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Security Companies in Detroit: Staying Safe in the Motor City

Detroit Skyline

Detroit is the largest city on the U.S.-Canada border and the most populous city in Michigan with a population of 707,096. It is known as the world's automotive industry center, garnering it the nickname "Motor City." Also known for its unique style music, both the city and the music genre are referred to as "Motown." But Detroit is also the most dangerous city in America, a problem exacerbated by the recent economic downturn, so residents may wish to consider a security system... Read More »

Interview with LiveWatch (SafeMart) Security CEO R. Brad Morehead

Livewatch logo and R. Brad Morehead

SafeMart is part of the LiveWatch Security Company and offers a professionally monitored wireless security system that allows an easy, plug and protectTM installation process in addition to one of the best values in complete home security. You may also see the name LiveWatch Security in association with SafeMart but note that these are the same company. Visit the SafeMart Security website. We interviewed Mr. R. Brad Morehead in April 2014 to find out how he leads the LiveWatch Security team (the company was formerly known as SafeMart Security) and what he sees is shaping the future of home security. Find out what he had to say about LiveWatch Security and home security trends to watch... Read More »

Link Home Security: Costco Savings are Alarming

Link home security logo

Did you know that the second largest retailer in America, Costco, offers a monitored home security solution? That solution is Link Home Security and Costco didn't just start an alarm company from scratch. In fact, the company has been in the regional security business for more than 60 years as Mountain Alarm! Four years ago the company transitioned to a nationally available service under the brand name Link Home Security. They have stayed under the radar for a long time, but with the new Costco relationship you can expect to hear a lot more about them soon... Read More »

Why Should I Buy Life Insurance?

Life Insurance and Money

Part Two in our Life Insurance 101 Series: One of the most important reasons to buy insurance is to protect your loved ones in the event that you die before your time. How will your spouse survive with only one income or even no income? How will your children get everything they need? Who will pay for college? Who will pay the mortgage? Insurance can provide the protection and security your family needs to survive if you do not... Read More »

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life Insurance with Magnifying Glass

Part One in our Life Insurance 101 Series: We all know life insurance is out there – we hear about it all the time. Most of us know that you can buy it, and when you die, someone – usually a spouse or children – get money from the insurance company. But why do we need it? Do we need it at all? And if we do decide we need it how do we know what to buy?... Read More »

Hidden Safes: Life Hacks For Hiding Valuables In Your Home

Book safe

I remember as a kid hiding my money in random places around my room. I'd stash it in my sock drawer, jewelry box, under my bed, you name it. I think the thrill of finding a dollar here or there was exciting to me because I felt rich when I would come across the couple of dollars hidden in my sock drawer a few months later. I also was proud of myself because I hadn't spent it! I was one of those kids who liked toys and when I got money from the tooth fairy or for my birthday I was going straight to the store to get the newest Barbie. Looking back I realize these are some of the worst possible secret hiding compartments (if you can even call them that) I could think of, but I was only like ten years old. So I get a freebie right? Now that I'm more educated on hiding places in houses I've got some tips to share with you. Here are some good hiding places for your stuff... Read More »