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Home Security Systems Reviews 2014

Home Security Systems Reviews

The security industry is highly competitive, from local mom and pop companies to international giants. It is a relatively easy industry to enter, but a very hard one to offer a consistently great product and service over time, especially with new technologies being released every day. It has become difficult to keep up with all the changes and wrap your head around the latest and greatest house alarm offerings. With so many to choose from and so many things to consider, how do you know which home alarm system is right for you? Our home security systems reviews cover the top contenders and bring you our findings in our regularly updated reviews... Read More »

Fortress Security System Review: DIY Home Alarms

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Sky's the limit when it come to Fortress Security who sells its security systems on their online store. You can purchase a basic system and expand from there or you can buy a more evolved system to customize from there. All of the systems offered are DIY so there are no installation fees. The monitoring is also DIY so you are in charge of contacting authorities if an alarm is triggered - there is no central monitoring station option. Read on for our Fortress home security system review... Read More »

5 Estate Planning Must-Do’s

Estate papers

Although estate planning is likely the last thing you want to think about, refusing to deal with it is one of the most inconsiderate things that you can do. We don’t often think about it that way, but it is true. By denying our mortality, we can leave a hurricane-sized catastrophe behind for our loved ones to have to deal with. Is that really the legacy you wish to leave? Instead, I encourage you to leave behind a legacy of love and caring—one that shows you have put effort into making this challenging time as simple as possible for them... Read More »

LifeShield Coupon Codes: Save Your Cash!

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We do our best to find you the highest currently available discount on a LifeShield home security system. We keep this page as up to date as possible with current coupon codes. We keep expired promotions on this page as well and cross them out when they expire so that you can look at previous ones and have a bit of an idea as to what type of promos LifeShield has offered in the past. Sometimes, companies will honor past codes, it's worth asking!... Read More »

Signs of a Stalker: Are You Being Followed?

Watching a runner

The idea of “stalking” someone in this age of 24/7 information access has become somewhat of an inside joke among many of us. We’ve all heard someone say, “I Facebook stalked him…” or “I didn’t mean to stalk you but I saw your post about your trip to Vegas...” But the truth is, true stalkers can make your life a living hell; stalking is scary, it’s dangerous and in many cases, illegal... Read More »

Vector Home Security Review: Read Before You Buy!

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Vector Security has been around for more than 40 years. In that time, customer complaints (mostly about equipment quality) have been a common occurrence. In addition, Vector Security sells its products through local dealers which makes it difficult to determine pricing. However, don't write them off just yet. Vector Security has a number of customizable services available to make your home as secure as you wish - the question to ask is whether they are reputable in your town and how much will it cost... Read More »

Best Credit Report Monitoring: Experian vs Equifax vs Transunion vs Credit Karma vs Credit Sesame

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Yes, you are more than just a number. You are a talented, charming, one-of-a-kind individual with many wonderful qualities. Now for some tough love: when it comes to securing a loan or a line of credit, none of that matters. Your ability to borrow money, your “creditworthiness,” all comes down to a three-digit number, your credit score. What’s more, in many states, prospective employers can even check your credit prior to hiring you. So it pays, literally, to maintain good credit... Read More »

What To Do When Your Identity Is Stolen?

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Imagine finding out that you have several credit cards in your name that you never applied for. Or, that you have a checking account under your name that you never opened. How could this happen? Who is responsible? These questions immediately pop to mind and then you learn that you are a victim of identity theft. The thief could even be somebody you know! Most people automatically assume that a stranger somehow got access to all of their information and messed up their credit. However, half the time, sadly, the thief is not a stranger. Millions of identity theft victims know their thief. Dealing with identity theft can be a nightmare and if the thief is someone you know, it can be especially emotional... Read More »

How Many Sex Offenders Live Near You?

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How well do you know your neighbors? Not just the people who live right next door, but the house on the corner where your child waits for the school bus, the tenants below you, or that retired couple who just moved in? Laws, such as Megan’s Law, require that convicted sex offenders register their names and addresses with a national database and that this information be made available to the public. There are a number of web sites, as well as apps, that allow you to check to see if any registered sex offenders live or work near you, to help keep you and your family safe. You may be shocked by what you find—I know I was... Read More »