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How To Spot a Fake Website: Protect Your Wallet and Your Identity

Fake Website Warning: Scam AlertSo you are thinking about locking in some savings for a special occasion, holiday, or simply because you’re finally pulling the trigger on that purse, video game, or jacket that’s been on your radar. Shopping online can be both convenient and time and gas saving. Unfortunately, with comfort also comes risk.

Cyber Monday, which was officially inked by the press on November 28, 2005 in a press release entitled “Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year,” has become the biggest day for cyber criminals to target in an attempt to harvest your banking details, website logins, personal information, basically anything they can get their grimy little cyber hands on. In the weeks leading up to Cyber Monday, and throughout the holiday shopping season, you will see more fake websites make their debut than you will the entire rest of the year. Here at A Secure Life, we show you how to spot these websites before becoming a victim.

How to Spot a Fake Website

It all started last year when my wife scrambled to see if there were any black Friday deals for a purse on my mom’s wish list. Sure enough, a Michael Kors purse with a price tag of around $400 was on sale for $100 on a couple of websites she found. Fortunately for us, when we called my brother to confirm the color we should be getting, he didn’t answer because he was sitting in a theater performance. This ended up being a blessing in disguise, because during the interim I took a closer look at the websites Michelle had found and discovered several things that looked suspicious. That’s what led me to write this article. Hopefully you can use this guide to help spot a fake website and protect yourself on Cyber Monday and any other time you make an online purchase.

Domain Name (URL)

Probably the most important thing is the domain name. Look in the address bar of your browser and see what the URL (i.e. that ends in .com) is. In our case, Michelle was convinced she had found a deal on a Michael Kors website. The website was complete with Michael Kors logo, product search, shopping cart, and more. But a closer look revealed that despite the Michael Kors logo, the URL of the website was not, as I expected, but rather: (UPDATE: This website has been shutdown and is now facing legal action for selling counterfeit goods but beware of others like it that still exist today.) Now it’s not unusual for merchants to offer their products on third-party sites, so we started to dig a little bit deeper to gauge the authenticity of these websites.

Fake Michael Kors Website

As you can see from the screenshot, the website looks fairly legitimate at first glance: it has the Michael Kors name, a clean minimalist layout with a slick-looking slide show, a search bar that works, a main menu with login and currency selector, and even a shopping cart. Don’t be fooled: it’s not difficult for website scammers to spin up a fully functioning and fairly sophisticated website in only a few days. And of course there’s the page with all the discounts that may have you drooling and making a quick split-second decision that you would otherwise have given some more thought.

If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Fake Michael Kors Shoulder BagsOn this site, and many others like it, you will likely notice that the bags are discounted from a regular price of $995 (which is what they comparatively go for on legitimate vendors) to a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale price of only $79 (that’s 92% off!). Which leads us to our first red flag: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Legitimate vendors will never discount a price this heavily, unless they are getting rid of excess inventory. That’s usually the case for products that are a couple of seasons (at least) old. In this case, however, the bags are the latest and greatest fashion accessories that everyone is shopping for during the holiday season. You’ll notice that if you shop for these bags at legitimate merchants there is hardly, if any, discount. Usually if there is a legitimate Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale at one merchant, the other merchants will fight to get a piece of the pie.

Look for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

The next thing we noticed about this website that was unusual was the number of grammatical inconsistencies. Commonly, fake websites will be produced in countries where English is not the first language. Consequently, be on the lookout for spelling and grammatical mistakes. This particular website actually didn’t do too bad in these areas, but we still managed to spot some inconsistencies that would not have been present on a genuine Michael Kors website, which pays an Internet marketing company lots of money to make sure every i is dotted and every t crossed.

Discount Now: Fake Website Slogan Example

Glancing back at the homepage screenshot above you’ll notice the slogan “Discount Now! The Season’s Biggest Trends From Our Online Store.” This might make sense at first glance, but the “Discount Now!” part is grammatically incorrect. Moving on down to the footer of the website (where often times a lot of mistakes can be found) we notice:

Copyright Michael Kors: Fake Website Footer

The footer read “Copyright © 2013 michael kors. Powered by michaelkors.” If it wasn’t bad enough that they forgot to capitalize Michael’s name, it doesn’t make sense that the “powered by link” would link back to the website itself (which it does), instead of a platform or service that actually powers the website (in other words, why include this line?).

But the nail in the coffin is in their little “Why is our product such a steal?” paragraph:

Fake Website Sales Guarantee

This paragraph is littered with poor grammar and a very low level of the English language, as you can see by simply reading it.

If all these hints didn’t tip you off to the fact that this is a fake website trying to steal your sensitive data, there’s one nearly foolproof way of telling how legitimate a website is: just as you’d want to know how long a brick-and-mortar retailer has been in business, you can find out how long a website has existed on the Internet: here’s how. In the Google search box, type in ““, replacing “” with the URL of the site you’re investigating. You’ll see all of the pages (usually hundreds or thousands) that Google has indexed from the site (because of the billions of websites in existence Google uses an automated process to do this and therefore does not catch fake websites immediately). Next, we want to find out when these pages were indexed, which we can use to find out how long the site has been in existence.

Check and See if the Site Has a Reseller Rating is a database of merchants and vendors that not only lists consumer verified merchants and their business details, but also provides the ability for consumers to comment and rate those merchants. You’ll find out details on shipping policies and feedback as to whether the merchant delivers on time, how their customer service is, and more. If the website you’re investigating isn’t listed, that’s not a guarantee that it’s a fake website, but definitely something to be concerned about. This usually means the website hasn’t been in business that long. To find out exactly how long your website has been on the Internet (this can really clue you in to its authenticity), checkout our methods below to find out when the website came online.

Find Out How Long a Website Has Been In Business

Spotting a Fake Website in the Google Search Results

After conducting your search using “site:” as illustrated above, click on “Search tools,” followed by “Any time,” and select “Custom range…” at the bottom. To find out if the website has been around for more than one year, simply go back a year in time (for example, if we are in 2013, you could use the date range 1/1/2012-12/31/2012 to cover all of 2012). If the website existed in 2012, search results will appear. If not, none will. Keep going back in time to find out how old the website is. For our fake website, we were able to find out that the website had been created this month (i.e. in November 2013), and was therefore less than a month old. This is a clear indicator that the site had been spun up by scammers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the purpose of phishing the personal information of unsuspecting victims.

How to Spot a Fake Website by Going Back in Time in the Search Results

An alternative way of finding out not only how old a website is but also what it looked like back in time is to use‘s way back machine. Searching for our fake website results in no records, which is typical for very young websites. Use caution with this method, however, as sometimes domain names are relegated to new owners over time. In other words, a website that was legitimate in the past may not be so today.

Use WHOIS to Locate a Website Owner

Another thing you can do is find out whom a website is registered, or belongs to. You can use a WHOIS search to do this, a service offered by most domain name registrars. Because of its size and registration database, we like to use GoDaddy’s Whois lookup. Doing so for our fake site resulted in the following record:

Fake Website Whois RecordWell well. Wouldn’t you know it: the website is registered to someone in China. Typically, a fake or phishing website selling products to U.S. consumers will originate somewhere outside of the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

Actions You Can Take to Report Fake Websites

Email the Registrar

Unfortunately, fake website owners often operate outside of the jurisdiction of U.S. authorities. However, you can usually send an email to the domain name registrant (in this case, an email address which was listed in the Whois record). We’ve done so, and hope you will do the same for any fake websites you come across this holiday season. All of us at A Secure Life would like to wish you a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Use One of the U.S. Government’s Reporting Services

The U.S. IPR Center has a website that lists resources you can use to report counterfeit goods online. You’ll want to read carefully what each service provides, as well as their privacy policies, before proceeding.

Additional Tips

Be on the look out for spam text or iMessages that entice you to click on an offer.

  • If you receive a text message from an unknown number or user, do not click on it or open it. Unlike our email which can flag and filter for Spam, annoying text messages can pop up on our phones at anytime. Delete and do not reply because you will be confirming that your phone number is active.
  • Be cautions of messages with Emoji-overkill – anything with cats and pointing fingers is not only fake it’s desperate!
  • And messages that exaggerate the sense of urgency like “HURRY” or “SHOP NOW”, have all caps or excessive punctuation!!! Those are a scam too.

Spam text message

Come Across a Fake Website? Please Share Below!

Think you may have stumbled across a fake website during this online shopping season, or at any other time of year? Please share the website and your thoughts or questions with us using our comments section below.

Our site's mission is to help consumers make more informed purchase decisions. This website accepts financial compensation from some of the companies mentioned which allows us to provide this free service to our readers. Compensation does not influence the rankings of products. More info on our disclosure page.

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  • sara

    I believe I found a website called bags2016 which sells fake. I know my Louis Vuittons, being an obsessed fan of Louis Vuitton. I always buy my bags at Louis Vuitton shops. Never anywhere else like ebay. This particular website got me interested because $1000-$2000 bags are being sold for $200 . Can you imagine a pallas bag which I paid 1100. was 190. Also my other bag “Metis”with the pocket in front with cost me 1900 and of course wallet 900 were both under the 500.00 on this website. Please tell someone if you ever had bought something from them. They just caught people who were selling fakes manufactured overseas in Brooklyn which people paid thousands of dollars for bags that cost them nothing. Be careful out there. If you are fine with a fake bag so be it but for a crazy girl who likes to buy Louis, dont buy on ebay on any other websites. Just buy directly for their website. From..I love lv bags

  • Dina DeSanto

    I just attempted to order with cc info and got message “failed”??I did message them(they have my cc info/address/email..

  • Namita

    Hi! I just read this article.. I shopped from this app and I’m a bit concerned about it being fake.. Is club factory fake?

  • Namita

    Hi! I just read this article and I’m a bit concerned about this app I shopped at.. It’s called club factory.. Is it fake?

  • Zoe X

    Thank you for this article! I had some Michael Kors spam in my texts, and they gave me an uneasy feeling, and I don’t even remember signing up for anything Michael Kors. The URLs for each of the texts were different lol, and one of them had a gibberish-y email address as sender. I reported and deleted them.

  • Meghan

    Same with me! Ordered in April, still haven’t received my order. We did receive 2/6 items but the rest never came, and they told us we were getting a refund but we never got one.

  • Nikki

    This suspicious one pops up on Pinterest all the time. The are not legit.

  • Judi

    Is a legitimate website for discounted MK hand bags?

  • rama

    We bought from and they charged to my credit card already. Now, I look at it and it looks like fake website. Is it necessary to change the credit card completely now?

    • suew

      Did you confirm this website is fake? This keeps popping up on my facebook page

    • Takiya Lewis

      Did your order come in and was it real?

  • Lorance Eivee

    obviously a scam / selling fake stuffs

  • Farah Rammal

    Can someone let me know if this is legit

  • Laureen Chong

    I can now confirm the website is a fake. Although the site is registered under Alaska address, the email is (China) !!! Thank you for your advice, it has saved me a lot of money!!!

  • Laureen Chong

    I just did a WHOIS look up and this site that was on Facebook is registered in Alaska!!! How genuine can this be?

  • Cindy

    Is jbydress a scam?

  • Juanita

    Someone on Facebook is selling fake bags and got upset when I told another lady .That it was fake,by looking at the cut and sticking. She never answered the question when it’s ask. If it’s real then answer the question. Marie hill is her name .

  • Sorry, doesn’t look legit to us.

  • Michele

    Has anyone ever ordered from

    I want to order a purse but I want to know if this is a scam or not.

    thank you

    • Doesn’t look legit to us. We recommend sticking to brand websites for whatever you are purchasing in order to protect your info!

    • Kimberly Roy

      @ Michele
      I just recently ordered from this site & it definitely is a fake site. I had ordered 2 purses & 2 wallets for Xmas gifts. I just received 1 purse & wallet today & as soon as I looked at the packaging I felt sick to my stomach because it had all of this Chinise writing on it & sure enough when I opened it I realized it was fake. I very rarely order things online & don’t think I will be doing it any time soon either. I am disgusted that I got scammed.So please don’t order from this site.

  • Maria Medvedeva
    • Doesn’t look legit. We suggest using the official Michael Kors website.


        In case you (@maria_medvedeva) are still wondering about that website, it probably is not real. It has one of the big red flags that the article above mentioned. At the bottom of the page you cn see that the website is powered by itself.
        I realize you wrote and asked the question 6 months ago, but since i just read the article (almost got scammed myself last night.). Be careful out there when it comes to shopping for deals online!

  • Sorry, this one doesn’t look real. We always recommend sticking to or trusted retailers like

  • This website doesn’t look legit to us. We always recommend sticking to or trusted retailers like

  • Doesn’t look legit to us. We always recommend sticking to or trusted retailers like

  • Amy

    Has anyone ordered from kicerbag and received their bag?

  • Carly

    Does anyone know anything about ? It was a sponsored ad on Facebook.

    • Kyle Lemmon

      Hey Carly,
      As far as we can tell, it’s not a safe website. It’s very new so there isn’t a whole lot of information about it right now. But it follows a lot of the same patterns that many scam websites use. It is very similar to the sunglasses scams that pop up on Facebook all the time. I’d steer clear of it until there is more information on it. Hope this helps.

  • Becky Strong Dotson

    Thanks for the info. I actually stumbled across it when I was searching for reviews. Of course I was just about to add my credit card info to purchase a purse and wallet for less than $100. Then my common sense took over, definitely too good to be true… Bummer. Oh and what initially lead me to the site was an advertisement on Facebook.

  • Thanks for giving everyone a heads up. We are sorry to hear you never received your order though. Hopefully you can resolve the issue with your credit card company.

  • Doesn’t look legit to us. We always recommend sticking to or trusted retailers like

  • So glad you caught this before any fraudulent charges were made. Hopefully it will all be resolved soon.

  • Kristine

    I purchased a bag from this website I am now worrying about it being a fake website.

    • We always recommend sticking to or trusted retailers like

  • Sorry about your experience Amber. It doesn’t seem to be a legit Michael Kors dealer to us. We always suggest sticking to or trusted retailers like

  • That website does not seem legit to us. It is full of content from other websites (in this case from Walmart). The site ultimately seems to be a ploy to get people to enter their information to learn how to build their own website. We suggest looking for Valentine’s gifts at known brand websites (like Walmart, if the items listed on caught your eye) to make certain you actually get the items you want and you don’t get your information stolen.

  • Hey Jenn, we’re not sure how you’d tell they’re fake or not at this point. But as long as you like them and feel you got what you paid for, then we’d chalk it up as a win. I don’t know if I’d recommend buying from this site in the future though, after doing some digging we noticed a few red flags that would give us pause.

  • If you didn’t put your CC information down, then you should be good. If you could shoot over the URL we’ll take a look at.

  • Definitely not legit! Sorry Rocky.

  • Hey Albrie, I’d recommend reaching out to your credit card company to see if you can have the charges reversed. This site definitely doesn’t sound legit.

  • Sorry Joan. Definitely not legit.

  • This one definitely doesn’t look legit. Stick to

  • We always recommend sticking to or trusted retailers like

  • That one looks fishy to us. Stick with or trusted retailers like Nordstrom or Saks.

  • You’ll want to keep an eye on your bank statements to be sure that nothing comes through, but hopefully the payment will be stopped before it goes through. Let us know what happens!

  • Hey Lisa, I don’t believe credit card companies automatically apply refunds to similar transactions, you’ll want to reach out to your credit card company again and see if they can reverse the charge for your account specifically.

  • Victoria

    Can someone please find out about michaelkorsbagscc com please

    • Hey Victoria! We recommend sticking to

  • The site is fake. If it isn’t, it isn’t a legitimate Michael Kors website.

  • This site is a fake. We would stay away from anything that isn’t, or an authorized retailer like Nordstrom.

  • No, this site is a fake. eBay has no reason to use a funny domain like that.

  • That’s great your bank was able to catch this for you. A lot of others who run into the same trap don’t get the same courtesy call!

  • This is certainly a scam.

  • This is not a legit Michael Kors provider, sorry. We would steer clear, or else you may never get the items you purchase.

  • Yeah, that’s too good of a deal to be true. And you know what they say if it is too good to be true… it probably isn’t!

  • Sorry, it is not a real Michael Kors site. Any products you purchase will either be fake, or never even arrive.

  • Since it isn’t, we would steer clear.

  • If it isn’t, or one of the authorized sellers, we wouldn’t recommend using the site.

  • This is definitely a scam. Try disputing this with your bank or credit card company, and you might be able to get a refund.

  • We’re sorry to hear you have not yet received your products. It might be worth disputing this with your bank or credit card company.

  • As you can tell by the court documents, this site certainly isn’t trustworthy!

  • Yeah, this is unfortunately a phony Michael Kors site. It would be worth disputing the charges with your bank or credit card provider. Please let us know how you make out with this.

  • We are happy to hear that you were able to use our site to help you figure this is a fake site! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  • Hanna
  • Marina Juglea
    • Neither of these are authentic Michael Kors suppliers. We’d recommend steering clear of both these sites.

  • shaad

    Hi i just came across a fake michealkors website. I was about to fall for it but i read this discussion. The website is and its offering purses for as cheap as 49$

    • Good catch! Thanks for sharing your experience. These sites can be tricky!

  • Hi there,

    We’re glad you took the time to share your experience with us, and happy to hear we could be helpful in this situation! It’s great that you were able to identify easily that this might be a fake site.


  • Mocha

    What about Seems like they only accept PayPal and noticed some gramatical and spelling errors.

    • Hi Mocha,

      This site is certainly a fake. You’d think they could try something more tricky that, but oh well. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  • Fiona Watt-Cooper

    Hi, what are your views on ? I emailed them to ask whether their products were authentic and they replied saying they were, however I am still not sure? Thanks

    • Hi Fiona,

      We would not trust this site. It certainly appears fake and deceptive. I would not believe their claim of authenticity.


  • Rhea Maiya

    Hey I recently ordered off of and now think it’s fake. I can’t cancel the order and it’s already taken the money out of my account. What can I do?

    • Hi Rhea,

      This one is tricky. I took a look at the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, and of course the first question asks if the products are 100% authentic. The website guarantees they only sell authentic product, and promises a refund of ten times the purchase price if they give you a fake product–but businesses lie, so we can’t be so convinced. We would be wary with a site like this, simply because the deals are too good to be true.

      It looks like they offer a good return policy on their website, which you can find in the link below.

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can do!


      • John

        No! You can tell it is fake by just by reading the return policy page. The very first sentence on the page is littered with grammar mistakes that native English speakers don’t make. Also the picture on the home page of the site says at the top in big letters, “All Big Discount”… This site is obviously a fake.

  • courtney
    • Hi Courtney,

      Unfortunately, both of these sites are selling bootleg products. We would advise against ordering from either site.


  • Sarah vogue are the biggest scammers. I wish I had found this artical before. I bought from their website and received the product more than 2 weeks later. It was so cheaply made I wanted to cry. Cheap material, bad plastic smell, threads coming out. There’s no phone number for customer service so I tried to email them a couple times but nothing. I also tried to leave comments and ratings on the website but it never showed. Buyers, please beware! Wish someone shuts those lying sobs down ASAP.

    • Hi Sarah,

      We are sorry to hear you purchased from this site–it happens more often to others than you would think! They do have a return policy, if you send it back right away. It’s risky, because you can’t be sure you’ll actually see your money come back to you. If you ordered with a credit card, it may be worth talking with them and seeing if there is anything they can do to assist you!


  • Chelsea
  • Ben
    • Hi Ben,

      This site is not a legitimate retailer. We would caution proceeding with a purchase from this site.


  • Betsey

    Purchased MK items online just yesterday at Using a few of the tips, I do not believe it is a real site. Geez, MK seems to be a big target.

    • Hi Betsey,

      Yes, this site is a fake. Michael Kors is a big target for bootlegs, mainly because of the high-end nature of the product. Since many of their products are higher in price, it is easy for people to make knock-off handbags and sell them at a lower price.


  • Carolina mendez is fake website please investigate

    • Hi Carolina,

      Thanks for sharing! Yes, this is indeed a fake website.


  • Carmen

    Hello, Can somebody tell me if this website is legit, seems to good to be true??

    • Hi Carmen,

      This site is NOT legit. If you’re looking for authentic Michael Kors, your best bet is to stick with or a trusted department store.


  • Yolibeth

    So glad I found this article.. Just found this site… Could not be anymore fake.

  • Ana Mariel Salvatierra

    Hi. I just bought a purse in this website and I realized after reading this article that it’s fake. What can I do to get my money back?

  • Tammy

    I came across a fake website.
    After trying to do my own research before purchasing I saw your site and did the go daddy who is look up and found this site to be registered to a liu zai bing in country “CN”
    Thanks for the education on spotting fake websites.

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience! We are glad to hear our site was able to assist you.


  • SCVdeb

    I think I was just scammed by this website: I have contacted my credit card company to stop the transaction…

    • Hi There,

      Yes, this is definitely a scam Michael Kors site. Hopefully your credit card company will stop the transaction. Let us know how it goes! If you need anything else, please feel free to reach out!


  • allison
    • Hi Allison,

      This is fake. If the website looks to imitiate Michael Kors, it cannot be trusted. If you want the real deal, it’s best to stick with

      Please let us know if you need anything else!


  • Nancy

    what about the website

    • Nancy,

      If it doesn’t come from, we suggest steering clear. Be sure to double check the domain and that it ends in “.com” and has no other combinations–in this case, it has “.us” before the “.com.”

      Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Hi Lorraine,

    We’re glad we could help you out with our article. That’s crazy they sent so many emojis! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Kady Lambert

    Just received this email this morning regarding 60-70% off MK items: Is this legit

    • Hi Kady,

      We would not recommend purchasing from this website. Unless the items are coming directly from Michael Kors or an authorized seller–think department stores–we would stay away from the sales that seem too good to be true.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


      • liz

        I also bought from this site today,but unfortunately i ran onto this article right afterwards. And I’m so sad now…I guess there is no way getting my money back..So frustrating

  • Cathy, that site is actually one of the reasons this article was created. Thanks for confirming!

    • liz

      I’m sorry…I’m so confused….I bought from this website…I’m so unhappy at the moment

      • Hi Liz,

        We understand your confusion and sadness on this matter. It looks like the site you have ordered from is a fake Michael Kors dealer, but it appears they do have some sort of return policy–which you can check out in the link below.

        It looks like they have a 20% restocking fee, which means you will not get your full refund.

        Please let us know if you have any other questions!


        • liz

          Hello Josh,
          Thanks for your concern. I noticed as well this alternative, but i sent them an email almost afterwards the transaction and they never answered. So, i don’t think i could trust them anyway. However, i contacted my card company and we took some actions. I hope i won’t lose all my money.
          I will let you know if anything happens!

          • Liz,

            Thanks for giving us some further insight. We hope it all works out for you. Please let us know if your card company is able to refund your purchase–we’d love to provide this as an option for others who have the same situation as you.

            Please let us know if you need anything else!


        • liz

          I’m not very optimistic…but if there is a positive result, i will let you know.
          Thanks again,Josh.

  • Michelle

    I recently got an email that MichaelKors is on sale and the site name is
    I almost purchase few bags from here but after reading this article I don’t think that’s a trustworthy website.
    They do not appear on reseller rating page nor GoDaddy’s.
    So I should not right?

  • jean howe

    Do not buy from e4purses. They took my money and refused to send order.

  • Tracy

    Just found a fake website www(DOT)shoptheeaglesonline(DOT)com. I wish I had read your information prior to my purchase. So many red flags from your article. I reported it to my credit card company as fraud and canceled my card.

  • Ira Vince

    Just realise that I ordered fake Ugg boots via bootsofficeonline(dot)com. I reported that to counterfeit service and now I will call credit card company.

  • Sylvia

    What about loveukbags(DOT)om?

  • Deena

    Wow thanks a lot for this article! I came across ecmichaelkors(DOT)com and almost purchased their Christmas Value spree! I looked it up in godaddy and guess what? They’re from China!

  • If the transaction has not gone through on your account you can try to contact your bank and cancel it. As for what else you can do, read the end of the article and it discusses what steps you can take. Best of luck!

  • Hey Louise, that’s definitely not the real Michael Kors website. If you visit you’ll get the official Michael Kors site (and they’re currently having a sale!)

  • Fernanda Marques

    Do u guys think that the site: theonlyshops(DOT)com is fake? It doesn’t look real for me, but it has existed more than a year and the domain is from Portugal.

    • We always suggest that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. In this case, the sight definitely looks a bit iffy to us. So we suggest avoiding it.

  • Vanessa

    Hi, I ordered a Michael Kors from this website http://michaelkorshopseu(DOT)co/ 13 days ago from Ireland and after 1 day I was supposed to get an email from them to track my order but that never happened. I have sent 4 messages to them and I should have been replied back withing 24 hours but that was not the case. Moreover yesterday I checked that someone had hacked my debit visa and bough from Facebook something near 80 Euros and had to cancel my card in Spain cause it is a Spanish card. Then I supposed that MK website is a fraud and is responsible for the FB purchases. At least when I am back in Spain, I´ll be able to get FB money back when I report it to the police but I´ll never get MK bag. I have learned the biggest lesson in my life, bettert to pay 300 Euros for a genuine MK cause I have lost near 160 Euros for nothing.

  • linda this is a fake site who advertise on facebook my daughter went to buy one and luckily the bank stopped the payment as it was some one in china trying to take money out of her account

  • Lou

    I “bought ” an iPad case from ipadprotectivecases(DOT)com and have received no correspondence from them other than to say my transaction was successful. The amount was deducted from my card. Strange that over $1,000 was hacked from my card in the subsequent week.

  • RuthieSue

    Fake online shoe store: “Create….the best online services” URL is: ishoesi(dot)com
    I tried to buy a pair of boots and realized the site didn’t have a proper name, although everything worked, the shopping cart, the search bar etc. They try and use your Paypal account and automatically select the Paypal option: paypalkcy instead of letting you pay by Visa or Master Card which they advertise as payment options. I reported the site to GoDaddy site as suggested.

  • caetana

    I shopped in bags-hot(DOT)com and found out that it’s from Taiwan! Has anyone shopped on here before? I’m thinking in might be fake since I ordered 3 weeks ago and still haven’t received them.

  • Priantha Varma

    I have purchased a dress for my ball from Promgirl(DOT)com, at least I thought I did. Turns out there are two websites that look exactly the same except one of them is called Promsgirl(DOT)com. When receiving the dress I was not happy at all the fitting was not right and the beading was completely off and it basically looked horrible on me. When getting in contact with the person who sold the dress to me they would avoid the question and would not give me the authorization return number or form. I paid the same price on the knock off website that I would have on the original because I thought the knock off was the original and I definitely did not get the same quality and standard that I paid for. I need some help on how to take further action with this website and get my money back.

    • Hi Priantha, sorry this is happening to you. Read the article above and there are tips on actions you can take to report the website. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!

  • ellaine

    How about michaelkors-info(DOT)com?

  • Sam Navarro

    What about michaelkorsofficial(DOTcom?

    • I’d avoid it if I were you. There are spelling errors and crazy reduced prices. Probably too good to be true.

  • Keity

    http://michaelkors-sell(DOT)com/ is fake. Bought from them and got a fake bag. First and hopefully the last such mistake.

  • Jess Saiyan

    Another thing to add: check with BBB website. A lot of these scam sites will have the “BBB accredited business” logo at the bottom. Here’s a site to avoid, my fellow purse purchasers: Officialmkoutlets(DOT)com.

  • Mary

    What about “http://michaelkorsofficial(DOT)com”? Is it too good to be true?

    • I’d stay away from that site Mary. It looks like a fake website with the spelling errors and the “too good to be true” pricing.

  • Alex

    This site has a great deal on bourbon: http://theonlinewhiskyshop(DOT)net but looks fake to me? What is your opinion security gurus of ASL?

    • Great question Alex! There are two big “no no’s” I see on this site.
      1) The About Us page has nothing about the history of the site (when it began, who owns it, etc.). All it talks about is the shipping, which the Shipping page and the About Us page are the same.
      2) There is no link attached to Contact Us. So there is no way to contact them. They have no social media presence either.

      I would advise you buy your bourbon elsewhere so you don’t get scammed!

      • Alex

        Thanks Kimberly, looks like my spidey sense was right! Very valuable service you provide here, I appreciate you taking the time and helping me not get scammed 🙂

  • Akriti Shrestha

    What about this: www (DOT) offermkbags (DOT) com. Does this seem fake?

  • Luiz

    Thanks, helped me a lot on this fake one: michaelkors-promo(DOT)com. It is registered in Whois to SHANGHAI MEICHENG TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.

  • Ryna Enriquita Morales

    Thank you so much for this amazing article! I have shared your article on Facebook and hope more people will be able to use it, and I also have just reported one more fake Michael Kors outlet website. Stay away from www(dot)mksalebest(dot)com

  • jo

    Be careful I’ve found the same with a different domain name: www(dot)thecutebags(dot)com.

  • Carol

    Is www (DOT) mkoutletforyou (DOT) com fake?

  • UnbiasedinMiami

    Fake site: www (DOT) handbagsckp (DOT) pw

  • Kristy

    I’m worried I purchased a product from a fake Michael Kors site. I purchased a purse from ienjoymk (DOT) com. Should have done research prior to purchase. Have any of you heard of it? What should I do?

  • marysandra

    Does someone know about this site www (DOT) viponlinehandbag (DOT) com? It is safe?

  • adele

    michaelkors-goshop(dot)com FAKE!

  • Ccw

    Ordered some clothes off there and to be fair they were ridiculously cheap just cheaper!
    Anyway the site has now vanished and my emails are ignored!
    Email address is fashionpalm (AT) gmail (DOT) com



    I’m so glad I checked on the site mksasalebag and your site popped up. Those ripoff artists almost got me too. It’s terrible these ripoff artists get away with these crimes.

  • Catherine Meow Meow

    Do not buy from bagsage (DOT) com. They sell fake leather branded products which comes from China.

  • miss independent

    www (DOT) mksalebags (DOT) com, I was looking for a mk purse for my stepdaughter for her graduation present. Not only did I get totally scammed on eBay and out of $42 until I went through hoops to get the money back. I also ran across the site above and it was actually one of the advertisements that was on another site and you just clicked on it. Well some of the prices are extremely too good to be true and when I looked it up on this site, it was registered a month ago and expires in a year and is of course based in China or says it is. So glad I ran into this Go Daddy site when I was searching for how to tell what is and isn’t fake.

    • Kim lake

      I just “purchased” a purse from this website. I had no idea it was a fake and now I am out $85. 🙁

      • miss independent

        Depending on how you made your purchase, you may be able to recoup your money. A lot of credit cards have a no fraud policy. Some have a $50 liability limit. I purchased mine through PayPal with a credit card that I had listed to use. Paypal supposedly protects your financial identity. The same credit card that I have listed through them was also fraudulently charged in Florida for over $600! I have since changed the account number and the credit card reimbursed me for my loss. These are some trying times for sure. Never ever use your own bank debit card when ordering anything online. I am seriously considering using only a fraud proof credit card and paying this off on my monthly web bill pay through my bank.

  • lenah

    www (DOT) raybanoutletus (DOT) com is this site real or fake?

  • Lita

    mksalebags (dot) COM is a fake Chinese website which is advertised on Facebook. I notified Facebook over a year ago and I still see the advertisements playing.

    • miss independent

      You know, that is exactly where I saw it also. I couldn’t actually remember at first because I sort have been doing a few things online. I just ran into it a few minutes ago but was scammed on eBay with a user who was listed as no longer registered after the payments had both processed.

  • Hi Lisa, I suggest contacting the company and asking about your order. I’m not seeing a website at that URL. If you have any question that your identity may be in jeopardy you should definitely cancel your card.

    • Chizoro

      Hello Kimberly,
      Thank you, you have exposed so many false websites. Just would like to know which is the MK genuine website where one can purchase their product.

  • Lisa

    I ordered a bag from www (dot) lovhandbags (dot) com. Have not heard back from anyone and the order is showing as prunpaid. Any ideas? I think I need to cancel my credit card.

  • anne

    michaelkors-gobuy(dot)com is a fake website as well — can’t tell from the main page but if you click on “return” (which was a red flag for me because usually it’s “returns”) there are tons of grammar and spelling errors, run on/too short of sentences, and it explicitly states that it does not give refunds on merchandise if the reasons are “not as pictured, not what I wanted,” etc. Also — no return address. It says you must email them and they’ll tell you the return address. My dad got the email notice for the sale through what looked like the usual michael kors website email — maybe they hacked Michael Kors email list-serve and sent it to him? Be careful!

  • natalie

    Anyone know anything about: korslove(dot).com Thanks!

  • T. Daniels

    I want to know if fashionbags-shop(dot)us is fake or not. I received a phone call at 11:00 at night asking if i purchased from them, what my address is and how much I spent.

  • lily

    I have been wanting to go to Universal Studios and when I began looking for ticket prices online I came across a website called us-discount-tickets(dot)com, it claims to sell tickets for $75. I read your article but I still feel like I can be fooled since I don’t have a lot of experience with online shopping. May I have your opinion please?

  • Sam

    How about this one help me out. Please. selectbestprice(dot)com

  • saddis

    Wow! Thank you for sharing the information. How about mykorsdeal(dot)com?

  • Sbrown

    How about this site? mkorssaleshop(dot)com

    I ordered from them yesterday and now I’m thinking it was a mistake! Can I block the charge?

  • Skittles

    Almost bought shoes at Sounsunny(dot)com.

  • Thianh Tran Muscionico

    These websites are counterfeit websites selling fake products, aren’t they?


  • Emma

    charitymk(dot)com has just come through Facebook with ridiculously underpriced Michael Kors offers and it’s all in the name of charity – NOT! Thanks for your article, rather than share my bank details, I now know that the site has existed for one week and is registered to an address in China. Will pass on warning to my Facebook contacts.

  • carmen

    What about this outlet: smichaelkors-outlet(dot)es? What do you think?

  • Bettina Miniscloux

    What about topboots(dot)co(dot)uk?

  • Teri

    Emkbags(dot)com? It fits everything your are talking about. And their website is still up.

  • Kristen

    Is this website real? fashionbags-viptop(dot)com

  • Johnisha V Williams

    So I did your steps on this website korsbuy(dot)com and I didn’t find anything wrong. The only thing I saw kind of funny was that they had a count down to the sale ending and when the time passed it kind of restarted, it could probably be different merchandize on sale not sure, please check it out would be very grateful.

  • Brad

    Bestbagsstore(dot)com is the scum of the earth. $89 and a very sad girlfriend with no Xmas gift. Karma will get em.

  • Annelies

    Almost ordered at eu-michaelkors(dot)net, but now I’m doubting myself.

  • Slagal knight

    At first I thought this was a great holiday sale. I created an account and had a shopping cart with 5 bags, but as I got past the initial excitement of having found such great deals at michaelkorsstorm(dot)com, I started to notice a few things: 1) No phone number to contact, just a random hotmail email address; 2) All the sponsored website on left side of site ( Louis Vuitton, etc); 3) Even new arrivals are cheap; 4) Not all links work; 5) No non sale items (never been on any online store where every dang item is on sale).

    So with all this info, alarms went off and I started doing some digging and came upon this site, sure enough almost everything described in how to spot a fake site proved that this is not legit. It was started in November 2014.

    Thank you Alex! You saved me from making a terrible decision. I will report this site immediately after finishing this post Happy New Year. I am recommending all my friends to visit A Secure Life and read these very useful articles.

  • mayberry

    Do you know if this is legit – instylermall(at)gmail(dot)com? I had ordered and now they are telling me the style I chose is not available and to choose another style.

  • roza

    Hi. Can someone tell me is this site is ok? www dot chaussuresxp dot com I just made an order and now I’m scared because maybe it’s fake. It;s my first time to buy online.

  • pat

    After doing research, if it’s not from Micheal Kors directly or an approved retailer like Macy, it’s a fake. I got a great deal on one from Macy’s with an online coupon after I realized I just purchased a fake one, so instead of saving money it cost any extra hundred. I wasn’t trying to be cheap, just trying to get her more presents with the money I had. Nothing worse than giving a girl a fake Mk bag. Glad I noticed it was fake before I gave it to her.

  • pat

    I was ripped off yesterday by mkbagstoreonline(dot)com.

  • tsubasa

    www dot mkbagarea dot com
    I’ve try everything you says and I don’t know it this site is secure

    • The deals are way too good to be true and this looks like every other spam site we’ve investigated so I would assume this site is a scam too.

  • Marie

    One thing I wanted to mention…you keep mentioning to report the charges to the credit card as fraud, but it’s not. It’s a dispute and it’s important to be related that way because it changes how the charge is handled. I am not affiliated with visa, but do work in disputes for a credit card company, and it is important to have the situation handled correctly the first time.

    • sinfonian2013

      Yes, I completely agree. I work in the disputes department for a MasterCard prepaid debit card processor. If you authorized a purchase, it’s technically not fraud. I imagine it depends on various card issuers if they will do anything about it for you.

  • Paula

    Discountmk(dot)co(dot)uk looks fake to me. Have reported it week ago but it’s still there.

  • Dina

    blackfriday dot mk-bags dot org

  • marisa

    I just got something off of selfridges-xmasm(dot)com. I didn’t pay attention like I should have. But after reading this article I’m thinking it was fake. Is there anything I can do for a refund or to protect my account?

  • Anna

    What about bags-shopping(dot)com? I have just bought a MK wallet from there.

  • warning I just got a the a spam text message from sharepillo(at)msn(dot)com about a fake Michael Kors webstie! If you get a message from them do not click, it’s a hoax!

  • lilitje

    Is mkhotgood(dot)com real or fake? Please someone tell me.

  • Floss

    Do not buy off this website…. I did and received a cheap fake!!!! Never again michaelkorsoutletnewzealand(dot)com

  • Josie

    Do not buy from the Michael Kors outlets claiming to sell their purses for $69. A friend just did it and it is an overseas company. Her credit card was charged with international fees and they never sent her order ,nor will they answer any customer service emails.

  • Chis

    How about this: michaelkors(dot)sale93(dot)com

  • Stephanie

    Is this site a scam? sdejola(dot)com

    • Yes Stephanie, it is a scam site for sure. If you follow the steps we outlined in this article, it is clear to see this is a scammy website. (1) They registered less than two months ago, so the site is too new; (2) there are typos everywhere, obviously not native English-speakers; and (3) Most importantly, the prices are WAY to good to be true. Stay away from this site and any others like this.

  • Amanda

    My pinterest had a lot of posts I didn’t make from womenbagsqq.blogspot(dot)com – all offering Micheal Kors merchandise. I went to the linked website and it looks just like a Micheal Kors webpage, cart and all.

  • Kristina

    Hi Alex, I’ve just been scammed too. I know I should have checked it properly but I have to say there is nothing on Michael Kors at Xmas(dot)co(dot) uk online. Is there any chance I can get my money back from my bank?! Thanks a lot for your help and advice.

    • I would contact your bank ASAP. If you paid using a credit or debit card, you should be able to report the fraudulent activitiy and the bank will reverse the charge.

  • Liz

    This one looks fake to me: michaelkorsby2014(dot)com

  • Chantal

    Not sure if this one is mentioned but it has all purses for $69, poor grammar and incorrect “original” priced: michaelkorsoutlets-us(dot)com.

  • Kim

    What about michaelkors-xmas(dot)co(dot)uk ?

    • This website does not look legit to me.

      • juvencio avila

        How can I report this website? I purchased a purse and I’m trying to get my money back, is there a way?

        • There really isn’t a way to report the website per say. Hopefully we are informing consumers with this article.

          In regards to getting your money back. If you paid with a credit card, call them and file a claim. In most cases credit card companies are very helpful when it comes to fraud.

        • We do have a couple tips on reporting websites in the article above under the heading “Actions You Can Take to Report Fake Websites.” Some of these actions have been successful and sites have been taken down.

          • chichi

            Hello Alex,
            Just wanna find out how to get the real Michael Kors website?

  • Curious

    What about hot.michaelkorsclearence(dot)com?

    • This site looks fake to me. It is important to remember, if the prices look too good to be true, they probably are!

  • Hoping for a bargain

    Is official-michaelkors(dot)co a scam site? The reason I ask, the prices seem too good to be true!

    • This site looks consistent with the other fake sites we have seen.

  • Disappointed girl

    Cheap-michaelkorsbags (dot) co (dot) uk is one to be aware of! I unfortunately have fallen for this after not reviewing any emails or goods! I’m soooo upset I hadn’t seen this before, I’m kicking myself, I’m usually so careful and thought I was far from stupid! Please only use official sites! To reiterate, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”!!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with our readers. I’m sorry you ended up a victim of this scam 🙁 Your sharing of this will hopefully prevent others from falling prey. Thank you!

  • tangel

    What about mkbagshelf(dot)com?

    • That website does not look legit to us. The prices seem very low and there is no official affiliation with Michael Kors.

  • linda

    What about bamooly(dot)com?

    • Our research indicates that bamooly (dot) com is also a fraudulent site. Please stay away and thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • Grace

    I just recently got scammed by this exact website. Stole my money and the product was never delivered. The website has been shut down, but there is no way to get a refund or anything.

  • Girl

    michaelkorsmaps(dot)com is completely a scam site that only take money. You will receive no product and no emails from them. Beware!

    • Thanks for sharing this with us Girl, hopefully this will help some of our readers avoid this site.

  • LPaws

    This same company is using my website. Any advice on how to remove them?

    • Hi LPaws, when you say they are using your website, what do you mean exactly?

      • LPaws

        If you type my business name “lasting paws”, the first listing that comes up is for their site, but with info from our site in the description. If you click on it, it then takes you to their site.

        • Oh wow! So is your site? It appears that they may have hacked into your site. When did you first notice this?

          • LPaws

            Someone mentioned it about 2 weeks ago.

  • jayc

    Same situation let me know what I can do.

    • Alex Schenker

      Hi Jay,

      Sorry to hear this! See my response to Nina and let me know if that gives you enough guidance on what to do next. If not, feel free to ask for more specifics (please don’t post any personal info in the comments however) and I’ll do my best to help!

  • Nina

    My friend ordered something off this site. Should she be worried about identity theft? Can she get her money back?

    • Alex Schenker

      Hi Nina,

      Depends on what kind of personal information she submitted. If she only input her name, address, and credit card, it’s unlikely that her entire identity is compromised. If she input her social security #, that’s of greater concern, but I’m guessing that’s less likely. Most likely they will just try and steal her credit card data. I would advise your friend to report the incident to the bank that issued her card and have the card re-issued. And if she used a password to access the site that she has used elsewhere, I would update that password everywhere she uses it.

      Let me know if that helps and if you have any further questions! Sorry to hear your friend fell for this trap. She shouldn’t feel bad, it’s all too common these days because scammers have gotten so sophisticated. Banks and credit card companies are all too aware of this and she will not be penalized.

  • Sadie Cornelius

    Wow, awesome tips Alex, very useful today on Cyber Monday and always!