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    Our in-depth reviews of the best in the home security industry to keep you protected.

Home Security Systems Reviews 2014

Home Security Systems Reviews

The security industry is highly competitive, from local mom and pop companies to international giants. It is a relatively easy industry to enter, but a very hard one to offer a consistently great product and service over time, especially with new technologies being released every day. It has become difficult to keep up with all the changes and wrap your head around the latest and greatest house alarm offerings. With so many to choose from and so many things to consider, how do you know which home alarm system is right for you? Our home security systems reviews cover the top contenders and bring you our findings in our regularly updated reviews... Read More »

GuardMe Security Reviews: Too Good To Be True?

GuardMe Security logo

GuardMe Security offers burglar alarms, cameras, fire alarms and home automation to secure your home. They cover 25 of the 50 states but very little has been written about them online. You have to contact them directly for packages and pricing information, which is frustrating. However, when you look at their customer reviews you can see that more than 90% of them are positive. If GuardMe Security covers your area, they may be a viable option... Read More »

Best Wireless Home Security Kit: Piper vs Canary vs iSmartAlarm vs SimpliSafe

Wireless home security kit

Why should you choose a wireless home security kit over a more traditional, wired security system? Wireless systems are typically cheaper, easier to install and are easy to relocate. DIY wireless system kits are becoming more popular because they come with all the parts you need for comprehensive security monitoring, but without a monthly monitoring fee. How do you know which one is best? Read more to see what your options are... Read More »

Best Password Manager: Dashlane vs LastPass vs 1Password vs RoboForm vs KeePass

Best Password Manager

Did you know 20-30% of all IT service desk volume is password problems? That means each person in your IT department is spending 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day resetting passwords and helping employees get back into their locked accounts. So much time is wasted remembering and resetting passwords. Find out how a password manager could help you be more productive at work and be more data secure... Read More »

suretyCAM Review: Keeping Ohio Secure?

Suretycam logo

SuretyCAM is still a relatively small home security company. Their security and automation packages are only available in central Ohio. SuretyCam's DIY solutions, called suretyDIY, are available in the entire U.S., except for Florida. A quick Google search for suretyCAM reviews will reveal that this company is known for its customer service. They backed this reputation up and did a great job of answering my mystery shopping questions on 5 different phone calls I made to them. From what I've learned, they try to understand your needs so that you get the system you want. However, it's difficult to find information on this company. There is practically zero information out there about suretyCAM and suretyDIY unless it's from the company itself. Also, the information below is both about suretyCAM and suretyDIY combined giving the confusing nature of their website (interlinking both services). We try our best to sift through this surety mess for you!... Read More »

What’s the Best Webcam Cover to Protect Your Online Privacy?

WebCam Cover Review

Did you know that hackers could access your webcam without your permission? Webcams can be hacked by a cyber peeper through any Internet-enabled device. I know it's scary, but someone could be recording you right now! Do you leave your laptop open while you're getting dressed in your room!? Do you leave your smartphone or tablet facing upwards!? Your actions could become public if your webcam becomes hacked. Protect your privacy by covering your webcam when it's not in use... Read More »

How Do I Become a Successful Investor?

Woman dawing a chart

If you were to listen to the radio today, you might encounter entertainers who tell you that “the only way to make money is to day-trade” or that “the easy way to make money is to buy and sell options that let you leverage a lot of stock with very little capital required.” Everyone’s doing it! — or so the programs seem to imply. I would argue that there is definitely something wrong here — but it’s not with the listener. What happened to REAL investing?... Read More »

Best Medical Alert Bracelet: LifeStation vs Life Alert vs LifeLine vs Medical Guardian

Woman with Medical Guardian medical alert device

"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up." Sure, the TV ad is funny and your older loved ones enjoy their independence but do you ever worry they may fall down while alone and have no one there to help? Medical alert bracelets give you and loved ones a peace of mind because you know that someone is always looking out for you. But, do you know what kind of features you need or the different type of systems available? Our medical alert bracelet review can help you cut through the clutter to find the right one for your needs... Read More »