forcible entry. While burglars can sometimes find easy access through unsecured doors and windows, most don’t let door locks or chain locks get in their way -- they simply kick the door in. It’s easier than you might think... Read More »

What Are the Best Home Security Systems in Canada, eh?

home security systems in canada

There’s no place like home. It’s your safe haven after a long day. It’s where your family lives and friends hang out. It’s where your stuff is. Wouldn’t you do everything you could to protect it? Safeguarding your home not only means protecting your loved ones and personal belongings, it also means protecting your largest investment. Below, we review several options for home security systems in Canada... Read More »

Security System Scams: What To Look For

Security system sams

Security systems are complicated networks of switches and triggers that can be more confusing than anyone might expect. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between a quality system and one that should never be relied on to protect your home and family. Enter the security system salesman. Here are some things to look for to avoid falling for any security system scams... Read More »

LiveWatch Reviews: Are They As Good As They Seem?

LiveWatch Reviews

More than 200,000 people use LiveWatch for their home security needs. Previously known as SafeMart, LiveWatch offers good equipment that is completely wireless and you can self install. Their touchscreen control panel has a built-in camera to capture an intruder if they try to disarm your panel. This is a rare feature that is offered and we think is pretty cool. However, there are some things that LiveWatch could improve upon... Read More »