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  • Home Security Systems: Our Top Picks
    Our in-depth reviews of the best in the home security industry to keep you protected.

Home Security Systems Reviews 2015

Home Security Systems Reviews

The security industry is highly competitive, from local mom and pop companies to international giants. It is a relatively easy industry to enter, but a very hard one to offer a consistently great product and service over time, especially with new technologies being released every day. It has become difficult to keep up with all the changes and wrap your head around the latest and greatest house alarm offerings. With so many to choose from and so many things to consider, how do you know which home alarm system is right for you? Our home security systems reviews cover the top contenders and bring you our findings in our regularly updated reviews... Read More »

Scout Reviews: Modernized Security, Without a Contract

Scout Alarm Review

Scout offers some great-looking equipment that not only performs well but is also reasonably priced. Before Scout was created, the founder was searching for a home security system and felt that the industry was 20 years behind the times and outrageously expensive. So he decided to create his own security company with more affordable options: Scout. With Scout you have the option to monitor the system yourself or have it professionally monitored. You get to choose the equipment needed for your home and best of all...no contracts! Read further to learn more about Scout Alarm... Read More »

Remocam Reviews: The First IoT Camera?

Remocam Review

View on Amazon  Visit Website Even though Remocam has only been on the security scene for about two years, it’s an impressive little Wi-Fi camera that bests the Nest Cam in features and functionality. And although we do always recommend professionally monitored systems, Remocam offers security basics that can help you feel a little safer like 2-way voice, motion-sensing image capture, and a 335°+ view. Retailing at $200, we ... Read More »

Best Security Systems with Free Installation: FrontPoint vs Protect America vs LiveWatch

Free Installation Security Systems

This article is dedicated to explaining the installation process for each of the companies ranked in our 2015 Home Security Systems Review with free installation. We have ranked the companies in here 1-7 to help you see who comes out on top and who falls short. We want you to know what you're getting into before you buy a system and we think this article can help you. Find out how difficult it is to install these top rated security systems by reading this article... Read More »

Best Security Systems Without a Contract


For Security  Visit Website Read Review For Complete DIY Visit Website Read Review For Video Visit Website Read Review Our Top Three No Contract Security Systems Below we’ve listed our top three security systems without a contract. They each serve a specific purpose, as opposed to three closely related systems. Each of these models has a specific lifestyle in mind; whether you ... Read More »

What We Can Learn From The Ashley Madison Hack


The Ashley Madison hack has impacted not only those with accounts but all of us. We're all vulnerable to having our private information stolen from any website and it's scary. Just because you didn't have an Ashley Madison account doesn't mean you're in the clear. What site will be hacked next? How can we protect ourselves from being hacked and how can companies increase their website security... Read More »

How To Secure Your Personal Documents

Secure your documents

We have all of these documents with our personal information on them but how should we store them? Is it safe to keep them all in a file in the desk or should we be storing them elsewhere? In this article we'll help you find a safe place for your private documents and protect your personal information. We'll also teach you how to back up these documents in case there was a natural disaster, fire or the documents got destroyed another way... Read More »

Fire Safety for Kids

Fire Safety for Kids

As parents and teachers, teaching our children about the potential for disasters is a difficult but necessary undertaking. According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2013 fire departments in the U.S. responded to more than 1,240,000 fires. Below we will take a look at how to educate your children about how to stay safe if a house fire were to strike... Read More »