2020’s Best Home Security Systems in Columbus, Ohio

Best for Customer Service
Executive Security Consultants
Starting at  
Pro Bullet Cellular monitoring
Pro Bullet Transparent pricing
Best for Flexible Contracts
Northwestern Ohio Security Systems
Starting at  
Pro Bullet Flexible contract lengths
Pro Bullet Mobile app
Best for Home Automation
Starting at  
Pro Bullet Lifetime service guarantee
Pro Bullet Wireless equipment
Best for Free Equipment
IPS Technology and Security Solutions
Starting at  
Pro Bullet Basic security package
Pro Bullet Equipment payment options
Best for Landline Monitoring
Allsecure Systems
Starting at  
Pro Bullet Landline monitoring option
Pro Bullet Low monthly costs

We review only local Columbus security systems on this page. If you're looking for national companies like ADT, you can find them on our main best home security systems page.

There’s a lot to love about living in Columbus, from the gorgeous Park of Roses to the tasty Thurman Burger to a Buckeyes game at the Shoe (can I get an “O-H-I-O”?).

But as with most big cities, there are some not-so-great things too. The property crime rate in Columbus is much higher than the national average,1 and that’s where a good security system comes into play. We talked to local home security companies based in and around Columbus to find the best ones for customers in Ohio’s capital. Read on to learn more.

If you’re looking for a national brand like ADT, Vivint, or Frontpoint, check out our best home security systems recommendations.

Our favorite Columbus home security companies

Compare local home security companies in Columbus, Ohio

All of these home security companies are based in Columbus or the surrounding areas and specifically service that part of Ohio.

* Data effective 01/10/2020. Offers and availability subject to change.

Local vs. national security systems

There are crucial differences to keep in mind when choosing between local and national home security systems. National brands such as ADT Home Security tend to be bigger with more options and features. However, local companies have the advantage when it comes to customer service and assisting you in your individual needs.

Local knowledge

National brands may have a lot to offer, but they’ll never know your home city or state the way a local company does. A local security company will take into account the type of neighborhood you live in, typical weather patterns, and environmental factors like whether or not your house is in a flood plain (I’m looking at you, Franklinton) when helping you choose equipment.

Another advantage is that a lot of local security companies do their own monitoring. If there’s extreme weather in the area or large events that might affect your home’s security, they’ll already be aware of it.


National brands usually have an advantage when it comes to equipment. They often have a wider range of equipment choices than local companies do, and the equipment itself is often new or cutting edge. However, a lot of local brands use reliable Alarm.com equipment and offer a full range of equipment types. If there’s something you want to add, they can get it for you.

Best Home Security Systems
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4.5 out of 5 stars4.5
Most Flexible
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4.3 out of 5 stars4.3
Best High-End System
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4.2 out of 5 stars4.2
Best DIY
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4.2 out of 5 stars4.2


Both national and local home security companies offer equipment packages that you can add to, but with a local company, it’s easier to customize what you’re getting. Local companies will often work with you to meet your needs and make personalized recommendations for your individual situation.

Customer service

Because local security companies are nearby, it takes less time to get a technician or representative out to your house, whereas a national brand may not have a service provider in your area. For some DIY security systems like Frontpoint, this may not be an issue, but if you need help installing or maintaining your equipment, it’s great to have someone close by.

It’s true that national security companies have great customer service, but they can’t give you the same attention that you get from a smaller local company. With a local company, you know you’re a valued customer, and you may even find yourself on a first-name basis with the head of the company. The only downside is that local companies may be available only during regular business hours, whereas national brands might be available 24/7.

Executive Security Consultants review: Best customer service

Executive Security Consultants has affordable prices, cellular monitoring, and some of the best, most personalized customer service we’ve experienced.

Best customer service
Executive Security Consultants
Plans starting at 

    Executive Security Consultants pros and cons

    • Pro BulletExcellent customer service
    • Pro BulletPersonalized security recommendations and suggestions
    • Pro BulletTransparent pricing
    • Pro Bullet100% cellular monitoring with all plans
    • Pro BulletWireless equipment
    • Pro BulletAffordable prices
    • Pro BulletMobile app
    • Con BulletLimited equipment selection

    Why we recommend Executive Security Consultants

    Executive Security Consultants has been in business for over thirty years and specializes in customized home security systems, upfront pricing, and excellent customer service. We appreciated that all of the equipment prices were listed online and that we got quick and super helpful support when we reached out to the company.


    Like many home security companies, Executive Security Consultants offers three-year monitoring contracts with monthly service fees, and the monthly pricing goes up as you add more features. Plans start at $37 per month for basic security monitoring and go up to $45 per month for mobile access and home automation and $55 per month to add video monitoring.

    These prices are only slightly higher than what you’d get from a national brand like Frontpoint or Vivint and are some of the best we found for local Columbus companies. The installation fee is higher than average at $149, but you can often find a discount for that on the website.

    * Data effective 01/10/2020. Offers and availability subject to change.

    Customer service

    To say we were very impressed with the customer service we received from Executive Security Consultants would be an understatement. Less than an hour after leaving a voicemail and sending an email, we got a call back from the president of the company, who also heads up the sales department. He answered all of our questions and instead of trying to sell us on more equipment, he explained why we probably wouldn’t need all of it.

    Every interaction we had with the company was at that same level of attention. Overall, we felt valued and heard as customers, and we’d recommend Executive Security Consultants based just on the excellent customer service we got.

    To say we were very impressed with the customer service we received from Executive Security Consultants would be an understatement.
    Features and equipment

    Included with each monitoring plan is a good set of basic home security equipment:

    • Control panel
    • Keypad
    • 3 door sensors
    • 1 motion sensor or glass break sensor
    • 1 siren
    • 1 backup battery

    You can easily choose additional equipment and pay for each piece individually. Any home automation equipment or cameras automatically bump you up to the corresponding monitoring plans. While there aren’t any environmental sensors, such as flood detectors or carbon monoxide detectors, listed on the website, we were assured that those can be added as needed.

    While Executive Security Consultants offers fewer equipment options than some of the competition, the prices are definitely lower, making it a truly affordable home security option.

    • Door sensors: $30
    • Window sensors: $30
    • Motion sensors: $100
    • Glass break sensors: $100
    • Garage door remote: $127.25
    • Z-Wave thermostat: $127.25
    • Smart plug-in dimmer: $43.86
    • Z-Wave light bulb: $41.25
    • Outdoor IP camera: $199
    • Indoor camera: $249
    • Doorbell camera: $199
    • Slim doorbell camera: $180
    • Flood detector: $100

    ASecureLife’s recommendation: Executive Security Consultants is our top choice for high-quality customer service, plus we love the transparent pricing, affordable equipment, and cellular monitoring with every plan.

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    Northwestern Ohio Security Systems review: Best for flexible contracts

    Northwestern Ohio Security Systems offers shorter contract lengths, reasonable pricing, and a mobile app that can be added to any plan type.

    Best for flexible contracts
    Northwestern Ohio Security Systems
    Plans starting at 

      Northwestern Ohio Security Systems pros and cons

      • Pro BulletFlexible contract lengths
      • Pro BulletMobile app available with every plan
      • Pro BulletWide range of equipment
      • Pro BulletWireless equipment
      • Pro BulletCellular and Wi-Fi monitoring
      • Con BulletPrices not available online
      • Con BulletMobile app costs extra each month

      Why we recommend Northwestern Ohio Security Systems

      Northwestern Ohio Security Systems (NWOSS) is a long-established security company in Ohio. All of its services are taken care of in-house, including monitoring, so it truly is a local company. This was one of the only companies we found that offers contracts for 12, 24, or 36 months, so if you need a shorter contract length, this is the best company for you.


      NWOSS offers a home security package with the basic equipment:

      • 1 touchscreen keypad
      • 3 door sensors
      • 2 motion detectors
      • 1 siren
      • Yard signs and stickers

      The upfront cost for the starting package varies depending on your contract length but includes the installation fee and a one-year warranty on the equipment.

      • 1-year contract: $399
      • 2-year contract: $299
      • 3-year contract: $399

      NWOSS’s monthly monitoring prices vary based on the type of monitoring you choose. Wi-Fi security monitoring is $30.95 per month, Wi-Fi with cellular backup is $36.75 per month, and cellular security monitoring starts at $38.95 per month. Monthly costs also go up if you choose to add smart home devices or video monitoring to your system.

      • Basic security: $38.95/month
      • Basic security and home automation: $48.45/month
      • Basic security and video monitoring: $51.90/month
      • Basic security, home automation, and video monitoring: $54.90/month

      Prices are for cellular monitoring without the mobile app.


      In addition to the basic security system package equipment, you can pay for additional equipment à la carte. All of the equipment is wireless, which makes it super easy to take with you if you move. NWOSS has a wide range of equipment types available, including all of the basic devices we look for.

      • Door and window sensor
      • Glass break detector
      • Motion detector
      • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
      • Heat and temperature sensors
      • Water sensor
      • Emergency LED lights
      • Personal alarm pendant
      • Z-Wave thermostat
      • Video doorbell
      • Z-Wave deadbolt
      • Z-Wave garage door controller
      • Z-Wave plug-in outlet
      • Keypad
      • Key fob
      • Siren
      • Wireless repeater
      Mobile app

      NWOSS offers customers the use of a mobile app (for iOS and Android) with every plan; however, the app does cost a little more per month. The basic app is an additional $2.50 and lets you arm and disarm your security system remotely. The full app is $5.95 and lets you add users, review the event history, and create a schedule for your equipment. We like that the app can be added to any plan, and that there’s a simplified version of the app for people who just want to check on their security system without lots of extras.

      Customer service

      We had a great experience with NWOSS’s excellent customer service team. They followed up with all of our questions and communications, and when we had trouble getting ahold of the sales rep, he went out of his way to reach out until we connected.

      ASecureLife’s recommendation: Northwestern Ohio Security Systems was one of the only home security companies we found in the Columbus, Ohio, area that offered contracts lengths shorter than 36 months, so if you need a shorter contract, this is our top choice.

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      Habitec review: Best for home automation

      Habitec combines security and home automation support into one basic plan, making it the best option for adding smart home devices to your security system.

      Best for home automation
      Plans starting at 

        Habitec pros and cons

        • Pro BulletLifetime guarantee for equipment maintenance
        • Pro BulletHome automation support included
        • Pro BulletCellular and Wi-Fi monitoring available
        • Pro BulletWireless equipment
        • Pro BulletZ-Wave smart home compatibility
        • Con BulletPricier equipment
        • Con BulletCameras require outlets

        Why we recommend Habitec

        If home automation integration is important to you, Habitec is a great choice. Home automation is supported with the Advanced Security plan at no additional cost, which is different from most other home security companies. This streamlines your monitoring choices and makes it simpler to choose your equipment.


        Habitec offers two plans: the Advanced Security and Advanced Security Plus plans. Both plans include a basic security system with a touchscreen control panel, three door sensors, and one motion detector. The price also includes the installation and ongoing maintenance of your equipment, as well as access to the mobile app so you can receive text and email alerts and add up to six users.

        The Advanced Security Plus plan gives you video monitoring for up to six cameras with seven days of cloud storage. It costs an additional $7.95 per month. More security equipment, environmental sensors, and/or home automation devices can be added to both packages, and there is a $99 installation fee for additional equipment.

        Although Habitec generally requires a three-year contract, they do have a one-year contract option. The monthly monitoring cost is a little lower, but the upfront equipment costs are almost triple the upfront amount of a three-year contract, so it definitely won’t work for all budgets.

        Advanced Security plan broken down by length of contract

        Data effective 01/10/2020. Offers and availability subject to change.

        Customer service

        Habitec’s customer service team is available 24/7 via an online email form, over the phone, or, uniquely, text messaging. We loved being able to text with a sales rep—it was both easy and effective. Everyone we worked with at Habitec was friendly and professional, and we especially appreciated the quick response time to our emails, voicemails, and text requests.

        Features and equipment

        Habitec offers a full range of home security, environmental sensors, and smart home devices. Any of the equipment can be added to the basic home security package, though the cameras require an upgrade to the Advanced Security Plus plan. The equipment prices are unfortunately higher than some of the competition’s. However, the parts, labor, and programming are included in the cost, which is especially helpful for connecting the Z-Wave devices to your system.

        • Door/window sensor: $75
        • Motion detector: $110
        • Glass break detector: $120
        • Smoke & heat detector: $120
        • Smoke & CO detector: $220
        • Flood sensor: $150
        • Freeze sensor: $85
        • Z-Wave thermostat: $350
        • Z-Wave deadbolt lock: $350
        • Z-Wave plug-in outlet: $85
        • Indoor camera: $99
        • Indoor camera (mounted): $199
        • Outdoor camera: $299
        Better Wi-Fi, better video quality

        One thing to note about their cameras is that all three types of cameras connect via Wi-Fi, so homes with better, faster Wi-Fi will have higher video quality. All three cameras also require an outlet, which might limit where you can install them.

        Another feature we really like is that each plan comes with a premier service plan or lifetime guarantee. This means that Habitec will come out to your home and repair any pieces of equipment for normal wear and tear at no extra cost as long as you continue to use Habitec.

        ASecureLife’s recommendation: Habitec combines home security and home automation at one monthly price, which most other companies don’t do. In spite of the higher equipment prices, we recommend Habitec if smart home devices are a priority.

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        IPS Technology and Security Solutions review: Best for free equipment

        IPS offers a basic starter security package with no upfront costs, so we recommend it for those looking for a simple home security system.

        Best for free equipment
        IPS Technology and Security Solutions
        Plans starting at 

          IPS Technology and Security Solutions pros and cons

          • Pro BulletBasic security package with no up-front costs
          • Pro BulletLower monthly cost for video monitoring
          • Pro BulletHigh-quality equipment
          • Pro BulletRapid customer service responses
          • Pro BulletWhole-home security and automation
          • Pro BulletMultiple payment options for equipment
          • Con BulletExpensive top package equipment
          • Con BulletNot available 24/7

          Why we recommend IPS Technology and Security Solutions

          IPS Technology and Security Solutions is a younger home security company compared to the other recommendations on our list, but they offer whole-home security and automation systems. They also offer a starter home security package with free equipment, making it our top choice for people needing just a basic security system.


          IPS’s pricing is comparable to other home security companies around Columbus, with monthly fees ranging from $39.95 to $59.95. All of the packages include cellular monitoring, so there are no extra fees for that, as well as access to the mobile app so you can arm/disarm your system and check on your home from anywhere.

          The basic Bronze package has no upfront equipment fees and includes a touchscreen keypad, three door sensors, and one motion detector. Other equipment, including environmental sensors and smart home devices, can be added without affecting the monthly monitoring price, making the Bronze package the best for anyone needing a basic security system.

          The Bronze package is the best for anyone needing a basic security system.

          Adding cameras to your system automatically bumps you up to the Silver level monitoring price. However, at $44.95 per month, this is one of the least expensive video monitoring packages we’ve seen, giving IPS an advantage over the competition.

          Data effective 01/10/2020. Offers and availability subject to change.

          Customer service

          Although IPS feels like a big company with a wide range of services and products, we were impressed with the individual attention we received when we reached out to the company. We never had a wait time when we called in. We received a reply to our initial email from the president of the company within ten minutes, and we had a follow-up email from him the next day as well. IPS is not open 24/7 but just Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (ET).

          Features and equipment

          The thing that stood out to us about IPS’s equipment is that you have the option of purchasing each piece of equipment outright or paying for it over the course of your contract by adding a few dollars (per device) to your monthly bill. We like that there are options for both so you can choose what works best for your budget.

          Equipment pricing options

          ASecureLife’s recommendation: If you are looking for a simple security system, IPS offers a good basic plan with no upfront equipment costs. If you’re looking for lots of extras, IPS has those too, though we recommend using a less expensive company.

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          Allsecure Systems review: Best for landline monitoring

          Allsecure Systems offers both cellular and landline monitoring as well as discounted rates for the first year of service.

          Best for landline monitoring
          Allsecure Systems
          Plans starting at 

            Allsecure Systems pros and cons

            • Pro BulletLandline monitoring option
            • Pro BulletMobile app available with cellular monitoring
            • Pro BulletCrash and smash warranty
            • Pro BulletLow monthly prices for the first year
            • Pro BulletHome automation support
            • Pro Bullet1-year or 3-year contract options
            • Con BulletAdditional activation fee
            • Con BulletMonthly prices go up after one year

            Why we recommend Allsecure Systems

            Allsecure Systems is, like IPS Technology and Security Solutions, a newer company in the Columbus region. It offers a full range of security, video monitoring, and home automation products with an emphasis on energy management and remote access through the mobile app.

            It is one of the few companies we found that offer a landline monitoring option, and while we do consider cellular monitoring to be more secure and reliable, Allsecure Systems is our top choice for anyone set on using a landline.


            Allsecure Systems offers customers lots of discounts on the website, including a lower monitoring price for the first year of service. These initial monthly fees are a great deal, and even once the prices jump up by $10 per month, they are all comparable to other home security companies in the Columbus area.

            One downside to Allsecure Systems is an additional activation fee of $100 with each plan. You can often find a discount on the website, but most companies don’t have activation fees at all, so that is a disadvantage.

            * Prices are for the initial 12 months of your contract.
            † Up-front costs are discounted on the website.
            Customer service

            We were impressed with Allsecure’s customer service team overall. They responded to our direct email within 10 minutes, which was especially impressive considering we sent it after normal business hours.

            Allsecure Systems has several ways to contact the customer service team, including an online email form, direct email address, phone number, fax number, and texting number. Their office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays (ET).

            Features and equipment

            With each monitoring plan, Allsecure Systems gives customers a touchscreen control panel, three door sensors, one motion detector, one yard sign, and one key fob that allows you to arm and disarm your system from a distance. Remote access through the mobile app is not available with the Basic Security plan, but it is included with the other monitoring plans. Home automation support requires the top Green Security package.

            Additional equipment is available to add on each of the packages and priced individually.

            • Door sensor
            • Window sensor
            • Motion detector
            • Smart thermostat
            • Smart lights
            • Smart locks
            • Outdoor camera
            • Indoor camera
            • Doorbell camera
            • Garage door controller

            ASecureLife’s recommendation: Allsecure Systems has great discounts for the first year of service, and they are one of the few home security companies to still offer a landline monitoring option.

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            How we chose

            We reached out to over a dozen home security companies in Columbus that offered residential security (though several companies do both residential and commercial). We evaluated each one on their customer service (response time, professionalism, helpfulness), pricing (both monthly and upfront), equipment (quality, variety, and costs), and general features, such as a mobile app and cellular monitoring. Our recommendations are for companies that offer 24/7 professional monitoring for residential security systems and met most if not all of these criteria.

            Other brands we considered

            Faulkner Security Services

            Faulkner Security Services has been around since 1990 and the owner is involved directly in the day-to-day interactions, so each customer feels important and taken care of. Faulkner Security Services is one of the few companies we talked to that still offers a hardwired security system monitored over a landline.

            Wi-Fi and cellular monitoring are available, but require additional installation fees and higher monthly prices. One of the reasons we didn’t include Faulkner Security Services in our recommendations is because mobile access is available only with the top monitoring plan. Another reason is that the available equipment was somewhat limited.

            Faulkner Security Services is a great option for anyone looking for a hardwired security system with landline monitoring.

            Other Columbus home security systems

            Our recommendation

            We were impressed with the Columbus home security companies we talked to, and we felt each one had good things to offer security customers in southern Ohio. Executive Security Consultants was our top choice in several categories, but consider your family’s needs and your budget to find the best home security system for you.


            1. Neighborhood Scout, “Columbus, OH Crime Rates